Planning and Limiting

For years and years people pray.
Hoping in faith maybe just some day.
That their pleading will melt the heart of God.
And finally, He'll discharge His angels and nod.

In times of droughts, they ask for rain.
They cry out loud in excruciating pain.
They wonder why things don't change.
And all their prayers, unanswered in vain.

And then in times like these, people petition for jobs.
In such an economy, what are the odds?
And then in contempt they look to the skies.
With disappointed hearts, they ask their whys.

For years and decades they pray for the same thing.
For children, freedom from bondage and probably their wedding ring.
And wonder how hard-hearted He is, that old man who is sitting.
When nothing materializes and nothing good seems to be happening.

Have you ever paused to think?
Maybe this isn't the cup you're meant to drink.
Have you been praying for all the wrong things? 
Praying to toil for a yield, when manna He wants to directly bring!

Is God protecting you from yourself and your own thinking?
Watch your words, your prayers. What have you been professing?
Are you being so specific dictating terms and plans to Him?
Praying for the ability to afford a membership at some gym!

You probably won't get that job or even showers of rain.
But He has something more written in your name.
You probably won't have to slog it out at the gym.
But He'll give you time to focus elsewhere and still be slim.

It's not always the route you choose.
And yet you languish in anxiety and confuse.
Trust Him; His plan is way better.
He knows your heart and every desire.

He knows what you really need and what will actually make you happy.
He wants to make you the golfer and you've been crying to be a caddie.
You've probably stopped dreaming and just want dal-roti-sabzi.
But He wants to fill your plate with desserts, choicest cuts and candy.

Why so specific? Why so rigid?
Don't give Him absolute deadlines and digits.
He wants you to step out of that comfort zone.
And when you're in deep waters, let Him be your backbone.

Of course, you could have undergone years of training.
All the moves, excelled in and learned swimming.
But there are those who learn when they're pushed into waters.
And quite seriously, many of them graduate with honours.

Don't focus on a final goal or destination.
Constantly rearranging alternatives and calculations.
Don't pray for a specific amount, a job or money.
Instead pray for prosperity.

Don't ask for a baby girl or a house or a car or even something like an A.C.
Ask Him to fulfill the innermost desires of your heart that will truly make you happy.
Surrender to His will and follow His voice.
Don't ask where He's taking you; disregard the noise.

He has a plan for you; It's always good.
But, the outcome is dependent on your choice, as it should.
Remember, we have the gift of free will.
So He has to sit back until you choose, and be still!

There are many turns He offers and many alternate reroutings.
Sometimes you listen and take the highway; sometimes you enter dreaded lanes and need some adjusting.
It's never a single destination. He has so many choices for you and plans.
It's what you choose eventually and if you take His hand.

You probably have been too scared of dreaming.
Tiny grains of sugar, you've been seeking.
He's got a platter full of desserts with your name and for you it's waiting.
You've been praying for specifics like a smidgen of sugar and Him you're limiting.

He knows your every wish and your deepest desire.
He knows what will truly set your heart on fire.
He knows better what will make you happy.
He is after all, your mind-reading daddy!
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.


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  2. Prayer and faith walk hand in hand.
    A prayer without faith is merely empty words.
    But faith without prayer is empty trust.
    We hold Daddy’s hand and chatter, and he loves to hear our voices, because he is our Father.
    And our Lord taught us to speak to him,
    And to say to him, “Thy will be done.”
    We are not the lords whom God must obey.
    He is the Lord; we are his people.
    But Jesus says we can ask anything in his name.
    So we ask.
    And we trust that what God provides, if it is not what we requested, will be even better. J.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for pointing that out Brother Matt. It is such an important point. We change by association! ….not by our strength or desire, but we learn to choose good through Him! Splendid! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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