My heart will go on

A grand ship sailed upon the sea,
A wonder built for luxury,
A maiden voyage full of glee,
Onward to a new destiny,
But fate had other plans, you see.

Jack Dawson, a man so free,
A heart of gold, and eyes that see,
An English Rose full of royalty,
A love so pure, forbidden be,
Their paths intertwined, destiny.

As the ship sailed on, a chill,
Icebergs ahead, a deadly thrill,
Captain's orders, full steam still,
The ship struck, a deadly shrill,
The Titanic, doomed to fulfill.

Panic and chaos filled the air,
People scrambling, in despair,
Lifeboats scarce, a sad affair,
Jack and Rose, found love so rare,
Amidst the chaos, they dared to care.

The sinking ship, a tragic sight,
People screaming, in the night,
Jack and Rose, held on so tight,
Their love, a beacon, shining bright,
A memory that would outlast the night.

As the ship went down, so fast,
Their love, a bond that would last,
Rose on a door, Jack in the past,
A love so true, forever cast,
Jack's sacrifice, a love unsurpassed.

The rescue ships, a welcome sight,
Rose, saved from the depths that night,
The love she found, a guiding light,
A memory, that would ignite,
The heart of Rose, for all her life.

Years passed, and memories fade,
But the love, for Jack, never swayed,
A life fulfilled, a debt repaid,
Their love, a story, forever engraved,
A tragedy that none could evade.

Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written about topics I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives, etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography, etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a disrespectful manner. Please extend me the grace of excusing typos if you notice any. I seldom ever edit due to time constraints. My written material may have references to various substances, none of which I promote, and my writings contain material that may be unsuitable for children.


  1. SMiLeS Ever More Moral oF A Story
    TRuE LoVE ‘HeART Of Ocean’ Worth

    Dear Rue

    More Than
    Any Blue
    Worth A Quarter

    Of A Billion Dollars
    At Yester Years Values

    Yes The SPiRiT HeART

    SoUL Colors More When

    HeART Of Ocean Comes Complete

    Giving Sharing Caring Healing For Real..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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