Dorall Collection -Golden Blaze Review

Pricing: The MRP for a 100 ml bottle of this perfume is INR 599. But I got it for 299 which is a 50% discount. This perfume is imported from the UAE and I seen it being sold for around $13.99 in the US which is more than 3 times the price that I paid in India.

Appearance: The packaging is good. The outer box is plastic wrapped and sealed. Both the box and the bottle are sturdy. The spray top could be better. It’s good enough. But, if you are comparing a Dorall Collection to perfumes from big designer houses, the spray to plastic head is not on par. But it’s good enough. The perfume itself is a yellow golden shade which is quite attractive.

Concentration: This one is an EDT which is French for eau de toilette. In case you are not aware, let me explain this very briefly because it’s definitely an important factor when you are buying any perfume. Although the manufacturer labels it as an EDT, it feels like EF or EDC at most. That’s definitely disappointing.

  • Eau Fraiche: You’ve probably never seen this on any shelf. It’s just too mild with just 1-3% of fragrance oil.
  • Eau de Cologne: This one has about 2-6% of perfumed oil concentrate. But, this one too is rather rare. It should last you around 3 hours depending on the intensity of the base notes.
  • Eau de Toilette: Now, this is the concentration everybody is obsessed with. 5-15% of fragrance oil amongst other ingredients makes this very long lasting. Your clothes may refuse to part with this one for days and weeks….and if you don’t shower, maybe a day and a half on you too. But of course, that depends on the type of base notes within it.
  • Eau de Parfum: With a concentration of 15-20% of concentrated perfume oils, this one is very very very long lasting. Yes, you will see this on a few perfumes and they are intoxicating in a good way. Most of the good perfumes I own and like just happen to be EDP. I don’t go around looking for an EDP. But, somehow although most perfumes are EDTs, I just happen to like and select EDPs. That’s also because the base notes that I like are on the milder side and require an EDP to be mesmerizingly good.
  • Parfum: This one has a good 15-40% of concentrated oils and is insanely expensive. I’m talking 25000-40000 expensive. So, you won’t really see these on regular shelves either. It’s rare.

Olfactory Classification: Floral Fruity

Notes: I have listed the notes below. This is the most important thing you should look at while buying or selecting perfumes. Top notes are the ones you smell instantly as you spray. But, as the perfume mixes with the pheromones in your skin and, accompanied with the heat from your body, it moves to the middle and finally what lasts is the base notes. So, it’s essential to spray some on the wrist(radial pulse point for greater heat generation), walk around the mall, finish up with the rest of your shopping probably and return to buy your perfume after the notes have amalgamated with the uniqueness of your body and released some of the base notes too. If you notice, the top notes are fruity while it graduates to sweeter (in my opinion – oriental notes) with a nice strong musk base. Somehow, I don’t feel the longevity of a musky perfume at all.

  • Top notes – bergamot, orange blossom, raspberry
  • Mid notes – ylang – ylang, jasmine
  • Base notes – musk, amber, patchouli, papyrus

Description: Golden blaze by Dorall Collection is a plesant floral musky scent in my opinion. It has an extremely faint but crisp sweetness to it that is not overbearing. It lasts just an hour on me and that is very disappointing. I understand this is an inexpensive perfume and I cannot expect it to perform as well as a designer perfume. But, I have used several other Dorall Collection perfumes as a daily wear scent at home. And some of them are so good and long lasting. This one isn’t. It’s a big disappointment. But, considering it is just a little more expensive than deodorant and needs fewer sprays because it contains lesser alcohol and more fragrance than a regular deodorant, I can’t really complain about the value part. A different 100 ml Dorall Collection perfume(Hidden Desire) that I absolutely love lasted me 7 months after using it daily after spraying so much. It would stay on me all day long.

Suggestion for optimal use: Spray at pulse points and folds. There is more heat generated at your pulse points and that helps release the fragrance. So, spray behind the ears and under your armpits, on your carotid pulse (neck) and if you really want to bathe in perfume – the nape of your neck, below the hairline, around the brachial pulse and wrists.

Verdict: Golden Blaze by Dorall Collection definitely smells plesant and is very affordable, but it is just too faint for me to even consider repurchasing it.

Stay Fragrant, Inside Out,

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