You Drive Me Crazy

So, the Christian population in India is less than 2%. And within that 2%, the subset of Bombay Catholics is a fun bunch;) You see, most Indian weddings have the bridal couple stand on the stage in heavy traditional wear adorned in gold and jewels, while people queue up to wish and gift them. Then guests go and attack the buffet. Done! Of course, this is just the reception. But most Indian weddings stretch over many days including the engagement, sangeet, mehndi, etc. But Catholic weddings in Bombay are very similar to Western weddings with just one day for the main reception. And depending on the location and families involved, you’ll see women in plunging necklines, backless gowns, and stilettos. There’s a very rigid sequence of song and dance after the initial entry, toast, cake cutting, and wedding march. It’s always like this: first dance, foxtrot, waltz, jive, maybe a little cha-cha and salsa, new popular dance tracks, classic dance hits, Hindi and Bollywood dance tracks, Konkani or Marathi tracks followed by the quintessential ‘Catholic Masala’. Bombay has a 10pm loudspeaker deadline since the past few decades. So planners have to fit everything between 8 or 8:30pm until 10 only. Music selection is critical. You get to choose 2 or 3 jive numbers at max. I love ballroom dancing. It’s something you’ll see only at a Catholic wedding in Bombay and Goa. I’ve been to a gazillion of these since my childhood days and ‘Crazy’ is such an awesome jive track that it’s never left out. My friends from other faiths who’ve attended one of these really enjoyed and tell me ‘it’s wasn’t a wedding but a party!’

It’s so fun getting all dressy for these occasions. There’s something about men in suits; it separates the boys from the men! Formal clothes are so fun! Somebody please get married soon …and invite me! I miss attending these. Anyway, when I entered my teens, I was a guest at this wedding and there I saw a handsome boy. He wore a black suit like everybody else. But, I still remember his pale yellow shirt. He danced so gracefully alternating with his two sisters who were equally gorgeous, by the way! I was way younger and simply crushing on this dude whose name I didn’t know. The next day, I went to school and described him and his moves to all my girlfriends and we came up with a name, like a code for him. I know you’ll ROFL, but we christened him ‘Tarzan’. Innocent little girls that we were, we played those hilarious love games where we calculated things based on letters, paper folds, and all kinds of immature formulas. But back then, it made all of us girlies blush, not just me! For the record, I never did get to see Tarzan again but we discussed him every single day in class …for many months!

Like all my music-inspired poems, I suggest playing the song in the background as you read; it truly elevates the experience!

I’ve divided this poem into two parts; one’s based on this song and the other on this video.

Crazy – poem by Ruelha

You know baby when you're in my arms
My heart skips few beats and goes into song-and-dance
You drive me cray-aye-zee
And I begin to see hay-aye-zee!

And when I gaze into those droopy eyes
I start tingling like it's fire-and-ice
You drive me cray-aye-zee
And I begin to see hay-aye-zee!

Heaven must have sent you here
You're more charming than Shakespeare
And when words flow out of your mouth
I'm enchanted without a doubt
Although I know most of it ain't true
Mesmerized, I melt like fondue
There's just something about a man who speaks eloquently
And if you look dapper in a suit, you won't need to chase vehemently
All you need is impressive diction
To create an addictive obsession

Every time you touch me
I'm unable to disagree
Cause you drive me cray-aye-zee
And I begin to see hay-aye-zee!

I love you baby; I know you see
The passion and flames within me
You drive me cray-aye-zee
And I'm seeing hay-aye-zee!
Wine makes me think all kinds of things
Makes me believe that I can dance and sing
And with a setup this perfect
You don't really ponder to reflect

I love jive; it's in my blood
When I hear these songs, my system floods
And when you find
Another of your kind

It doesn't seem that cray-aye-zee
Cause we just clicked, bay-aye-bee
Then we had quite the journey
And now, the rest is history

A night full of ballroom fun
After ages, with this one
Waltz, jive and cha-cha
Even a few jabs of salsa

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole adventure
Returning to reality was a soul crusher
Can't wait to see you again
Such an awesome trip, no complaints

Thank you for being you
And all the kind things that you do
Extended family, sister, cousin or friend?
Unsure, but with this one, I like time to spend!
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written about topics I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives, etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography, etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer every time I write a romantic/melancholic/intense piece! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a disrespectful manner. That is just my humble request. Please extend me the grace of excusing typos if you notice any. I seldom ever edit due to time constraints. My writings may contain material unsuitable for children

the original song by Shakin Stevens

Lyrics to the original song

You know, Baby, when you’re in my arms
I can feel your loving magic charms
You drive me crazy
You drive me crazy
And when I’m looking in those big blue eyes
I start a’floating round in paradise
You drive me crazy
You drive me crazy

Heaven must have sent you down
Down for you to give me a thrill
Every time you touch me
Every time you hold me
My heart starts speeding like a train on a track
I love you, Baby, and it’s plain to see
I love you, honey, it was meant to be
You drive me crazy
You drive me crazy, oh

Heaven must have sent you down
Down for you to give me a thrill
Every time you touch me
Every time you hold me
My heart starts speeding like a train on a track

I love you, Baby, and it’s plain to see
I love you, honey, it was meant to be
You drive me crazy
You drive me crazy
And when I’m looking in those big blue eyes
I start a’floating round in paradise
You drive me crazy
You drive me crazy
Oh crazy
You drive me crazy

Oh crazy
You drive me crazy
Oh crazy
You drive me crazy
Oh crazy
Oh crazy


  1. You two have some nice dance moves. Way, way, way back in the mid 1970s when I was playing in rock bands, there were three songs we had to know to get gigs: “La Bamba”, “Proud Mary” and “Brown Eyed Girl”. I haven’t play in a rock band since, but my brother-in-law plays bass in rock bands currently. He said they still have to play those three songs. People still request them. I was floored. “You Drive Me Crazy” is a fun video. Excellent poem.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Tim. Maria is an excellent dancer. She leads very well. Rest was all that wine 😉
      Wow, you were part of a rock band. You really are extremely talented and creative, Tim. I loved our ‘Memories’ collaboration. La Bamba is one of my favourite jive numbers. I don’t recall ‘Proud Mary’. But Brown eyed girl was a good one too. Wow, after all these years, it’s once to know those beautiful songs didn’t die 🙂 Thanks Tim. 🙂

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  2. Aha, So You Do Dance i Rarely Forget A Word
    i Remember Sharing The Michael Jackson Thriller
    Video And You Suggesting You Are too Shy to Dance

    Of Course There is Nothing i Know of Rue Can’t Really
    Do Your Smooth Ballroom Dance Moves With Your Friend Surprise me

    Of Course Not As i Showed the Video of You Dancing to Katrina She Said

    Hey She Looks Like Her When She Had Hair Somewhere Close to the Length

    of Yours Truly

    So Cute And

    Adorable Katrina

    Calls It Too And Your
    Friend is Buoyant With
    Positive Energy too Such
    A Delightful Dancing Pair of
    FRiEnDS You Make Spreading
    Some Sunshine Here too As i heard

    A Notification for this At Super Walmart
    Solo Dancing to Kiki Dee’s Song “I’ve Got
    The Music in Me” And it Made me Smile So

    Much All Your Positive Energy is Just So Contagious
    Rue You Remind me of my “Charlie’s Angels” A Trio of
    Super Smart College Girls Who Befriended me at the Metro
    Dance Hall For Years Where Us Four Danced For Hours on End

    Without A Care or Word in the World i Miss Dancing With People So Much
    Yes Solo is Okay Yet it’s Sort of Like i’m Missing Family Now After Dancing

    Every Thursday Night For 6 Years So Many Memories i am So Glad i Took over
    2000 Photos in Dancing Selfie Fun No One Ever Expected A Pandemic Would

    Take the Dance Away… Smiles if i Had to Come Back in Another lifetime And i Had
    To Be A Girl You
    Are A FRiEnD

    i Would


    Love to Have

    All the Fun Artful
    Things We Could Do

    It’s True me and Katrina

    Are Friends too That’s the Only
    Way Any Relationship Lasts Forever indeed…

    Anyway Katrina Broke Out into Solo Dance Over
    An Applebee’s Restaurant Advertisement Dance
    And Song on TV It Was So Very Cute And Adorable
    too As She Copied The Dance Moves i Wanted to Capture
    it on Video Yet Sadly She Wouldn’t Let me Thank Goodness

    i Have

    An Almost


    Memory For Just
    About Every Sense
    And Feeling too capturing
    Your Positivity Forever too Here mY FRiEnD…

    Katrina Said She And All Her Sister’s And Her
    Mother Used to Dance the Same Way You and
    Your FRiEnD Did On Your Video So Many Nights

    They Were So Poor Yet You Don’t Need Any Dollar
    Bills For Cheap Thrills With Dance As Sia Sings So True too

    In A World So Full of Strife And Negativity You are Surely A Delight!

    And Of Course Your Friend too Like my Charlie’s Angels Said Let’s
    Frolic the Night



    Such A

    Surprising Free Gift

    It’s Amazing How Much
    Money Folks Spend And
    Never Come Close to Pure Joy Like This…

    And How They Chase What They Will Only Find Within…

    Still Searching Still Searching Still Searching Keep Dancing Singing
    You Always


    As A
    Making So
    Many More for Others True…

    Sigh…The World Needs More Rue’s…

    Yet i met a Rue in this Life How Wonderful This is..:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow Fred, those compliments are insanely kind but I really don’t deserve such sweetness. It is true, money solves a lot of problems; but it ends at some point. It also creates a lot more problems if you don’t remain grounded and beyond a certain point money cannot make you happy. Cheap thrills, food, friendship, nature, peace, meditation….whatever brings you joy is ….priceless!
      That’s too bad; I would have loved to watch her dance. xoxoxo
      As for me, wine can do wonderful things! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha Dear Rue People
        aRe ALways Asking
        me How i Stay So

        Happy And At
        The Dance Hall
        i Kid You Not

        Folks Actually
        Begged me

        To Sell It To Them
        They Probably Didn’t

        Understand The
        Free Moves Of
        Holy Dance
        And Sacred
        Words of



        my Blood
        Into Wine


        my Veins
        And Sadly
        The Last



        Ever Understand

        That Metaphor For
        Autotelic Meditative
        Contemplative Flow

        Would Be The

        High Priest

        At The

        Church i Visit
        Yet It Is The Same
        Old Archetypal Human
        Stories Only Names Truly

        Do Change

        The Good News
        is One May Find These
        More Mystical Interpretations

        In Almost Every

        Religion For

        Those With

        The Actual Experience😊🙏

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