About Me

Hi. I’m Ruelha from Mumbai city, India.  I love life, not because it’s always been perfect; I just feel the universe responds to what you present. I am an extremely hopeful person by nature. Hope and faith form the backbone of my very existence.  I firmly believe that as long as you have breath, there’s always room for hope. I have chased many rainbows only to realize that peace is the most precious of all treasures. We are here to spread joy and love, and bring peace to one another.  I am of the opinion that our existence on this earth is just an evanescent affair. When you finally realize that nothing is permanent including possessions, relationships, health, and life itself, this task seems a lot simpler. I’m a regular person, albeit with the heart and mind of a child. I love all things bright and beautiful. I enjoy cooking and savoring a variety of cuisines, making new friends, and the typical feminine stuff like fashion and grooming. Although it’s not my area of expertise, I relish clicking pictures of food, makeup, fashion, people, selfies, and flowers. So I combined everything I am passionate about (including writing) and put it up here to share some bits with you. Hope you enjoy it!
As of this moment, I have written almost 700 poems and almost a hundred articles in a span of two years. I promised myself I will never compromise on my beliefs and values. Everything out here is from my heart. If it’s on my blog, I have either had these experiences personally or researched the subject matter extensively, although I refrain from putting up second-hand experiences. I commenced this journey with an overscrupulous attitude begotten by staunch Roman Catholic roots. In an attempt to discover my true calling, I evolved into a liberal Christian. Then, I embraced the good and pertinent concepts from other religions especially Buddhism and Hinduism. I reveled in an agnostic state for a while and today, I oscillate between ‘Humanity’ and ‘Christianity’. My blog is extremely personal. It paints the silhouette of my evolution. Hence, if you read my initial posts, they are eminently religious while the present ones are rather practical in nature and contradictory to the earlier ones. Some of those values don’t resonate with me anymore, but they’re still here because my blog records my journey of self-cognizance. In my attempt to safeguard the interest/identity of persons, I use homogeneous analogies which do not alter the veracity of the subject matter in any way.

By lineage, I am Indian. I have a wheatish complexion with olive undertones. My hair is a very dark brown hue, almost black in color, very long, and naturally straight. I have hazel eyes, which means they are brown in the center and radiate gradient greenish specks towards the outer ends. I stand 5 feet and 4 inches tall and mostly fit in an extra small size as far as clothing is concerned. I hope this information helps you while considering the products and reviews posted here.


All information and media posted on this blog have been corroborated by me. I have put in a lot of effort, time, and careful consideration to create articles, reviews, tutorials, etc. All of my content is original and protected by copyright law. Please do not use my content or pictures/videos without my explicit permission. Some images have been borrowed with due credit. Please check the captions for the origin/source. This blog solely manifests my own personal opinions and is uninfluenced by any company, brand, or external party. I do not promote any brand or product and am not compensated by any of these. I personally own and have purchased every product that I have used, sampled, and/or reviewed. I cannot guarantee that these products will work in the same way they have worked for me. Please exercise caution and keep your specific conditions/skin, hair, and body type in mind while trying out new products. Some of my articles may become obsolete or perhaps the article has content derived from past experiences and/or memories. Hence, I cannot guarantee that the information is recent or relevant. I am not a licensed professional and do not hold any certifications in the topics posted. If you would like me to publish a review, tutorial, or article, find my opinions offensive or require any clarifications regarding my content, please feel free to contact me.

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