Pray for me, please!

'I'll pray for you; please pray for me.'
I really cannot stand any of these.
Firstly, most people who promise to pray for you.
Use it casually as a greeting, you know that too!

I refrain from making such promises.
Especially if the person is anonymous.
There are so many better alternatives.
But then, choice of words is your prerogative.

I only say 'I'll pray for you',
when I'm certain I'll see it through.
But most people are just momentarily pleasing.
And if you are naïve, you'll find that appealing.

Why can't you just pray for yourself?
God's not partial; go ring His doorbell.
He can hear you as much as He hears some pastor.
All of creation is recognized by the master.

Besides if you make it a habit and become a preacher-seeker.
You're wasting your time building camaraderie with mere teachers.
Seek Him first and the kingdom of God.
Why patronize mortals so much and applaud?

It's great to listen to a preaching and learn from them.
But, pray for yourself; use some discernment.
Many are wolves in sheep clothing.
While you empty on them your life savings.

And many times, people just pray a wrong prayer.
You could be limiting God, so beware!
Besides, words have so much power.
Someone else over your life and situations to empower.

If you're the one who consented.
Their words for you will be represented.
Nobody likes to give away attorney of power.
And if they do, only to someone they trust at that hour.

There are many who secretly resent and covet, all so connivingly.
Until your last breath you may never know because it's done convincingly.
If the heart and the prayer does not match.
Those vibes they're letting out may be a dangerous batch.

Especially if you're the one who has empowered them.
By pleading and requesting, giving away your consent.
Only ask people you absolutely trust to pray for you.
And please stop making such fake promises too.

And when you ask multiple people and the whole world to pray.
They keep discussing your problems, creating negativity that way.
Remember, I said words have power. They're discussing and elevating your problem.
When you were supposed to magnify God, whom you've isolated in another column.

Besides, all they could be doing is just gossiping.
It's extremely dangerous, to the wrong persons to be vomiting.
Even if their intention is good, they could be praying with human understanding.
It could be a wrong prayer and God with boundaries, you'll be limiting.

So just make it a habit to pray for yourself.
Your sentences don't have to be perfect; just make it heartfelt.
And I pray that God in all His wisdom and kindness...
...may cure you of this bad habit and blindness!
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Oh dear Ru, you wrote my heart out!! 😘
    Even I wonder why would people don’t trust on their prayers and go behind preachers as if they are our Intermediators. A beautiful reminder to me. Thank you dear Ru for always sharing beautiful poems with us 😍😍

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  2. A powerful point made!! Oh and don’t get me started on those who say “Pray for me” with the sincerity of someone reading a Jet Airways safety card. Why say something like that when they are clearly saying it because they believe it sounds pious and righteous 😦 Uufff

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    1. Exactly! Most people just want to sound pious! They let out hundreds of these promises and blessings in a day with absolute disregard and forget it the very instant it is uttered.
      Oh man, I sincerely read and knew the Jet Airways safety cards very very well, so close to my heart. 😉 🙂

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      1. Yes, its the insincerity of it that strikes me and sticks in my throat a little.
        Haha, me too 😦 Although not as well as you obviously 😉 I suppose I could have said Kingfisher but .. nope lol 😉

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  3. Rueee……. So true. Everything you said is absolutely what is there. If only people valued their words the way they valued themselves.
    You certainly are in my prayers my dearest.
    Love ALWAYS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Sammmmmmmmmy, my love! My sister from another mother! It’s only natural and predictable for you to agree with me….we’re have that twin connection, na! People say a lot of things!
      I know! When we say these words to each other, there’s genuine love, respect and commitment in those words. I’ll never promise to pray for you if I know I’m uncertain or juggling too much. All my promises to you were fulfilled with good thoughts and sooooo much love ….and I am absolutely certain of the times you uttered these word to me too.
      Love and Hugs


  4. Thanks for praying for me strawberry 🍓 🙏 but I don’t pray gor you 🙃🙌

    And I pray that God in all His wisdom and kindness… …may cure your of this bad habit and blindness!

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  5. These are good points, and you addressed them very well. Among some people–Christians, as you and I know, but also people of other religions–the offer to say a prayer is viewed as genuine care and concern. When both parties are thinking that way, it’s fine. But, as you indicate, sometimes that offer grates on the ears of the recipient–not that they don’t believe in God, but that they don’t consider the promise of a prayer to be very helpful, for the reasons you give. It helps to know how people feel before promising to pray for them. When I promise to pray for someone, I do pray for him or her. I also pray for people without telling them that I am praying for them, if I don’t think they care to know about my prayers. Either way, it’s up to God to sort out his blessings in our lives. He does hear our prayers and answer them–even the prayers we offer for acquaintances and strangers. He does so according to his grace and within his plan, not because of any goodness in the person who speaks the prayer. When we know that a person is hurting, when we have nothing else to offer to ease their pain, it is never wrong to mention that person to God. J.

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    1. Absolutely agreed, Salvageable. You clarified that so gracefully. The expectation of the recipient must be ascertained or at least considered. There are people who put all their hopes hanging on the promise of your prayer. It’s unfair to those people if the feeling/belief is not mutual. We must keep our word and promises, and pray for the people we agreed to pray for …and then leave the rest up to God. Have a blessed day. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. One of the lessons I remember from my training for hospital visits was to ask the question, “Would you like me to pray with you?” instead of just starting to pray or promising to pray. And the follow-up question was, “What should I include in the prayer?” Even though at the time I was representing the chaplain’s office, the chaplain made it plain that we should not make assumptions about the patient’s desire for prayer, and we should always give the patient the opportunity to guide the content of the prayer. J.


  6. The words of Jesus: For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. (Matthew 18:20) Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfilled the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2) We are called as Christians to pray, truly pray for one another, and not just say the words I will pray, we must go to the Throne of God’s Grace to pray for one another. Lord: I come to you to pray for my friend Rue: embrace her with your love and give her your peace, not as the world give but Lord as you will give to her to continue to do what you have called her to do in this world. I also come to your Throne of Grace to pray for all of India during this hard and difficult time with this horrible virus.
    In Jesus Name We Pray

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    1. Eileeeeeeeen, you are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for that lovely prayer that was so genuine. Your prayer definitely soothes my nerves and makes me feel encompassed by grace. I agree with you in prayer, together…for India and the rest of the world as we deal with this horrible pandemic. Amen! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Love and hugs

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  7. Hehe Rarely Does Anyone Say i Pray

    For You (me) ‘Funny’ How That Works

    Last Time Someone Did They

    Prayed i’d Become A

    Republican and

    Vote For Trump

    In the Name Of Jesus

    True Some Prayers Are

    Inherently Ignorant And Unwittingly
    Evil it Seems Yet i Forgive Prayers too Rue

    Other than That Just A Positive Comment of I’ll

    Pray for You When Someone is Down Does Work

    Science Proves it As Long As the Other Person Understands

    They Are Being Prayed For With Positive Emotions of Love

    Where Understand Equals They Feel Sincere Love That Was

    No Where Present When the Person Offered Prayers

    For Me Just A Berating Effort That ‘His

    God Trump’


    Bigger Than

    The Light i See Feel
    And Sense For Real

    True Prayers Will Be Loving

    Or Just The Tribal Nature of

    Human That Remains Us ‘Verses’ Them..:)

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    1. I kinda disagree on that one Fred. I understand the emotions involved and it does give people peace and comfort. But, there are more genuine and sincere words to choose from…like, “I’m sending you good thoughts/vibes/emotions/positivity/thinking of you etc.” Why promise if the intention is to not fulfil? 😉 That’s just my opinion and preference, Fred.

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      1. SMiles Dear Rue You’d Have
        To See it From The

        Perspective Of An

        Autistic Child Who

        Speaks No Words

        Yet Genuinely

        Prays For

        The World


        Without One

        Iota of So-Called
        Biblical Instruction

        Do Prayers


        To Speak

        Words to Work

        Of Course Not It

        Is In The Eyes Of
        The Beholder of

        God As Always

        Playing Devil’s Advocate

        For those who May Be



        Only Believe
        In The Scientific

        Method Tool For

        Measuring Nothing




        i For One
        Will Pray More
        Ways Genuine than



        Imagine Yet
        We All See




        On The
        Other Hand
        Don’t Invade
        A Bunch of People
        On An Island Trying
        To Forcefully Convert

        Them To

        Your Religion
        With Prayers


        You won’t Be


        For if You
        Do And i Don’t

        Mean You


        One May

        Find That


        God Favors

        Their ‘Prayers’ More

        Life Is LiGHT And
        DarK Those Who


        To See in
        The DarK Tend To Fall🙏

        i Surely Agree

        With You Prayers

        Should Be Genuine

        Yet No One Has



        Other Than

        God Within to

        Teach me How to

        Pray All That i Do
        Is A Prayer Every

        Holy Sacred



        Word Most

        Real Devils Who
        Escape Hell Pray


        i Do
        And i Have
        No Idea How
        Many Do Yet

        One With SMiles😊

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        1. How God Answers Prayers True Story Rue Rewind to the Spring

          of 1963 My Mother Is Pacing the Floor of the Living Room of

          Our Trailer “God Help me Find my Keys or i am Gonna Be Late”

          i am 2 Years Old On the Autism Spectrum And Will Not Be Speaking

          Sentences for Another 2 Years at 4 The Answer to my Mother’s Prayer

          to God Comes While She Still Frustratingly Searches Every Where For

          the Keys in the Living Room i toddle my Way Back to Her Bedroom And Find

          The Keys Fallen to the Floor

          Beside the


          So What

          Drives me to Do this Then

          Is it Church No Is it the Bible

          No Yes it is Love as Love Naturally

          Hurts when it sees the Distress of another

          Part of Nature And Does its Best To Resolve

          That Distress As All True Heroes Do who Actually

          Experience Yes the Emotions and Feelings Associated

          With Human Love/Empathy True Not All Children Are Empaths

          Without Words to Speak Yet Some Do Answer Prayers Without Words…

          Smile Dear Rue Ignorance is More than Deaf And Blind When Love Does Not



          Is Nothing

          At All For Real

          For the Essence

          of the Shell of the

          Word Living or Dead NoW As God..:)


        2. I agree with you on those points….Humanity comes before religion. Jesus did command us to love first! Love one another! Love causes no harm, is not evil, self seeking, jealous or conniving. It forgives…easily. Love is powerful. Love is greater. That is what Jesus came to teach us – to love!

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          1. SMiles Sadly As What Often
            Happens to Empaths Filled
            With Love And Compassion
            Driven To Love, Help,
            And Take Care Of
            Others…. ‘Mother
            Teresa’ Said She
            Lost “The Gift”
            This Faith This Essence
            Of Love The Feeling That
            Drives Some Humans to
            Be Heroes Yes Angels Who
            Feel The Needs of Everyone
            First Man And Or Woman
            The Rest of Nature too



            Archetype of
            The All Loving Thanks
            Giving Forgiving Version
            Of Jesus One May Find
            In Parts at Least of the
            New Testament Remaining

            Not Erased Away
            For Political Greed
            Of Kingdom’s Still to Come

            Blessed Are Those Who
            Still Love With Actions
            Of Compassion When
            They Are Drained Of The
            Inherent Faith of Love
            The Feeling Within
            The Empathy
            That Separates
            Them in Love
            From No One FRiEnD
            Or Foe Lifting All Up Same

            SMiles Dear Rue Blessed Are
            Those Most Who Otherwise
            Are Born Psychopaths With
            No Feelings Of Love And Find


            In An Environment

            That Teaches Lessons

            Of Love They Rigidly

            Adhere to Like

            A Psychopathic

            Reformed Serial

            Killer Might Use

            To Repair Cars

            In An Automotive

            Shop In This Way

            Yes Religion Saves Lives

            Too Gardening Love
            To Rise in Empty Feeling

            Souls Experiencing The
            Drained Part of Loving

            Soul i Understand

            The Value

            Of Their


            Without The Breathing
            Flame of Love The Faith Within

            Blessed Are ‘Reptiles’ Who Love

            As Verb At Least With No “Filling”
            Of Love Occasionally One Will Find


            “in Robes”

            Abstaining From
            Harming “The Little Ones”
            Like “The Automotive Mechanic”

            Others Are Proficient Killers
            In War Or Surgeons As Such

            With Steady Hands that
            Have No Ability To Fear

            Yes No
            How Cold
            Bedside Manner
            Is When Delivering
            The News Loved ones
            Don’t Survive “The Operation”

            True Rue We Can’t Afford
            To Throw “Babies” Out Based

            On What Breathes

            Within As one


            Have to
            Be Mother
            Teresa or the
            Archetype of
            Jesus Or Buddha
            To Save Others too😊

            Just Wanted To Be Clear

            Love is Not Only A Feeling

            Yet Without The Feeling

            The Flame Within

            We Would Be


            Reptile Than
            Social Mammal
            As A Species That’s
            An Irrefutable Fact
            Putting my “Lab Coat”

            Back on

            Hehe We

            Do Need

            Love And
            Rationality too

            Or Ask A Little
            Child Like ‘Our
            Priest’ Did When

            He Asked A Child
            In Mass Last Sunday
            Is Love A Feeling And
            The Child Didn’t Hesitate
            To Say Yes Chances Are

            If The



            No Love

            He Would Have
            No Idea What Love
            Is indeed i Visit A Place
            Online Where some


            None of The
            Feeling Within
            And Often Believe

            Love is only The
            Pleasure of Sex

            True Humans

            Are increasingly

            Gardened This Way
            By Culture and This
            Leads To All Kinds

            Of “Mass Muders”

            Of Others

            As A Spectrum

            Of Course Anyway

            The Priest Tried to

            Convince the Child

            That Love isn’t A Feeling
            Like A Two-Year


            Won’t Tantrum
            When Feeling Grumpy…

            SMiles Rue Some Humans
            Sadly Aren’t


            With All ‘The
            Same Ingredients’
            i Surely Forgive Them

            For What

            They Are Missing And
            Glad He Still Finds

            “A Robe That Fits”

            i Went To School With
            Him “Feel” Who ‘He’ is

            From “The Beginning”…

            Some Folks


            To Instruction

            Well Thank God
            Rue For that too🙏


  8. So true Ruelha.

    I take my prayers for others seriously as taught by our Gurudeva. After every meditation (morning and evening) we have ten minutes healing service 🙏

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    1. Thank you for your concurrence, brother Matt. I don’t like the pretense and false momentary hope many people give in an attempt to just appear nicer.


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