Comfortably Numb

And history repeats
its previous beats;
Nothing new,
the same old blues.
Bleed my heart dry,
with the same old cry.
Weeping on the floor,
as I break down once more.
Tasting the bile,
Choking on a despicable pile.
Once more I lay,
helpless in the fray.
No more pain I feel;
maybe this is what they call heal.
Comfortably numb,
almost dumb.
Tore through skin,
penetrated the walls within.
Then blood oozed out,
but I stood stout.
Capillaries burst,
didn't quench their thirst.
Further still into the veins,
spurts that led to unbearable pains.
A pool of blood,
just like some flood.
Arteries sore,
ruptured to the core.
Underlying organs,
lying out like orphans.
I sat on your word,
with my eyes on the bird.
Reasoned hard with my new birthright;
this new breastplate is perfectly white.
My helmet was set;
and I have no more debt.
With this my shield,
I should have yield.
Not on my own,
but the name that was sewn.
I was seated on a throne,
way above their pitiful zone.
Even dipped that two edged in redeeming blood,
Flashed it back and forth expecting them to flood.
No I wont accept this,
unless it is bliss.
Because it was paid in full,
for which I'm truly grateful.
But stole from my plate,
every morsel of good fate.
And left for me crumbs,
as though from slums.
Yes, even dogs eat the crumbs that fall,
from the master's table like a little ball.
But born of fire this royal descent,
settling for scraps...
what led to this collapse?
It is finished.
It is finished.
It is finished,
with the final cry of the unblemished.
Paid in full,
received only a crumb-full.
Scavenged from the dirty floor,
much worse than those thee abhor.
I was promised so much more.
How could this be?
Is it time to flee?
I don't understand what you want of me.
I stood still;
I knew you paid the bill.
Stood on your word,
no matter what I heard.
Delusional they cried,
with all their snide.
Called me delirious,
Oh yes, I'm serious!
Refused to settle for crumbs,
for my lineage of tongues.
It is finished.
It is finished.
It is finished,
I reiterate.
Not my word,
but your's at stake.
Something to learn,
this defeat adjourned.
To find a new hibachi
I now turn to Malachi.
Sanity contested,
for you, protested.
In twenty you promised,
Jeremiah and the novice.
Them disgraced forever,
though the jackal be clever.
For I have placed my cause in your hands,
fructuous be my lands.
Although intertwined with human hands,
at the mercy of freewill, your plans.
You wrestle with the sinner's heart,
your grace just like a dart.
Like Jacob, without my blessing,
I won't let you part!
I know you're not a liar.
Then teach this simpleton, oh good sire.
There's always a thing to learn;
and for that I'll always yearn.
Standing on your word,
with my eyes on the bird.
pic credit:
pic credit :
Jacob wrestles with God; pic credit: blog.adw.ord
pic credit:
pic credit:
Paid for a feast, won’t settle for crumbs; pic credit:
The second Adam/baptized with the fire of the Spirit pic credit:
pic credit:
pic credit:


    1. Rejoice… we share in His sufferings….
      Aaah…..Amen to that brother….πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌβœοΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

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