What is Makeup Setting Spray and is it really worth the hype?

Setting Spray is a magical product that smart women use to ensure their makeup stays fresh and lasts longer. It’s like hair spray, but for your face! Just like hair spray is used at the end of styling, you use a setting spray right after you have done your make up.

All you have to do is – hold the bottle approximately 8 to 10 inches away from your face, which is about arms length. Then spritz it all over your face. About 2 to 3 sprays should suffice, considering you may need one spray on each side of your face. Remember to keep your eyes closed and avoid getting any product in your eyes. Do not attempt to rub it in or spread the product all over. Just let it air dry naturally. This should take a few seconds.

 And now, your makeup will last longer, is less likely to melt down or smudge. It should stay fresh without fading or creasing for a while. I would not believe claims of 24hrs etc though. Of course, if you used a primer prior to make up application, this will increase product longevity when used in conjunction with a setting spray.

Alternatively, you can drench your foundation sponge, brush, beauty blender in setting spray to apply foundation. Then again, spray some at the end of your makeup routine. This will ensure your foundation stays much longer.

Cake eyeliners need to be mixed with water before application. Kryolan has a lovely cake eyeliner that I keep repurchasing and have been loyal to since over a decade now. You can mix setting spray with your liner instead of water to make your eyeliner last much longer.

You see, most setting sprays contain a binding agent and alcohol so it helps makeup adhere to your skin and all the effort you put in does not wash away in sweat.

Before you go out and purchase one of these, remember a finishing spray is not the same as a setting spray. Finishing sprays merely moisten and hydrate the face at the end of a makeup routine or anytime you need a non oily boost of hydration without the hassle and mess. They are great if you have dry skin. You can use it just like you would use a setting spray, but they don’t extend the life of your makeup. MAC’s Prep+Prime Fix+ is one such product. I have used it for years and it never really sets my make up. It’s great if you have overdone your makeup and want to tone it down a bit. But plain rose water or mineral water in a spray bottle should do that trick too…..for a measly fraction of the cost!

Today, we are spoiled for choice. There are a variety of setting sprays available in the markets. Make sure you choose one with a finish you like. Some have a matte finish; some give you a satin finish. Some even have iridescent micro particles in them to highlight your face; and some have glitter. I’d suggest you steer clear of the glittery ones unless you want to use it over your body and not your face. Use a highlighter or a bronzer over just the highpoints of your face where you have more control over the area you want to highlight. Setting sprays are not very good face highlighters.

I like the following products that I have tried. I currently own a setting spray from Wet n Wild and a fixing spray from MAC. Look around and find something that suits your skin and let me know what works for you.

Makeup Spray

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray

2. Maybelline Super Stay 24 Makeup-Locking Setting Spray

3. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Matte Setting Spray – Matte Appeal


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