She’s missing Dubai

She's missing Dubai.
My sweet friend from Mumbai.
She lived there for two and a half years.
But still hasn't shown me all those pictures.
I really hope you don't take off your DP.
Please keep it for me at least, just simply!

She's missing Dubai.
My sweet friend from Mumbai.
Amidst the company of friends and family.
Out there, she never felt bored or lonely.
She's got a loving home here.
But to visit again, she would prefer.

She's missing Dubai.
My sweet friend from Mumbai.
Every year she'd vacation there.
But this pandemic has caused her some despair.
For a while, she'll just have to wait.
Till she can go to Dubai, straight.

She's missing Dubai.
My sweet friend from Mumbai.
She really wants to go there 'naldo'.
That word came up because of a typo.
Now, it's a code between me and her.
Not part of English literature.

She's missing Dubai.
My sweet friend from Mumbai.
Mumbai is filled with beaches; it's a coastal region.
But, she misses the beaches of Dubai for some reason.
She says the food out there...
cannot be compared to elsewhere.

She's missing Dubai.
My sweet friend from Mumbai.
The party places, the people, the atmosphere.
Covid, with her plans did interfere.
I'll always have good thoughts for her.
So, 'naldo', I'll whisper in God's ear.

I hope she gets to go there soon.
Because that will put her on top of the moon.
She's such a sweetie.
So I wish for these things sincerely.
She's missing Dubai.
My sweet friend from Mumbai.

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    1. Thank you Vgeorg. I’m so glad you like this piece.
      Well, DP is an acronym for ‘display picture’….like this one that you have with the olive coloured jacket and photo frames in the background.
      I hope I was able to explain it 🙂

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  1. SMiles my my
    Rue i Have A Friend
    Who Lived In Mumbai
    And Dubai too Yet

    Hehe She
    Doesn’t Wanna

    Go Back She Moved
    On To Abu Dhabi And

    Now Toronto if i Worked
    In That Many Places

    In Just A Few

    Years Not

    Sure i Would know
    Where Home Is and

    Surely She’ll Likely

    One Day Move

    To America

    Too Oh Lord

    How Hard Folks

    Go To Catch The

    American Dream

    Yet True Toronto


    In Caring For

    Humanity Than
    Here Yet Way Too

    Cold For
    A Dude who
    Owns No Long Pants

    Bet You Were Surprised
    In Your Airline 👩‍✈️ Stewardess Jobs

    When You
    Stepped into
    Snowy Weather

    After Living
    In Southern
    India Tropics

    High Temps
    Green Year Round

    Hehe if Not For
    This Fiber Optic
    Cable No Get


    For Me😊

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    1. Oh yes Toronto is super cold at times. I don’t do too well in clod climates. You’ll need to buy long pants for the winters. Fiber optic cable is the best in a way. Doesn’t let you freeze away.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fiber Optics Gift And Curse
        Built on the Back Of Those
        Seeking To Download Pics
        Of Pretty Birds As Many
        Varieties Yes Yes Fast
        As Possible And
        True Copious

        Of Cute

        Cats Every
        Cat Woman’s Greatest
        Desire True What Katrina
        Uses Her iPhoneXS Most
        For That And Shopping too

        In Hell Fiber Optic Cable
        Big Gift For You might get
        To Feel Something At Least
        Downloading Pretty Birds

        In March of 2013 Nearing
        The Last 4 Months out of
        66 in Hell i Bought my First
        iPhone5 Smart Phone And
        OMG TG For Steve Jobs

        At That point
        Enduring the
        Worst Pain Known
        To Humankind the
        Type Two Trigeminal
        Neuralgia the REAL Suicide
        Disease From Wake to Sleep
        For 66 Months the Retina
        Screen on the iPhone5
        Screen Did What
        Android And
        All Other
        Desk Top
        Screens Couldn’t
        Do Then Eased The
        Eye Pain Enough To
        Tolerate Colors for
        True That’s How
        The Pain


        Started so
        Strange Way

        Back in 2007

        First Then i

        Could only
        Stand to Watch
        Black And White
        TV Colors Hurt
        At The Start of
        Purgatory even

        Before then As Sjogren’s
        Syndrome The Autoimmune
        Disease Caused From 11 Years
        Of Chronic to Acute Fight And
        Flight Work Related Stress too
        Not only Stopped My Eyes
        From making Tears

        Yet Attacked The
        Nerves in My Feet

        In 2006 We Watched
        The Movie “Happy
        Feet” And i Couldn’t
        Bear to Even Touch
        The Theater Floor

        With my

        Feet Oh God There
        Was So Much more
        To Describe in Hell With
        All 19 Mostly Stress Related

        Disorders As

        Now in Heaven

        No More Pain And
        Numb And Now is
        Forever No Time Where

        In Hell A Thousand

        Years is One Second
        All Time With No Escape

        The Thing That Is Perhaps
        The Worst Is No one Can

        (Other Than No Memory
        Of A Feeling of A Smile)

        See The



        Numb yet

        You indeed no
        One Gains Sympathy

        For The Devil in Hell

        Except For The Devil

        Even If You Whine



        Will Say

        Shut-up And
        Bear it and The

        Doctors Will Tell
        You to Go Away

        As There

        Is Nothing

        They Can Do For
        You There All The King’s
        Men And Women Can’t

        Put Humpty

        Dumpty Together

        Only Humpty Dumpty

        Will Do It By Looking

        Within And Finding

        The Force
        Of God

        For Real

        (Hint: LOVE)

        Yep That’s

        How The Devil

        Becomes A Penguin

        In Heaven And Does “Happy
        Feet” For Real For 14,588 Miles
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        That Hold up to
        9,000 Words Each
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        Now With Another
        Subchapter “Nether
        Land Bible” 6.6 MiLLioN
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        2016 So Happy i Was To
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        i Could See Nature’s Colors
        At Least A little Bit then
        Almost Feeling Beauty

        Again i Then Copied
        At Least A Thousand
        Nature Photos Katrina
        Took With Her Giant
        Digital Camera A Hand
        Me Down From My
        Nature Photographer
        Audubon Society

        i Even
        Made a
        Nature Page
        On FB 8 Years
        Ago on This Day
        3.13.13 That Still
        Gets Close to A





        And Eventually
        Shared My Photos
        i Took Blessed With
        Use of Sight Fully in
        August of 2013 Almost
        200,000 Now Just 30,000
        Of The Pictures Shared the

        First Year through June of
        2014 Now Approaching
        600,000 Views on FLICKR

        And 1.5 MiLLioN Views

        Of What i Shared
        Through Google Plus
        By 2016 indeed my


        Once the
        Devil Becomes
        A Penguin 🐧 With
        “Happy Feet” With
        Thousands of Dance
        Events And Video Voyeurs
        Sharing It All Around The
        World For them To Expand
        Their Social Media


        And True that’s just
        The Tip of An Iceberg


        Size Where

        As Vincent

        Price Says

        In The Song

        “Thriller” Yes

        Is Not A Corpse

        Rotting In Hell

        Alive With The

        Stench Of

        40,000 Years

        Old Soul Dead in
        The Dungeon Within

        Then Before “Happy

        Feet” Rises Again For
        Real In “Foot Loose

        Town” Where They

        Burned Rock And

        Roll Records At Church

        It’s True this is

        No Fictional Myth

        Indeed Hell



        DO Exist

        For Real on Earth

        W i T H i N NOW

        And Folks Would

        Do Better to


        One Place

        And Staycation
        Forever in The

        Other In The Place
        Of ALL CARiNG GiVinG
        SHARiNG Compassion

        For All
        My only


        Degree Dear Rue…

        REAL God LOVE ON EartH NoW🏝


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