Homemade glue for crafts and projects

It’s been way too long I posted something in my ‘home’ category. This draft has been with me for almost two years now. And all I had completed was the title! So, it’s just as good as writing a new article. But, I’ve got 375 drafts as of now, most of which are poems that I need to complete and work on, phew! So, instead of writing new posts, let me try to clean my drafts.

I want to dedicate this article to my mum whose birthday we will be celebrating in a month. She worked really hard all through her life. She juggled with us and her career, a full-time job and showed us the importance of balance and what a modern woman’s outlook and priorities must be like. So, amidst the craziness of everyday life, she made us glue every single time. We never really purchased glue …like ever! All the other kids got these fancy colourful, glittery bottles and jars and tubs, but we brought homemade glue in tiny containers or plastic wrappings. She made a new batch every time we had a craft class or homework. The glue she made was completely edible and safe with absolutely no chemicals.

In all honestly, I haven’t cared to make my own glue since almost two decades. So, I cannot claim credit here. I definitely know how to make it. I knew it all along since I was a child and have made it myself on many occasions. But, this one is all on mom….

Take a tiny amount of rice flour and drop it in a tiny vessel.
Add a little water to it.
Stir to amalgamate and dissolve any lumps.
Heat this mixture.
It will begin to thicken. Stop at the desires consistency.
I like the ball stage where it’s extremely pliable yet not too tacky.
You can store it in a cling wrap or a tiny jar.
It will stay good for 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

You can actually use any other starch or glutenous flour. I used rice flour here because of the many flours I use, this is the cheapest variant. Rice is a staple here so, rice flour is the cheapest flour with a good starch content and binding capacity. Go all out and experiment.

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