Review of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Energising Bath and Shower gel and Refreshing Body lotion

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden makes me think of a green forest that has just been watered with showers from heaven. Think fresh, green, herbal, natural and clean. That is the best way I can describe this line.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Packaging: Both the shower gel as well as the body lotion come in tubes that need the product to be squeezed out. I personally prefer a jar with a pump for the gel and I like that the body lotion comes in a tube.


Top Notes: Caraway, Fruity Rhubarb, Lemon, Orange Zest and Bergamot
Middle Notes: Cool Minty Peppermint, Green Tea, Sweet Jasmine, Spicy Carnation, Fresh Fennel and Crisp Celery Spice
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Musk and Amber

To the untrained nose, it smells like green tea and mild herbs. It has a very fresh green forest themed spa feel. It has a lingering effect but is not overpowering or strong.

Au thé vert

Pricing: This was bought in the US and I’m really bad with conversions so I’ll refrain from commenting on pricing for now. If I recall correctly, it was a bit expensive but we got a good discount.

How to Use: Squeeze a small amount of gel on to your palm and use it like you would use liquid soap. Do not expect much of a lather from this product. It is a very mild and gentle shower gel.

Once you finish your bath/shower, you can use the body lotion to layer up on the fragrance.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Effectiveness: The highlight of the shower gel is that it is soap free and does not contain any sulphates. If you are accustomed to a lot of lather, you will end up squeezing out a lot more than required (just like I did) because subconsciously you feel like you need more product. But even if you empty the whole tube, you won’t get much lather if you’re using it as it is. If you’re using a loofah, you will get some more though. It is a very gentle and mild gel. The fragrance is the best bath and creates a refreshingly calm bath atmosphere.

The lotion is good too. The smell is lingering and very refreshing. It gets instantly absorbed into the skin. It is not too light neither too heavy. But it is more on the lighter side, to be very specific. They have a perfume from the same line and if you like layering up on scent, I would definitely suggest that. I personally prefer sweet oriental notes so this one is too fresh and clean to be among my favourites. It is just a matter of taste. That is all it comes down to in the end:)

I hope my review helps you make an informed decision. Please check with the seller/manufacturer for updates and product specifics.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out!

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