Biotique Bio Peach Clarifying and Refining Peel-Off Mask Review

Pricing: It is very fairly priced at INR 199 for 50gms.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic screwtop jar that is very sturdy. It is travel friendly too. I like jars more than tubes because there is absolutely no wastage as you can scoop every last bit out unlike in the case of a tube. But yes, tubes are more hygienic. The mouth if the jar is as wide as the bottom and this ergonomic design helps to access every last bit with ease and comfort.

Boutique Bio Peach

Ingredients: Biotique is an advanced-ayurvedic company. It contains the goodness of peaches, alone vera, neem, kikargond, bandgobhi bud, bihidana. Please verify with the manufacturer for accurate details and the full list and composition as these are subject to change.

How to use: Dip your fingers in the jar and get a suitable quantity out of it. Apply a thick enoughd layer all over your face. Let it dry. Make sure the layer is not too thin because that would become difficult to peel away. But a very thick layer will take very long to dry. That will take about 7 minutes if you wait under an AC-and-fan combination, otherwise around 15minutes is good. Once it is completely dry, only then begin peeling off from the edges. It comes off as a stretchy glue. You will have to wash off some of the bits that do not peel off easily especially if you applied it too close to your hairline. Do not apply around the delicate eye area. Do not apply on ruptured, torn or inflamed skin because it may cause a burning sensation. This mask is not like wax. Although, it is a peel off, it won’t remove much facial hair….maybe just a few stray strands but it cannot be used to wax the face.

Bio peach review

Experience: This mask smells and looks like a nice jelly. It’s a raspberry coloured mask with a gel like consistency. Like all peel off masks, this too works great to just remove some excess sebum and helps unclog pores to a certain extent only. I find the effects of any peel off including this one to be quite unsatisfactory though. They’re just not wow enough. It’s effects are just too mild and unnoticeable. I’m not saying this peel off mask is bad. I’m saying all peel offs are pretty much useless.

Verdict: I will not be buying this ever again. I will not be buying any peel off mask ever again. I have tried a handful and will be writing some more reviews here. But I will not be wasting my pennies on peel offs ever again. I think it is better to invest in a mud or clay based mask to remove grime, excess oil and sebum from pores. Peel offs are a waste of time and money…..all of them in general, including this one. That is my conclusion

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out!  
The Biotique range of products in my house

I hope my review helps you make an informed decision. Remember to keep your specific skin conditions in mind. This review is based on my personal experience with the product. I am not a dermatologist or cosmetologist. Please exercise caution while trying out any new product.


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