5 Ways HR Services Outsourcing helps Small Businesses Save Money


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Here’s a peek…

The featured image may not match the article. But, that’s just me being randomly playful with my mood board! 😉


  1. Ah Yes Indeed Dear
    Rue Freedom of
    Expression in
    Fashion And
    Style of Dress
    or Not Trumps
    Outsourcing HeART SPiRiT
    SoUL to the ‘Machines of Life’

    Hehe i Remember When ‘They’ Outsourced
    Our Admin Department to Computers

    So Much oF iT At Least STiLL Left
    For Us to Do On A Keyboard

    New Away From the
    Human Touch

    of Humanity
    Warm And True

    Yet Of Course Working
    At Home With A Lap-Top
    Far Away FroM A Place
    of Work And Infectious
    Pandemic Disease All
    The ‘RAge For ‘The Machine’ Too…

    August 28th, 1984, 38 Years Ago i Started
    A Government Career Disabled From
    It For Long Yet Still Attached to It For
    Credit For Retirement Through 6.6.2022 at 62

    Still Waiting 3 Months for the 100 Percent Retirement
    Opposed to 40 Percent The Federal Government is
    in Arrears of Paying Up So Far hehe Yet of Course

    ‘Their Excuse’ Overworked Just Like me Before
    my Ship Sunk at Work Soon To Come in Again in Terms

    Of Cash
    For Real

    True Though So Many
    Folks No Longer Find
    Meaning and Purpose
    In Their Jobs That Feels
    Human to Them as i Can’t
    Even Get A Human to Tell
    me How Long i Will Have to
    Wait for the Government to Pay-Up
    Doubt ‘They’ Will Be So Forgiving if
    i Am Late to Pay My Federal Income
    Tax Which i Never Owe Anyway Hehe

    In Other World News Katrina Has Just About
    Given Up on the Idea of A New Blue Subaru
    SUV Even though it Changed to A Honda
    CRV As True They Still Are Rare to None
    to Find on A Lot And the New 2023 Model

    Is Still No Where to Be Found Although
    Promised This Summer too So Much
    Stuff is Late These Days Including me

    Missing the Homily at Catholic Church
    Today Yet Making it for that Tasty Wafer of Bread WiTH SMiLes
    And At Least A Few Choir Songs to Sing With Crowds of Angels Above

    in me
    It’s True
    i Don’t
    mY Singing
    Angels Within Hehe…

    Oh By The Way Amazing
    New Styles And Fashions You
    Continue to Art of You WiTH SMiLes…

    And if i Had to Work And Still Had to Hire
    And Fire People (i Never FiRED Anyone)
    i Surely Believe You Will Do A Great Job

    Hehe and

    INDeeD You Do..:)


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