In Pursuit of Goodness

Where are you operating from? Introspect and affirm How much do you really know yourself? Care to pick one shelf? … More

Deepest Desire

As a child, I could’nt wait to grow up and get out of school Just to evade studying, that appeared … More

The Value of Money!

Do you know the value of money? To some, it could be plenty To some, it could’nt have any! Money … More

That Switch

I have something like a toggle switch That gives me quite the itch Sometimes I turn it on Some others, … More

But why, Pinocchio?

Today, let us analyse the cause of a serious pandemic Let’s delve into the psychology of it and get the … More

The Child Inside

Today we celebrate Children’s Day because it was Jawaharlal Nehru’s {India’s first Prime Minister} birthday. He loved little children. Who … More


My poem is inspired by a very encouraging song by Kacey Musgraves. In the song, it appears as if she’s … More

The Twelve Tribes

Jacob had twelve sons And with them it begun He bestowed a unique blessing upon each one And with them, … More

Red Red Wine

This song is something I’ve heard all through the early years of my life. It was such a hit song … More

Finally, a big house!

They were a little family Two kids, mummy, daddy Squashed up in a tiny home Joined chairs to create a … More

The Noose

So I caught up with a few acquaintances and girlfriends And finally, few city girls are willing to make amends … More

My ‘Love’ Thesis

So this one’s the very first. Without this, your entire relationship will be cursed. There must be some level of … More

The Cookie Monster

Somebody help me. Please set me free. I’m addicted to… cookies, that’s true. I have too many favourites. And can … More

Ice Apples

My Tamil friends call these ‘Nangu’. Ice apples, in English; but you probably knew. In Marathi, it is known as … More

Decoding Time

There are so many times I’ve said I’m too busy. But let’s dilute that statement from the fizzy. The fact … More

Yesterday’s Haircut

So yesterday I cut my hair. And I feel a sense of despair. I always get emotional when this happens. … More

That human scent

I thought it was only me. But it’s a real concept, you see. I can almost recognize. People without my … More

The frayed ends of sanity

The frayed ends of sanity. Concealed by my vanity. Thankfully, you don’t see. These demons following me. The past, engulfs. … More

The Wriggley Snakes

Wriggley snakes. All over the place. Makes me want to hide my face. Friends or foes? Just who knows! Snakes … More

The passive smoker

Those of you who don’t know. I’ve never been a smoker and I’m a Virgo. I know those two details … More

Candy, the honey bee

Candy, the honey bee went out to see. Everyday sat on flowers and gathered honey. Yellow and black, this uniform … More


The past, didn’t last. The present, seems dependent. The future, could be wiser. If you look behind. You may remain … More


Oh, to live in a cave. the whole being craves. Space of it’s own. Constantly in a zone. Just the … More

Cosmic Shores

The corners of the universe, appear dim and without purpose. The flags of peace, holding on, not at ease. The … More

To each his own

To each, his own. At the end of the day, you’re alone. If mercy is shown. Accept it as a … More

Waiting for March

Soon at last, it will be March. Time to bid goodbye, to the past. March brings, birds that sing. Bright … More

Things you cannot force

Can’t force people to consent. Not just sex, but for so many things, it just depends. If you need permission … More

Modern Families

Some families scream; some families shout. Makes you wonder without an iota of doubt. Some of them argue, yell and … More

The Midas Touch

I don’t believe in destiny. All of life can change aplenty. There’s always an alternate future. You’re not a pre-programmed … More

The dark dazzle of shape shifting imitation jewellery

Three days ago, born, later to forgo. The birth of an evil, cracked open an egg with fecal. Popped out … More


I’m not scared of the storm. It’s like an acquaintance that feels warm. Let It rain. Let it pour. Unlike … More

That Glycerine Bottle

My mom’s sister, my aunt, she had quite some penchant. She made some amazing cakes. Fondant, lamasa and really fancy … More

Papa’s Breakfast

We are in the month of August. Fondly remembering someone’s birthday, to be honest. My maternal grandfather, Zephrine, who was … More

I Have Arrived

When I was little I wanted to live in a mansion. I thought I’d be overjoyed if I earned few … More


There is a place Somewhere not too far away Anything there, I can say. It’s like a parallel universe That … More

Phone Detox

I do have a few good friends But I thought, my thoughts and feelings I’ll cleanse. Anyways, I stay far … More

Tag Back Time

I want to run around and play tag.But my body has already begun to sag.You won’t believe it, but I … More

The Chicken in the Plate

I just finished lunch at home. With my family, not all alone. Do you want to know the menu? Today … More

Panda Lessons

Have you ever observed a panda? They have no secret propaganda. Cutely chewing on bamboo. Falling of the trees in … More

Kyunki Picture Abhi Baki Hai

It does not seem fair, how could they dare? Kyunki Picture Abhi Baki Hain! But look at her swear, vomiting … More

Covid highlighted socio-economic Disparity

I seldom ever indulge in conversations pertaining to politics, because it’s neither my expertise, nor my area of interest. And … More

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is my mother’s birthday. Everyone tells me I look just like her, what say? So this is what I’ll … More

The Unusual Proposal

Grow with me baby; grow with me. Let’s grow in dependability and reliability. Let’s grow together, entwined as a creeper. … More

My Biggest Fears

Ever since I was a little girl I had the same three fears. Even the mention of these would take … More

My favourite Colours

My favourite colour has got to be Pink. Of that, there is no way I’ve got to rethink. Just about … More

Butterfly Crime Scene

Have you ever watched the program Impractical Jokers? No, no, I ain’t no promoter! That show is darn good. It … More

Comfortably Numb

And history repeats its previous beats; Nothing new, the same old blues. Bleed my heart dry, with the same old … More