My obsession with the rainbow emoticon

If you ever chatted with me on Whatsapp, you probably know me as the person who is obsessed with the rainbow emoticon. I use it all the time, every time. It’s in my name, my status, my dp, every sentence I type. Many times, I just reply with nothing but a rainbow. And most people are just left wondering how to interpret this unusual emoji. Of course I love colours; all things bright and beautiful make me happy. Be it paper, faces, eyes, lips, walls, clothing, nails, fabric – I just love seeing/using colours. But, it’s not really because of colours that I love the rainbow so much. To me, a rainbow symbolizes hope. Hope, faith and love are the three theological virtues. This is a virtue that has been my backbone since time immemorial. The reason why a rainbow reminds me of hope is because, I relate it to the time of Noah…after the floods. It reminds me of the hope that every living creature has because of that covenant with God and the bow in the sky as its symbol. Well, I am aware the rainbow flag represents certain communities too. But to me, it always took me back to Noah’s arc and infuses hope in my very being. So, If I were to represent myself vis-a-vis an emoticon, it just has to be a rainbow!

Tic tac toe
I see a rainbow
Looking down from head to toe
You tell me you see a miserable foe
But through these eyes, I still see a rainbow

Because red red, 
the colour He bled
All my sins are already dead

Orange may be the colour of the darts
That wicked old serpent continuously farts
Protected from the orange
with faith -that tantalizing lozenge

Yellow yellow
Made bad things mellow
Even in sleep on my pillow
Makes me want to play the cello

Green green
His promise is clean
On His chest can forever lean

Blue Blue 
He sees in you
What I could never see too
The ink is blue
His word is true
Now it's all up to you

Indigo, as you know
I aint scared of you no more
This belt of truth
Is finally bearing fruit
Retrieve that was loot
No more dealing with milk tooth

In the visible spectrum violet
is as conspicuous as an eyelet
But I see it now, through these eyes
Though in reality I aint even wise

Oh sweet rainbow
Your'e more visible in the snow
In the biting cold
This fight is getting old
When you finally feel no more
As your fingers swell up, all sore
And as the feeling disappears with frost bites
Then as promised, you will see the light
Oh sweet rainbow
I finally see your glow

that rainbow girl
pic credit: {altered by me to suit the reference}
Pic credit:


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