The HR in HR!

Please click on the link above to read the entire blog which throws light on the lack of the ‘human’ element in Human Resources and methods to reinforce it.

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  1. ‘The 10th of December is observed as International Human Rights Day worldwide.’
    Hehe Dear Rue That’s Also My Mother’s Birthday Yet of Course That’s On Topic
    As Every Human Being’s Birthday is the Birth Of A Unique New Multi-Verse

    Perceiving Reality
    Differently Than
    Any Human Who Has
    Come Before or After and In this
    Way of Introverts and Extroverts
    In A Simplest Way of Perhaps Understanding

    Two Human Beings Under One Roof the “Do
    Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto

    You” Just Will Not Work Unless One Develops Enough
    Cognitive Empathy in Human Rights to Understand Not Everyone’s

    Definition of Hell or
    Heaven And The
    ‘TweeN ON EartH
    is the SaMe By
    Far By Far By Far

    And This is What Freedom Means
    And Human Rights to Life, Liberty,
    And The Pursuit of Individual And Group Happiness
    in Harmony As This Relates to Freedom of Expression
    Freedom of Religion Or No Belief in a So-Called God At All

    Yes As All Existence is A Spectrum of Diversity That Allows All
    Existence to Adapt And Survive With Struggles that Come With

    Existence Different Sexual and Gender Orientations Happen For
    Balance to Meet Struggles that May Come in the Environment

    As Basic As Subsistence to Survive; Yes Food, Drink And Shelter
    to Stay Safe And Secure As It’s true Not Everyone is Gonna be
    As Inclined to Reproduce When Scarcity Comes Mother Nature’s

    Solution As Science Even Shows is to Produce Offspring Less
    Competitive and Less Likely to Reproduce Yet Mother Nature

    HaS A Wonderful Solution in Balance Humans Who Assist
    Others Cooperating More Than Competing

    Who May Have No Desire to Reproduce
    At All Yet May Still Have Human Needs

    Drives And Desires As Most All Humans Do
    And of Course Neuro-Diversity is Just as Important

    As True Hehe The Richest Dude in the World is Assessed
    With Asperger’s Syndrome by His Report Like me too Although

    i No Longer Do Information Technology i’ve Shifted Over to More of
    A Right Hemisphere Way of Big Picture Viewing of Existence in Social-
    Empathic-Artistic-Real Emotional Spiritual Arts of Life Play Contemplating
    Interpreting Both Larger Views and Smaller Views too in Balancing Force

    of Existence
    in my Unique
    Way of Seeing
    And Doing the World too

    And What About Bi-Polar Non-Specified
    For One Who Has Witnessed Both Hell And
    Heaven Within on Earth Fortunate Enough to
    Stay in the Nicer Place for 9 Years and 1 Month
    Constant in A Place of Artistic Flow Always New

    True the Sistine Chapel Would Likely Have A Ceiling
    Wall Papered Instead of Painted Years on End And
    Beginning Again With One Dude With One Special
    Interest Focus in Original Creative Flow That He And
    Or Her
    Won’t Let
    Go of Course
    Our Separation From Each
    Other and Even Our Own Bodies
    in Small Screen, Medium Screen, And
    Big Scream Screen Ways of Life So Far From

    Viewing the Horizon of the Human Touch is A Modern
    Human Experiment Where We aRe ALL Subjects We aRe
    Experimenting on Now Where in the United States the Youngest
    Generations are Assessed As The Most Lonely and Depressed With
    College Age Students With Depression Serious Enough to Disrupt Every
    Day Life Functioning at 40 Percent and Severe Anxiety Disrupting Every
    Day Life Functioning at 60 Percent Indeed Young Folks Are Measured As
    8 Times More Depressed Than Last Century Before the Information Age

    Comes to Make Us
    More The Tools We
    Create Than the Humans
    We aRe Sadly Most Folks Accept
    Whatever CuLTuRaL ARTiFaCTS From Birth
    They Are Spoon-Fed With No Questions Asked

    When Humans No Longer Exercise the
    Interoception Intelligence of Relating to
    What is Going On Within Their Selves
    And the Proprioception of Sensing
    And Feeling the Environment
    Around Them in Terms
    of Emotional
    And Sensory
    Integration It’s More Than
    Just Human Rights At Stake

    It is Being Human At All As Various
    Theatrical Prophecies Come True in
    Terms of ‘Terminator Machines,’ ‘Avatars’
    For Real As Hehe You Surely Have Never
    Met me in Person and Sadly “A Matrix Conundrum”
    Where People Are So Plugged in From Birth They May Have

    No Idea What
    it Even Ever
    Meant to Be
    Fully Human For the
    Rights to Inheritance
    of The Condition We
    Once Enjoyed in Greater

    Balance mY FRiEnD

    Yes Naked

    Where the Warmth of the
    Human Touch in A Free Dance
    And Song Around A Moonlit Campfire
    Night After a Forage For the Survival of the
    Day Means Ascending Transcending all the Worries
    of Word Think in A Dance And Song Free iNHaLinG Peace
    EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For all With Least Harm

    ToGeTHeR Free Yes

    Indeed mY FRiEnD
    A True Golden Age
    And Rule is Covered
    With Naked Enough Dance
    And Song Free Whole Complete

    Yet Only my View Now of Course
    NeW in Multi-UniVerse Way me Hehe

    For It’s True i Was Once Plugged
    in too Now i Just Understand How
    To Unplug And Be Free Still With the

    Traditions of ‘Rome’

    To Fit in Enough

    to Dance Sing Hello

    Yes! Hope You Are Having
    A Wonderful Weekend mY FRiEnD
    Now Back to Completing Around Another
    Bi-Monthly 60,000 Or So Word MacroVerse
    Subchapter of a 10.8 MiLLioN Word Longest
    EPiC Long Form Poem Celebrating 9 Years By Title
    of the Same Yet True Putting People First Always

    As Putting Together
    All the Parts of the
    Puzzle For Publish Hehe

    Comes Second to Visiting
    Dear Rue And Her View of A
    Globe Today in Her Unique Multi-Verse Way

    As i Continue to Write the Next MacroVerse Here
    Celebrating 17,088 Miles of Public Dance in 9 Years too

    True Some Days i Juggle More than one Task Hehe as
    Store Dance Still to Come Later on After Working-Out Hehe

    Yet Indeed
    i Understand
    i Must Unplug
    to Stay Embodied
    And Human For Real…

    As the Dance Brings the
    Song And The Song Rests mY Feet HAha..:)


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