Look but don’t touch???

Of two cute dogs, I was shown a video.
To them, their owner placed this scenario.
In the centre of the room, an entire roast chicken.
With instructions not to eat, strictly forbidden.
The owner left, but kept a camera to record,
their reaction and how both dogs would perform.
In a way, it reminds me of Adam and Eve.
How they gave in to temptation and were deceived.
One dog took few steps back, although he was salivating.
His body was facing the chicken but his mind was debating.
His neck and face, he turned ninety degrees away.
Just not ahead; but left and right, his head would sway.
While this one, he refused to look right at it,
the other one kept walking away and coming right back to it.
Kept inspecting it and taking a few whiffs.
Until it became impossible to resist.
Sank his teeth right into the meat.
No stopping him, the obedient one still in the back seat.

You have heard 'do not commit adultery'.
But anyone who looks at a woman lustfully is guilty.
When we say 'The Apostles' Creed',
we confess ...in thoughts, words and deeds.
We are tempted in the flesh through our senses.
That is where lies the first line of our defences.
Sin is conceived in the mind, the soul.
Many times over these, we do not have control.
But then, it moves to the heart and can become an obsession,
right up till completion(act) or possession.(desire/thing)
And then, it becomes difficult to overcome.
The further you move the line, the closer to it you come.
So, stop sooner.
That is always better.

One day an introvert ...in the movie 'Zipper', 
was seduced and tempted by his co-worker.
Although he resisted her charm,
a married man he was, a woman in arm.
But later that night,
he couldn't fight.
All he did was help himself.
Seemingly harmless, he let it dwell.
With sin in his mind and all that temptation,
it became an insatiable obsession. 
He browsed through an escorts' site.
Just meant to be a visual delight.
Then he thought, maybe just one night.
So unlike him, just one small bite.
Uncomfortable as he was, the very first time,
he just had to ...that fig tree, he climbed.
Slowly but surely, it became an addiction.
Brought him confidence like a drug prescription.
And eventually he was smitten by full-fledged prostitution.
He wanted to stop; but no longer in control, he could find no solution.

That's why Jesus said 'turn away',
at that very first glance or day. 
Avoid that first step, although you may never know.
But you probably stopped something that would grow.
If you tread there,
you will end in despair.
Because sin fascinates,
before it assassinates.
Especially mortal sin, will not just sink its claws.
It won't stop until it has you in its jaws.
What once felt like fun,
now controls you, unable to run.
That is why bring into captivity,
every thought and every activity.
All of it, everything ...to the obedience of Christ,
as per the second letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 10 verse 5.

It is not your fault when bad things enter your mind.
But don't let it sit there, fester and make you blind.
He who is in the world constantly bombards us with temptation.
His ultimate wish for us is this - eternal damnation.
Evil thoughts will come.
But do not succumb.
Remember don't obsess and let it fester.
This goes for every earthly/fleshly pleasure.
Don't be moving further away from the divine. 
Individual branches cannot survive without their grapevine.
Don't let them sink into your heart.
They never stop; they constantly bark.

But, feelings and thoughts - even they can be tamed.
There is no need to languish in shackles and chains.
Because God has given you a sound mind and self control.
Satan can only influence your environment,
but then to yield unto him, he needs your consent.
Don't let bad thoughts get converted into speech.
And don't let it take root, your heart to reach.
Don't look at that roast chicken.
Don't let him, that plot thicken. 
If feasible, walk away where you cannot smell it.
Because prevention is better than cure, says wit.
Because that is how every addiction starts.
That is how sin takes root in your heart.

But do not fret. 
He already paid your debt.
Because we have the mind of Christ.
Through Him, we are already made right.
Every thought can be brought into captivity.
Yes everything, including chronic negativity. 
Addiction, lack of faith, circumstances and all can be tamed,
in the matchless name above every other name.
You don't need to rely on your own will power.
No matter how acquainted you are with God, that does not empower.
Only through total surrender.
Become a depender.
And watch it all come together.

(Inspired by Matthew 5:28) 
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.

It is my desire to study the four gospels. Writing poems helps me put some thought into it thereby making it fun to learn and remember. I was stuck on the book of Matthew for years and never really completed more than the first five chapters until I began writing ‘the Matthew Series‘. Now, I’m revising the contents of the book of Mathew by writing another series of poems titled ‘Inspired by Matthew‘. This one will not be as comprehensive as ‘the Matthew Series’ and may not be in an orderly sequence. This particular poem is the 13th in the series. I recommend reading the actual Bible because it’s a whole lot better than my poems. I’d be overjoyed if anyone out there would like to be part of this experience and go through the book of Matthew with me. I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I did writing them. (First image credit:anchorlongbeach.wordpress.com) .

Pic credit:knowing-jesus.com
Pic credit:anextraordinaryday.net
Pic credit:alyssajhoward.com
Pic credit:knowing-jesus.com
pic credit:bible.com
pic credit:bible.know8ng-jesus.com
Pic credit:bible.knowing-jesus.com


    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading this poem, Sally.
      Exactly….🐶🐕🐕‍🦺….I want to go back and erase my memory …of many of the things I looked at🦧🙈😂….so I have that advantage….of never have looked or known. 😉🤪🙈🙃

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  1. SMiLes i’m Naturally Monogamous So I have No
    Problem with Needing More than what i have
    Most Every Man Naturally is Attracted to
    What is Put Before Him as Men
    Are More Visual this way..
    in this Way it’s Just
    almost Impossible
    to Bridge the Difference
    in Cognitive Empathy anyway
    i will say this Katrina’s Mother Wasn’t
    Monogamous And She tended more toward
    the Disease of Addiction that More often comes
    When Folks aren’t filled up with Love and Just Don’t
    Get the Same Warm And Fuzzies from a Great Childhood
    Loved and Never Abused Living in Touch of Warm Hugs
    Surely makes it
    easier to
    Say No
    even no
    way to any way
    of actual Sex for Just
    Sex With Another Human
    Being Actually Using them that way..
    For Some Folks.. Particularly Abused
    And Neglected Pain and the Pleasure
    of Sex is Just About All they Feel anyway
    i’m not Going to Judge God on Human Nature
    far beyond my pay grade what i do know that
    Without Katrina’s Mother’s Lust a ‘Practical
    Goddess’ would have never been born
    i don’t believe God Plays by
    Human Rules
    When they Actually Are
    Originated By Saint Augustine
    Who Before He Got too Old to
    Enjoy ‘His Harem’ and Decided to
    Break-Off An Engagement with
    A 12 Year-Old Girl Started A
    Tradition of Monogamy
    that did not exist
    before then
    as Women
    Were not Allowed
    to Speak Seen Unworthy
    of the Spirit and Sold Like Cattle
    for Breed as they still are today as
    of course You are well aware..
    Anyway i consider the
    Source the only
    Word of God i fully
    Trust is the Breath
    of Nature beyond Human
    As That Nature is incapable
    of Organized Deceit more than ever
    as i walked out of an Half-unmasked Mass
    today as i asked an Usher to be Seated by Folks
    Wearing Masks to protect the Vulnerable Among My
    Loved ones not to receive a Killing Gift of Pandemic
    to Kill someone in my Family.. Thou Shall Not Kill
    i believe in that Commandment And the One about
    Love yet the Church i’ve Been attending Proves without
    A Doubt
    Both Leader
    Ship and Congregation
    Pays Lip Service to it
    When it comes
    the Day
    Jesus is Left
    Cold in a Coffin all Nailed Up still..
    Just Very Disappointed today with the
    Hypocrisies of the Church But i’ll still go back
    Next Saturday as they’ve determined that particular
    Mass is worth Saving the Lives and the Love that Makes Love Real…

    Love is not
    A Part Time
    Job.. The Church
    Sadly Hasn’t figured that
    out nor the State Either
    i find respite in my Backyard
    As the Birds Feed them Self God and Do Not Lie….

    Other than that Science Shows that Lust is a Main Source
    of Creativity And Productivity in Men and Social Cooperation
    Among Women.. More often Folks Who Deny Their Human Nature
    Don’t take it out and Play with it are one day Mastered By it not unable to say no…

    Yeah.. i have been
    Tempted a lot
    in Real Flesh
    And Blood Life
    Where About 99 Percent
    of Dudes would have taken
    the opportunity to take it farther..

    But i have no Secrets with my
    Wife as that’s what Ya Do Love
    Without Harm and if you want a Monogamous
    Marriage Ya Marry a Person who is even capable
    of doing it as folks who are not will fall to it no matter what lips service they pay next..

    We See that time and time again among the so-called Most ‘Pious’ actually
    The Most As Deniers of their Human Shadow Eventually Ruled and Fallen by it too…

    Life is Messy
    THorns and
    FLoWeRS Best
    We Balance Now
    As RiSinG Roses BReaTHE Free..:)

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    1. Beautiful reply Fred….you have a lovely relationship with your wife….Katie and you….your marriage is like the epitome of a good marriage….I dont know too much….and I have never really met you guys but from all our replies…you’ll seem adorable….I can only imagine so many years together….decades of them….you’ll must have gone through so much…I already know about Ryan and I’m sorry to bring that up…but I’m sure it made you’ll stronger too….coping with loss etc….
      Life is definitely messy Fred….I agree
      Thorns and flowers…..
      It’s so difficult to find that balance….
      I realised and learned so many things about life and just being a human being or even survival of the body/ soul/spirit and people etc much much much later in life. I would like to call that …err….wisdom😄😅🦧🙈……..I wish I could go back in time( taking all this wisdom with me of course😜🤪😉🙈) ….I would have probably conquered the world….or atleast achieved something lol 😅🤪😜

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      1. “I wish I could go back in time (taking all this wisdom with me of course😜🤪😉🙈) ….
        I would have probably conquered the world….or at least achieved something lol 😅🤪😜”

        DoinG IT NoW FoR ReaL
        Breath oF HeaVeN Seeing
        Breathing DoinG ETeRNaLLY NoW

        The Moon Sees This Love at Night the Sun DoeS in Day

        And Humans Have the ABiLiTy to See A TWiLiGHT oF Love Forever NoW

        SMiLes You’ve Already Achieved This All Through Years of Overcoming the Challenges
        of Life WHere You Earned The Wisdom in FAct iN Feeling iN Sensing With Faith
        This Wisdom Is the Beauty of Agape Love Once Attained Lasts Forever Now
        Truly This Is Beyond All Measure of Societal Material Means of Power Status
        Achievement and Success And It’s True You Could
        Put it in 8.6 MiLLioN Words And Folks Who
        Have Visited You Years Will
        Still come by Like they
        Did to me
        And Tell
        me i have not
        Achieved Anything
        From the Free Love i Give NoW in 86 Months
        Yes Along With 13,866 Miles of Public Dance
        And Share Around The Globe With Least Harm More Yes
        for Almost 10 Years Now (118 Months 6 Days) And 12 MiLLIoN Words
        Total And Yes By God too The 33 Years
        Paid to Work the 19 Years in All Schools
        And the 4 Years Then Before i Could Speak
        Just ONE with Nature Feeling Sensing God Nature ALL NoW 60 Years 4 Months
        13 Days 1 Minute Forever Now Within True my FRiEnD THere IS NO Monetary
        Reward For this Wisdom Beauty of Agape Love NO Material Gifts
        THere Are No Rewards Or Awards of STUFF When
        You Stand Up in Church And Exclaim NAKED WITH
        FiRE oF LoVE BuRNiNG WiTHiN Wear A Mask To Save a Life
        iN FacT They Still Turn
        Away but You
        Do not
        for me
        at Least
        That Makes You
        Greater NoW As Most
        As ALL That Counts to me
        Is Agape Love as far as i am
        Concerned the Rest oF it Will
        Go To Hell Within Now Taking
        Folks With Them in a Collection
        Basket of Death But Yes Love
        Turns Money Tables and Killing
        Fields Over too For Love Sees
        AND LOVE BREATHES and Love
        Fights For the Right to Life Liberty
        And the Pursuit of Every Flavor of Love
        That Colors Happiness with Least Harm
        i will tell you this as both Fact and Fiction
        Myth and Reality Same You are one of few
        Who Would Ever Welcome A Real Jesus, Buddha
        or Lao Tzu into Your Home With No Excluding Love

        From: Visiting You to: Now…

        As i’ve Mentioned Before All Around the Globe online
        And Locally Home Interacting with Hundreds of Thousands
        of Folks in my Life i FeeL Sense A Diamond When i meet one in the
        Rough and it’s True Every Diamond i meet has overcome amazing
        Challenges in Life.. It’s True THere is more for You to Do but You have

        The Best Gift oF all NoW
        BeYOND ALL MEaSuRE

        THIS Dear
        And Spirit
        of Love God’s
        Words iN You
        You BreaTHE From
        Within Free Do KNoW
        Do Feel Do Sense How
        Rare This iS iN ‘That World’ Now….

        If i could measure the Miles EveryWHeRe NoW
        i’ve gone for the few ‘select’ places i’ve found
        This Perhaps to the Moon and Back And Even
        A Star Like the Sun for 93 MiLLioN Miles
        For How Easy This is to Circle the Globe
        NoW iN Ways Prepared By ‘Nerds’
        Yes God Bless Nerds and Geeks…
        At the Speed oF LiGHT through
        Fiber Optic Cables in a Place
        Beyond Space With No Sun or
        Moon or Stars Beyond Distance
        Space and Time and
        Even Matter Moving
        Our Soul touching
        The Light of Others
        True At the Speed
        oF LiGHT For Real
        Meanwhile Leaders
        Brag about Grabbing
        Body Parts of Women
        For the Power of Money
        And STUFF Never Even understanding
        That a Soul Exists at all AnYWHeRE NoW AT ALL

        Therefore Gas Chambers in Churches UNMaSKinG Killing
        Fields At Political Rallies And Rose Gardens for those Too Small
        Too Weak too ‘Most’ to lift the ‘least’ of a Smallest Sacrifice of Cross
        GreaTesT A Cotton Mask to Save A Life Too Many Clothes to Wear God as Love

        This would not
        Be Nearly As
        Hard if no
        one Wore
        Any Clothes at
        All and They just
        Worked ToGeTHeR FoRAGiNG
        NoW Depending on Every Hand
        And Foot For Life’s Dance And Song
        For the Work of the Day And Night NoW
        As Love ToGeTHeR iN Survive and Thrive the SaMe
        As the Child of Love Who Remains Greatest Gift oF ALL

        The Moon Sees This Love at Night the Sun DoeS in Day

        And Humans Have the ABiLiTy to See A TWiLiGHT oF Love Forever Now

        Yet Forgotten

        As Soul


        So Many
        Lost in Golden Robes
        Suits and Ties Brick and
        Mortar Buildings Yes SHells of Humans Golden Chalice
        Towers Lost so Far away From Soul God’s Breath of Love Within
        Again For ALL to Give and Share Free DOING LEAST HARM TO ALL

        With SMiLes

        of course

        No Longer only
        Whispers in the
        DarK Lion Awake of
        LoVE LioNess oF ALL Love…

        You are one of very Few FLoWeRS RiSinG Rose
        Found on such a Rocky Road oF THorns mY FRiEnD

        ‘Hold Your Head

        Up’ From: i For


        Feel Sense ‘See’ No
        ‘ReaSon’ For You to: Bow…
        But Sure TAKE A Bow This one
        Is From: ‘me too’ to: You WiTH SMiLes..:)

        The Moon Sees This Love at Night the Sun DoeS in Day

        And Humans Have the ABiLiTy to See A TWiLiGHT oF

        Love Forever


        DoinG IT NoW FoR ReaL
        Breath oF HeaVeN Seeing
        Breathing DoinG ETeRNaLLY NoW


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