Review of Health & Glow Refreshing Mango Body Butter

Pricing: I think it was about INR249 for a 200gm jar. So the pricing is very good for a body butter, that too a fruity one. Fruity butters from brands like The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works etc are priced between INR1000-1599 for a 200 ml jar. That’s an approximate for comparison.

Packaging: The packaging is good. The jar is a sturdy plastic one with a screwtop lid. It’s very wide and short so it’s easy to scoop out every last bit, meaning – no wastage absolutely. However, 200ml cannot be carried in your carry-on in an airplane, just in case.

Physical Attributes: The fragrance is rather mild and smells like a flavoring agent….you know – like a regular flavoured mango ice cream. They smell and taste a whole lot different than the real fruit pulp ice creams. Ditto with this body butter. It smells too essence-like, not enchanting or fruity at all. It is rather mild and doesn’t linger either. It is this light yellow coloured cream that appears promising. It looks thick like it has a good oil:water ratio.

Efficacy: But although it appears thick and full of moisturising goodness, it is a big disappointment for those with dry skin. It does not have the water:oil ratio of a butter. It barely feels like you’ve put anything on. It gets absorbed super quick. Many lightweight creams that are instantly absorbed leave no trace absolutely. This one does not feel heavy at all. But when you wash your hands/body, a lot of product residue gets washed away, so although you’re not consciously aware of the residue, it does leave a lot of residue, non greasy and though. Body butters are meant to be greasy and full of moisturizing goodness. I would expect something that’s heavy duty in a butter, otherwise I’d just buy a lotion or gel. If they’re selling it as a butter, it’s pretty useless in every way. But people with oily skin would love this thing. Butters take some effort to spread because they are thick. So if I’m taking the effort to spread this all over my body, and I could have achieved a barely-there effect with a gel or lotion that would save me time and effort, why invest in this?

Verdict: I purchased this quite some time back and am struggling to finish the contents of the jar. I will never repurchase this ever again.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out! 

I hope my review helps you make an informed decision. Remember to keep your specific skin conditions in mind. This review is based on my personal experience with the product. I am not a dermatologist or cosmetologist. Please exercise caution while trying out any new product.


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