That Alabaster Jar

When Jesus finished talking about the end times, 
the rapture, tribulation, judgement day and all the signs,
He reminded them of the festival of the Passover,
when the Son of Man would be handed over.
To be crucified...
for mankind, to be bled and died.
Simultaneously, the chief priests and the elders, 
gathered in the palace of Caiphas, taking shelter.
To put Jesus to death after the festival.
Secretly conspiring, not wanting in Jerusalem an upheaval.

Now Jesus was in Bethany,
at the house of Simon whom He healed of leprosy. 
While He was eating,
this woman came in,
with a jar of alabaster,
to anoint the head of Her master.
She poured out very expensive nard,
because she held Him in high regard.
Irked the disciples, this jar of alabaster.
So they furiously taunted her.
What a waste of all that money!
Could have been used to feed many that are hungry.

About the perfume in the jar of alabaster,
Jesus defended Mary and asked them what is the matter? 
you will always have the poor to feed.
There will always be someone out there in need.
But she will be honoured forever in a chapter.
Wherever the Gospel is preached they'll  remember her jar of alabaster.
She has anointed me for my burial.
Prepared me for the death-so-terrible.

Love your God with all your heart.
Did I not teach you that at the start?
It is not this perfume in the alabaster,
but her love that pleases the master.
An act of selfless love shall never be condemned.
Her sacrifice of love, her all, this offering is well spent.
Right from Cain and Abel, God only judges the heart.
Unlike man, God sees the intention, that's an important part.
She gave her all in this jar of alabaster,
So her sacrifice of love is sweeter than nectar.
And so then, honouring His word,
all four gospels this incident record.

(Inspired by Matthew 26:1-13)

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled β€˜The Matthew Series’This is the 27th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence. Here are few of my favorites:


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