Fisher of men

There was a rugged and mean fisherman.
Glued to the sea and all that he caught.
He did well and was very skilled.
And was extremely knowledgeable about all that was gilled.

He looked everywhere in the market square.
Lots of things for excitement he did dare.
But none of them as per his plan
This perfect little fisherman.

Something was missing.
All throughout, he kept wishing.
Why this restlessness? What could this be?
Until he gave heed to His, "follow me."

Follow me; I'll make you a fisher of men.
In my name go out and bring back them.
Simon-Peter, Andrew, James and John.
They believed and accomplished, not by their brawn.

The Kingdom of Heaven has descended upon thee.
All you have to do is accept it, can't you see?
A free gift from me to you.
Just like clean and fresh morning dew.

Follow me; only I can satiate your thirst,
and pull you out of all that is cursed.
Look at Simon-Peter.
Denied me thrice though he called me 'Teacher'.

Take my hand, oh fisherman!
And once more on your feet you will stand.
For me, you will be a fisher of men.
This will be the only truth I'll remember, Amen.

And so, the fisherman took His hand.
Just like Peter, Andrew, John and James.
Now born of fire, consumed by flames.
Strongholds of the flesh evaporated forever.

A new man, a new job.
Just awaiting to be turned, the doorknob!
And so by decree and declaration, the fisherman...
followed His voice and changed his plan.

He cast his net.
And he did fetch.
A multitude of lost souls.
Too many to take a roll.




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