Every knee shall bow

I love to walk. I usually walk briskly; it’s just a habit. I can walk endlessly; but, somehow I find it extremely difficult to kneel or even stand in one place for a minute. If I kneel, I start getting very restless in a fraction of a minute. I really cannot keep myself composed. I pray in the most lethargic positions known to mankind. I’m not proud of it, neither am I suggesting you to do it. If you see me kneeling, I definitely have an enormous wish list 😉 I’m not saying I have never knelt; it’s just that the probability and frequency of me kneeling is directly proportional to that of me consuming an all-vegetarian meal. It is absolutely true that I never kneel for the stations of the cross even during lent. I cannot. I highly doubt it to be a physiological condition; I just get extremely restless and exhausted psychologically. Imagine some really annoying music blasting right at your eardrum continuously….well, that’s my best shot at describing the feeling. So I seldom ever kneel; and if I do, it’s for a rather short duration.

Great White Shark

Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. -Philippians 2:9-11. Did you know that exorcists{priests} and deliverance ministers use this verse so often? Man was bestowed with such a marvelous gift – free will, the power to choose. As long as you live as a pilgrim on this earth, you are constantly making choices, choices between good and evil. Your life is a consequence of the choices you make and circumstances, but mostly – the choices you make. As long as you’re just a pilgrim here, and up until the second coming of Christ, you can bow to either side – that’s your choice. But at the utterance of the name of Jesus, every knee shall and will bow eventually; and every tongue will confess His lordship. Spiritual beings recognize the authority and power in the name of Jesus. All beings in the heavens, the earth and under the earth, all of creation bows down to this one name – the name ABOVE EVERY OTHER NAME. Now, how to use this name, who can use this name, with what authority must this name be used, who and how was this authority bestowed upon, what are the contraindications to its usage etc – that’s another topic for another day. It’s vast so I will refrain from deviating now. Every demon and Satan himself is forced to bow down at the utterance of this name. But sweetheart, there are some ground rules here. You cannot go around saying ‘in the name of Jesus’ expecting every situation to succumb to your command without thorough knowledge of its application. Of course this knowledge will only come with practice and a thorough study of scriptures. There is always more to discover in there. So yes, go ahead; play and attempt to uncover the secrets. I mentioned rules…I’m sure You understand the most basic ones. If your’e praying in the name of Jesus for an apple to turn to apple strudel, your chances are slim {depending on intent/circumstance etc}. I’m not saying it’s impossible. Jesus did turn water to wine and multiplied the loaves and fish to feed a multitude. And He did promise we’d do greater things in His name because He was going up to the Father and sending us the Helper(Holy Spirit). But look at the intention/situation. Also remember in Acts 19:15 when an evil spirit said to the sons of Sceva who were attempting to drive out a demon from a possessed person in the name of Jesus, “I know Jesus! And I have heard about Paul. But who are you?” The name of Jesus is one of the most powerful prayers. If you cannot think of a verse or are just too exhausted or moody to pray, just this one word – this name rocks the heavens, the earth and all below. When you utter this name….well, if only you could see the spirit realm!

every knee shall bow
pic credit : billkochman.com

Now, if you’re expecting a story where I mightily conquered all of the Lord’s enemies with the name of Jesus, that aint happening here. I promised to be honest in my blog. I want to tell you about two days ago – how I overcame my personal mountain. Well, we had adoration after mass that day. Since, I wasn’t expecting the Holy Eucharist to be exposed, I was already kneeling right from communion till the end. I was in my own trance and had no clue about the announcements because it was a Tamil mass…. and I don’t understand Tamil. All of a sudden, the priest decides to bring out the Tabernacle. And I’m thinking to myself, why did I kneel all this while? I could have saved few minutes for adoration! So anyway, I first looked at my watch. I set a target of ten minutes, wondering if that would be too ambitious. Yes, I was engrossed in prayer; but, I was also keeping track of time all the while restlessly feeling like I need some air. As I was worshiping God, this particular scripture verse popped in my head and I kept saying it: every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Then after a while I realized, hey – I have been saying this verse so many times. But, here I am all fidgety and I’m merely a mortal human. I truly believe with all of my heart that the Word is alive and powerful. If every creature bows down to the name of Jesus, who am I? Yes, I psychologically feel like I’m going to faint. Please don’t ask me why. Let’s just settle with – I’m a very complicated person; some mysteries are unknown to me. I just surrendered my knees and my mind and placed my desire to bow down to my Creator along with my hesitation and inability. And you know what?…I was the only person who knelt all through the entire adoration session. In between two women came up to the altar and gave their testimonies. There was some bouts of sitting, standing and kneeling happening all throughout. But, I stayed put on my knees. I took a peek at my watch every now and then and kept telling God, why don’t you end this session quickly and we can both be happy? But it went on and on and finally ended at a little over forty minutes. That’s my personal high score, now! And, I’m not even counting the time from communion till the end of mass. So, totally 50-60 minutes maybe. Now, for all normal human beings, this seems like a brag about absolutely nothing. But

to me, it was something – big enough to write an article. Besides, when did I ever admit to being normal 😉

life to my dry bones

You see, the Word truly is life to dry bones. – Ezekiel 37. If you truly believe in your heart, through the righteousness of Christ, apply it – being mindful of the spiritual laws, every big and small matter can be resolved through the Word. That is why it is so important to be well versed with scriptures. By the grace of God, you will find a piece of scripture that is applicable to your situation/circumstance and that Word is the seed that can bend your knees {if you need change} or the knees of your situation/oppressors etc{if your surroundings need change}. Are you just happy being a Bible possessing Christian? Don’t you crave more? Be a Bible practising Christian, a Word – transforming Christian. I tell you solemnly, you may not be a deliverance minister or a pastor or an exorcist; but, if you use this verse with full knowledge of your authority in Christ, in a state of grace, protected by the full armour of God as mentioned in Ephesians 6:14-18, in the name of Jesus – demons will have to bow down to your command, each and every one of them.

All praise and glory to Yeshuah!



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