The Rapture, the Great Tribulation and The End of the Age

As He was leaving the temple, 
the disciples tried to draw His attention.
The gold, the white marble and it's external beauty,
but a hideout for thieves who rejected Jesus and their duty.
So Jesus spoke and made a prediction,
of the temple of Jerusalem and it's destruction.

This revelation made the disciples eager,
so they asked for signs from their leader.
Be on guard; don't let anyone deceive.
Claiming he is the messiah, don't just anyone receive!
You will hear the noise of battles.
Don't let it trouble you; don't be hassled.
There will be war, earthquakes and famines.
But it does not mean the end has come.
These are just the initial pains of childbirth,
the spread of false prophets and messiahs will fill the earth.

You will be arrested, and punished, and put to death.
All will hate you because of my breath.
Many will give up their faith,
betray one another, with hate they'll debate.
There will be spread of evil,
because love will grow cold.
When the true nature of God diminishes, behold.
But whoever holds out to the end,
in the rapture taken, not left to defend.
But until the Good News is preached to all mankind,
this age will not end; that is how He designed.

Because after the rapture, 
will come 'the awful horror'.
Trouble far greater than witnessed since the beginning,
Never again anyhing so horrible and so bone-chilling.
God has already reduced it's days,
for the sake of the people who will change their ways.
Don't be chasing the many false prophets and messiahs.
Instead, remember the words of the prophet Isaiah.
Because soon after the tribulation,
the sun will go dark.
The moon will have no spark.
The stars will fall,
as the cosmos deny their usual protocol.

That is when the Son of Man will appear in the clouds.
Like flashes of lightning in the sky.
From the east to the west, He will be visible up high.
So until that time do not believe...
false prophets and messiahs who try to deceive.
At my second coming, the great trumpet will sound.
And He will send His angels to every corner on the ground,
to gather all those who endured, 
changed their course during the tribulation and matured.

Just like the fig tree and it's branches.
When it becomes green with leaves, summer advances.
I have given you the signs,
for you to keep as guidelines.
Wherever there is a corpse, 
the vultures will be circling on the tops.
There is no smoke without fire.
Remember these signs; I am no liar.
Heaven and earth shall come to pass.
But not my Word, so hold on to it till the last.

But no one knows the day or hour.
Not even the Son or angels given that power.
To the Father alone,
the hour is known.
So be on guard.
Like in the time of Noah, don't disregard.
The Son of Man will come like a thief in the night,
when you are least expecting Him or any light.
Don't be like the unfaithful servant.
If left in the tribulation, let your prayers be fervent.
So when the master unexpectedly returns home,
should find you on duty, not gone out to roam.
Lest you share in the fate of the hypocrites,
like Sodom and Gomorrah, go down to the pits.

Just like the ten brides.          (churches/people)
who were waiting outside,
in the waiting room,              (earthly life)
for the bridegroom.               (Christ)
Don't grow tired and weary.
Let your light shine before all, clearly.
Never be without oil.            (the Word and the Spirit)
Stay prepared, expecting recoil.
If you have oil, your lamp shall burn.
Shine bright; flaming out, never be your concern.
Be on guard because you don't know the day or hour,
when all these things shall happen and the earth turns sour.

(Inspired by Matthew 24 and 25:1-13)

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled The Matthew Series’This is the 25th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence. Here are few of my favorites:

Special thanks to Matt of jesusluvsall blog who I turned to when I was confused about the four things Jesus speaks of in chapter 24. This chapter is definitely the one I found most difficult to comprehend. But once I understood it, I felt joy. Thank you brother Matt for making this chapter simple and easy to understand. Pastor Matt is a very kind and humble soul. He loves to write and always reflects love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, patience, faithfulness and humility in all of his posts and communications. I highly recommend his blog.

This is a lovely chapter. If I still didn’t get it right, please correct me. I am open to editing this poem completely. I’d love to hear your take on this chapter. Have you read this chapter? What do you make of it?

Love and Light!


    1. I’m so glad you liked the poem brother Matt….I hope I didn’t goof it up.Thank you for explaining it so well. Jesus loves you tooooooooooooo🎀🐼💇‍♂️🤗🎀🤗🎀🤗🎀🤗🎀

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