The heart of it all

I see this as an opportunity. Oh Lord, create in we, a clean new heart, that from You will never … More

By Force

You wicked old serpent, messed with the wrong person. I am not scared of a ghost. The violent take the … More


I’m not scared of the storm. It’s like an acquaintance that feels warm. Let It rain. Let it pour. Unlike … More

That Glycerine Bottle

My mom’s sister, my aunt, she had quite some penchant. She made some amazing cakes. Fondant, lamasa and really fancy … More

The dead dog

When you finally hit rock bottom, after some time it begins to feel like Egyptian cotton. There’s not much lower … More

Ava and Rhys

Dear Ava and Rhys, Help us, please. To walk in His light, and choose what is right. Keep us out … More

Ridiculed, Condemned, Stripped, Thrashed and Convicted!

Early in the morning, eager this issue to be solving. Wrapped in shackles and chains, only the beginning of His … More

An agonizing tale of betrayal

What will you give me if I hand him over? and Judas agreed for a meagre thirty pieces of silver. … More

In His Name

In His name, when I proclaim, a new creation I became. In His name, when I proclaim, I no longer … More

Review of Health & Glow Refreshing Mango Body Butter

Pricing: I think it was about INR249 for a 200gm jar. So the pricing is very good for a body … More

Papa’s Breakfast

We are in the month of August. Fondly remembering someone’s birthday, to be honest. My maternal grandfather, Zephrine, who was … More

Your PRAYER has healed you!🙃

Congratulations, your prayer has healed you. Your prayer alone has given you deliverance and breakthrough. Right from the time of … More

That Alabaster Jar

When Jesus finished talking about the end times, the rapture, tribulation, judgement day and all the signs, He reminded them … More

The Final Judgement

Soon I must leave and go. But the seed of the Word in you, I did sow. Just like the … More

Biotique Bio Peach Clarifying and Refining Peel-Off Mask Review

Pricing: It is very fairly priced at INR 199 for 50gms. Packaging: It comes in a plastic screwtop jar that … More

The Rapture, the Great Tribulation and The End of the Age

As He was leaving the temple, the disciples tried to draw His attention. The gold, the white marble and it’s … More

Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer in Berry Blossom (Limited Edition) Review

Pricing: All versions of Nivea Soft including the limited edition items – Berry Blossom, Tropical Fruit, and Chilled Mint are sold at the … More

Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Cucumber Peel-Off Mask Review

Pricing: It is very affordable priced at INR 75 for 50gms and INR 135 for a 100gm tube. Packaging: The … More


The teachers and the Pharisees are the authorised interpreters. Of the law of Moses, they have become misinterpreters. Because although … More

I Have Arrived

When I was little I wanted to live in a mansion. I thought I’d be overjoyed if I earned few … More

Loreal Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-aging Transforming Eye Cream Review

Pricing: INR 1035 for a 15ml tube. The price is a bit steep considering the quantity. Packaging: It is packed … More

Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub Review

Packaging: The lesser quantity packs are sold in tubes while the bigger ones are sold in plastic jars that have … More

To, The thief

I am not a beggar. You can say whatever. This is my territory. Your presence here was transitory. No, I … More

Shh….they can’t hear your thoughts!

They can’t hear your thoughts. They just infer and take calculated shots. They can’t read minds. Hidden details, they can’t … More