Planning and Limiting

For years and years people pray. Hoping in faith maybe just some day. That their pleading will melt the heart … More

March, coming up!

It’s been a year. And it’s finally so near. Since the 6th of March. Almost, a year has passed. March … More

Sorry G

God I’m so sorry I threw you away. You were the only one who really did stay. God I’m so … More

Waiting for March

Soon at last, it will be March. Time to bid goodbye, to the past. March brings, birds that sing. Bright … More

Down Below

Down below, the ocean floor, lots of things to explore. Down below, the ocean floor. Yes, it’s true there’s a … More

The Cranberry Dreams

This song from the 90s is stuck in my head. It’s called ‘Dreams’ by the Cranberries. It is the inspiration … More

The heart of it all

I see this as an opportunity. Oh Lord, create in we, a clean new heart, that from You will never … More

By Force

You wicked old serpent, messed with the wrong person. I am not scared of a ghost. The violent take the … More

That Glycerine Bottle

My mom’s sister, my aunt, she had quite some penchant. She made some amazing cakes. Fondant, lamasa and really fancy … More

The dead dog

When you finally hit rock bottom, after some time it begins to feel like Egyptian cotton. There’s not much lower … More

Ava and Rhys

Dear Ava and Rhys, Help us, please. To walk in His light, and choose what is right. Keep us out … More

In His Name

In His name, when I proclaim, a new creation I became. In His name, when I proclaim, I no longer … More

Your PRAYER has healed you!🙃

Congratulations, your prayer has healed you. Your prayer alone has given you deliverance and breakthrough. Right from the time of … More

To, The thief

I am not a beggar. You can say whatever. This is my territory. Your presence here was transitory. No, I … More

Shh….they can’t hear your thoughts!

They can’t hear your thoughts. They just infer and take calculated shots. They can’t read minds. Hidden details, they can’t … More

You killed my brother, Paul!

You killed my brothers, Paul! No, your’e mistaken; have you had alcohol? Aren’t you the one from Tarsus? Yeah, but … More

Fisher of men

There was a rugged and mean fisherman. Glued to the sea and all that he caught. He did well and … More