The secrets to a successful healing

Even after He came down from the hill,
amongst the large crowds He heard a shrill.
This man knelt down before Him.
Sir, if you want to, this dreadful skin disease you can kill.
Of course I want to! It is my will.
Haven't you heard?
This is but why I came; and then He let out just two words.

Then back to Capernaum He went,
where a Roman officer for help he bent.
My servant is sick and suffering unbearably. 
Okay, I shall see him; let's hurry now terribly!
Oh Lord, we are not worthy to receive you.
Only say the word and the sickness will bid him adieu.
I too am a man with authority.
I don't physically go everywhere, but my servants give my word priority.
Astonished by the officer's faith,
the good Lord didn't make him wait.
Go home officer, what you believe will be done.
And at that very moment his servant's sickness had run.

Then to the home of Peter He went.
Peter's mother-in-law ill in bed, I'll narrate the event.
All He did was touch her hand.
And she got up and served Him so grand.

By evening time, people brought to Jesus many suffering at the hands of demons.
He drove them all out with a word, the same treatment for every reason.
Just like Isaiah said, He healed all the sick.
Upon Himself, our disease He did pick.

Too many people flocked to Him.
This magnanimous crowd He didn't want to skim.
Follow me, follow me.
This is the only way to really be free.
Foxes have holes; birds have nests.
But the Son of Man has no place to rest.

When that storm hit the lake,
and their lives about to take,
We are about to die.
How can you be asleep and just lie?
Oh dear, ye of little faith!
That is why still in this state.
Stop, He told the wind and the waves.
And they obliged and obeyed like slaves.

Then to Gadara, the other side of the lake,
from the burial caves descended two men like snakes.
Known to be possessed with demons so fierce,
nobody dared trod that road without a death wish or hearse.
Recognizing His authority, the demons pleaded.
To their request also He heeded.
Please not before the right time, and if you are going to drive us out,
just send us instead into those pigs' snouts.
All He really said was, "Go".
And the legion of demons rushed out, you know.
Down the cliff and into the lake.
The men were free; but the whole town did shake.

Back into the boat, not welcome there.
Across the lake back to Capernaum square.
This time they got Him someone paralyzed.
Seeing their faith He emphasized.
Courage, son! Your sins be forgiven.
Blasphemy, they cried as if heathen.
Unperturbed, to the paralyzed man spoke words of healing.
All praised God and wondered with whom they were dealing.
Because the paralyzed man got up,
with his bed still all warmed up.

Further away as He walked,
He met a tax collector and they talked.
Follow me, follow me.
This is the only way you'll ever be free.
So with Matthew and the other outcasts, 
He sat down for a meal just as they asked.
At this also, the people grumbled.
And in His reply the Lord never fumbled.
I have come for the outcasts and the sick.
It is kindness I want, not animal sacrifices and religious tricks.

Then came a Jewish official,
who was all set to attend his daughter's funeral.
He came to Jesus, knelt down and said,
Place your hands on her and she will no more remain dead.
So to this official's house He went.
But just on the way, you know my friend?
a woman came up from behind and touched His cloak.
When He sensed the power from Him transcend, He turned back and spoke.
Courage, daughter! Your faith has made you well.
Twelve years of severe bleeding, but in sickness no longer you shall dwell.

After this He continued towards the funeral home,
where the musicians and people were doing nothing but mourn.
He put them all out and with them - their unbelief.
Blatantly rebuked them all, claiming she was only sleeping!
At her deathbed, He held her hand,
at which the little girl woke up and began to stand.

After that He left that house.
But two blind men followed Him about.
So He asked them a simple question.
Do you believe I can heal you?
When they replied, "Yes" without hesitation,
Just as you believe, it shall happen to you. 

When the blind men's sight was restored,
The people to Him all the more floored.
Brought to Jesus a man who was dumb.
But, this was because he was under a demon's thumb.
As soon as Jesus ordered the demon out,
the man began talking without a single doubt.
Then they blamed Jesus saying His power came from the chief of the demons.
But don't you agree, driving them out even for them would be an act of treason?

Jesus went about every town and village,
preaching the same Good News and the same message.
He healed people of every disease and every sickness.
Like a good shepherd, He was all about forgiveness. 
The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.
Pray to the Father to send out more crew.


Follow me, follow me.
Forget your home and family.
Leave this wicked world alone and follow me.
The Kingdom first you seek;
and in faith you must be meek.

It will happen as you believe,
what in your heart and mind you conceive.
You can impress me with your faith.
And even though sometimes you may have to wait.

Just conquer with the Word,
all the dreams that were deferred.
I give you my authority.
In my name, you have superiority.

Every demon will bow down,
no more scare you like a clown.
Every disease and every sickness,
remember in your heart's stillness....

Follow me, follow me.
Don't focus more on your home or family.
Leave them to their ways and follow me.
The cross that I have borne.
The blood through me has flown.
In my name, just speak with authority. 
(Inspired by Matthew chapter 8 and 9)

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled 'The Matthew Series'. This is the 7th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence.
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My blog is all about things that I am passionate about. I don’t intend putting up anything I do not agree with here. I began my journey of seeking God and peace several years ago and I discovered intangible elements after a thorough introspection. I am still in pursuit and have not reached that destination yet. I’m still learning and I have questions too. That is why I titled this category ‘in pursuit of peace’ I genuinely believe in the power, love, grace of the Almighty. That being said, I am not a preacher, pastor, theologian or religious person. My understanding is (as per scriptures) that you shall never test God (excepting one condition, as explained in Malachi which I hope to cover in the next few months). This implies that if you are in a situation requiring healing, God will certainly heal you provided the spiritual laws are applicable. But, you dare not test God by intentionally putting yourself in a situation where you require healing and divine intervention. For example, don’t gulp down poison and say now God is obliged to save me and heal me because I have faith. That’s testing God and even Jesus did not dare to do that when the devil tempted Him. I have made this note keeping in mind the current situation of the world. Yes, please pray for healing. Claim your miracle in faith. But please don’t walk around without a mask or walk into a quarantined zone surrounded by covid19 patients. That’s not how it works, okay πŸ™‚ Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s…..follow the law of the land!


  1. i really like this side to you. very wise. this was very well written. and I’m guessing that you got your laptop back? hoping you’re well.

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    1. Thank you Srijan….I’m glad you liked this poetry. No actually I am still using my phone for everything which is why I dont have much control over the design of the page etc….but I’m happy I can still do something with my phone ….it takes much longer to type like this lol….and so manyyyyyy typos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…….yes I’m great….hope all is well with you too….tc

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    1. Thanks Rishabh….I’m so glad you were able to get the core essence out of it and comprehend it in a way it was actually intended.πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌ
      Amen and Godbless


    1. Thank you so much for sharing my poem, Jonathan πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌ

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