Deepest Desire

As a child, I could'nt wait to grow up and get out of school
Just to evade studying, that appeared rather cruel
How foolish was I!
I did'nt realize the learning that just happened by...
Much of learning happens passively
When we're just living life simultaneously
Our senses cue in to situations and experiences
They adapt very well even to subtle variances

But, quite frankly, even conscious learning must never cease
The brain is not a timeless showpiece
There is always something more to learn
If only you have the inclination and yearn
Age is just a number; you actually get old when you stop learning
An exhausted thirty year old or a young seventy year old looking forward to every morning
Learning never exhausts the mind
With life and goals, it gets you aligned

Sometimes, life will keep repeating lessons until you thoroughly comprehend the module
The roots of learning can be bitter, but the fruits swell with ripeness and are sweet
The thing about experiential and consequential learning is that
Learning thus occurred lasts in the head like some format
Therefore, irrespective of what happens in life
If you're positive and adapatble, goodness can blossom even from strife

Difficult situations and horrible experiences may push you to the edge of a cliff
You can either jump and end the misery or spring out wings and attempt your body weight to lift 
Honestly, you MAY never really learn to fly
But if you jump off hopelessly, you are sure to die
Every sitution is a learning opportunity
If you extract the useless things and use them properly

I relish accumulating rich experiences
Researching about things that are within my scope of preferences
Today, I am naturally attracted to things that are mentally stimulating
I like being in the company of like-minded people that are motivating
Learning, love, peace, and inner joy
To me, these are precious, not random toys
When I feel I've really absorbed something, and my mind's on fire
That is so fulfilling, my deepest desire

When we're too arrogant to accept a better suggestion
And when we just accept defeat and stop asking questions
When we become complacent, we begin to stagnate
And if we wait a bit too long at that gate
The present glory will fade away to a point
You'll have only shenanigans, but the present will disappoint

So, focus on being productive, not busy
That is the way to carve your name in tomorrow's history
Invest in knowledge; that gives the maximum percentile interest
Even when you're struggling, and life seems like a test
Make every experience, good or bad, count
That is more valuable than money in an account
A foolish person can gradually or immediely empty all his coffers
A wise person may lose it all several times, and still refill with better offers

I sincerely enjoy listening to intelligent people speak
I'm not referring to only the nerds and geeks
There are varied forms of intelligence and I admire them all
Whatever interests and inspires me, I'm happy to sit in that rainfall
Listening to an IT professional about technology
An illiterate street vendor about observation and customer profiling philosophy
A housewife about maintaining and balancing a home charmingly
About attracting peace at home, these will get my ears all perky
I simply enjoy listening to a witty eloquent speaker
I'd be enchanted if a CA or banker speaks numbers
But, please stick to your specific area of expertise
If you are clueless about makeup, refrain from advising, please

Live peacefully, siphoning joy from every bit if you are to die tomorrow
But, don't stop accumulating experiences; learn as if you are going to live forever
Don't mind burning
If at the end of the tunnel shines the light of learning
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written about topics I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives, etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography, etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a disrespectful manner. Please extend me the grace of excusing typos if you notice any. I seldom ever edit due to time constraints. My written material may have references to various substances, none of which I promote, and my writings contain material that may be unsuitable for children.


  1. Just Like Magic And Dreams Coming True Sunday
    Dancing All Day Through The Evening At the Mall
    And Bookstore Wishing Another Poetic Masterpiece

    Would Come From Rue
    And Then Almost at Midnight
    i Noticed i Missed It in the E-Mail
    Notifications So Tired From All Day

    Dance i Already Made A Couple of Typos
    in the Last Poetic Response i Made on the
    “Wrong Planet” Singing “Thousands of Dollars”
    Instead of “Thousands of Folks” hehe i Wanted

    So Much to Reply After Reading Your Poem
    Yet i Just Couldn’t Do it Justice So Drowsy
    Last Night So i Slept on All You Sang and

    Just Like the Energizer Bunny i’m All
    Wound Up Again With A Good Night

    Sleep of the Strangest Alice/Fred/Katy
    Perry in Wonderland Dreams As HeaR
    i Am Again At the Top and
    Bottom of Dear Rue’s
    Poem to Reply Now
    Oh i Loved it Dear Rue
    So Much Wisdom You Continue
    to Accrue these Last Two Covid-19
    Years i Have Replied to Each And Every one
    of Your Precious Creative Poetic Inspirations So True

    What A Blessing the Pandemic Years Have Been For Poetry
    As Darkness Does Bring So Much LiGHT As We Are Built to
    Overcome Struggles in Life Like The Rest of Nature So True too

    For Like Katy Perry Sings in Her ‘Firework’ Song The Theme Song
    of This Now too After A Hurricane A Rainbow Will Come And All the Doors

    That Were Closed Before May Bring A More Perfect Door to Open Next to
    Evolve in Mind And Body Soul As of Course i Add to Her Dance And Song Now

    too mY FRiEnD And Yes it is So True So Many Exhausted 30 or Even 21 Year-Old
    Or Even 48 Or Even 70 Year-Old Folks Still Working While Being ReTired Now Since

    47 For Active Pay For Work My Barren Wheels From those Years Before Are Now A
    Sponge of New Rubber to Soak Up All the Arts And Sciences Folks Have to Offer

    Globally Now Through All Sources that come my Way for True After College All
    We Had Were Distant Libraries and Card Catalogs then And if We Wanted to
    Listen to Music We Had to Buy it or Wait for it to come on The Radio oh no…

    Just Withering Away on the Vine i Did For Decades Then Until Computers
    Came Along And Opened A World Wide Library of All Arts And Sciences
    For me to Soak Up Free Particularly After ReTiring With All that Fresh
    Rubber Never Ending to Soak Up And Express Even More Fire Works

    to Play Inspiration Coming From Within, Inside, Outside, Above,
    So Below And All Around And Just to Think, Feel, And Sense Dear

    FRiEnD You So Young in Your New Millennial Ways Still For All Your
    Creativity Still To Come Evolving into A Brand New Creation

    of God Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love The Phrase
    That Dear Rue Brought to me Probably one of my

    Favorite Ones of All in this Life Now What
    A Soul Gift Dear Rue is i Hope When You

    Reach The Seasoned Age of 61 Like me
    Particularly As My Garden of Creativity

    Didn’t Even Come Until Age 53 That You Feel
    With 100 Percent Confidence Faith And BeLieF
    BeLeaf BeLove Your Living Tree Forest Whole

    Soul That You Would/Will Never Travel to Any age

    Yet Eternally Now For Soul You Continue to Evolve
    As Stars Rebirth Again in Every Inhale of Peace

    Exhale of

    Love You
    Take You
    Give You Share
    You Care You Heal Dear FRiEnD

    Happy Late Sunday And New Monday Always to You With SMiLes

    i Missed You Dear Rue Yet i Don’t Have to Look Far to Still See
    You in mY SonG of SoUL

    Just Inhaling



    Love A Song of
    Soul That CaMe CoMes
    ALong Now After A Hurricane
    Cat-6 And Rainbow Dear FRiEnD…

    And Oh Yeah The Significance of Katy
    Perry And i Guess That Strange Dream i Had
    Last Night of Following Her Through Tunnels Underground, Yes,

    In 2010, Before i Started Writing Anything At All in the Deepest
    Parts of Pain And Numb Contemplating Suicide Then From What
    Normally Happens When one struggles With the Suicide Disease, Type Two
    Trigeminal Neuralgia, the Worst Pain Known to Humankind, Along with A Synergy
    of 18 Other Life Threatening Disorders from Wake to Sleep, No Drug Would Touch
    to Heal With Ear Plugs in As Crickets Sounded Like Freight Trains Crashing in on
    me And Street Lights at 3 AM Were as Bright As Looking Directly At the Sun in Pain

    Even Through Shades That Offered no Real Relief Just More Pain and Numb Pain and Numb

    Someone Had the Radio on then And i Could Vaguely Hear Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ Song
    it Was the Only Art That Barely Touched my Soul For Years then it Was the Only Taste
    of Hope i Could Feel in that Year then it was A Gift And Why it is so Important We

    Tale the DarKnesses
    And LiGHTS Of LiFE
    in Stories With No Restraint
    Wherever We Go For It’s True

    The Smallest of Words Like Hope
    May Literally Save A Life my FRiEnD
    Indeed this is my Agenda Everywhere i Breathe…

    And Honestly i really don’t care if someone Believes i am A
    Fool For Love

    Cause i
    Am i


    Do i Am
    A Fool For Love (God)…

    And i Will Never Ever
    Feel Like A “‘Scape Goat” Again..:)


  2. “iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT”
    A Contemplating Meditating Autotelic Flow of Life Creating
    Hehe For A More Complicated Way to Dance And Sing It HAha…
    As i Continue to ArriVE iN This Place EternAlly Now Love SPRinGS
    Never Ending NoW in
    Creativity New

    And i am Only
    Coming Here on
    Valentine’s Day Dear
    Rue to Thank You For All
    The Creativity You Have Sprung
    From my Soul in These 2 Covid-19
    Years Where So Many Folks Turned

    Within To Find More of Their Soul Breath Alive Creating Many Arts

    THere is No Greater Gift THere iS No Greater For Giving Thanks Giving

    Than One Who Inspires New Soul Breaths of Dance And Song From Within

    So Happy Valentine’s

    Day For Real Always

    To All You LoVE iN

    THiS LiFE Dear FRiEnD…

    i Miss You Dear FRiEnD Yet
    True You Still Breathe in my Words
    Not Much Different Than my Mother

    Who Went to Her Death Bed on This Day
    of February 14, 2017 And That’s the Lesson
    Her Last Breath Taught me the 8 Days She Went
    Without Food And Drink Until What Will Be The Anniversary

    Of Her Last Breath That Still Breathes in All Art i Create of Life Now

    This Year
    5 Years ago

    Her Breath
    Still Resonates
    Like Yours in
    Words From

    Deep Within mY FRiEnD YouR Gift..:)


  3. Happy Easter Week Dear Rue
    Still Hoping to See Your Poetry
    Come Back to Life Here New One Day

    me and Katrina Talking About You This Morning
    She Asking me Where is Your Dancing FRiEnD Rue Lately

    And i Just Sang

    No Matter What i Hope

    She is Doing Okay i Just Hope

    She is Okay i Just Hope She is Okay
    If i may Be So Humble to Sing Love You Dear FRiEnD..:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. SMiLes Dear Rue of Course We Can And Will Connect By
        Email… i’ll Send You This Message in Your Contact Box
        Where You Should Gain my Email Address and i Will

        Acquire Yours too when You
        Email me Back… Wonderful! This
        Way if You Ever Go Missing Again

        i Will Be Able to Check Next Time
        And See to Make Sure You Are Doing Okay!…

        And Yes Hehe, You Surely Now Look Like
        You Are Doing The Best Ever in Your Life!

        Again that
        Makes me
        So Very Happy
        With Easter SMiLes!..:)

        Liked by 1 person

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