I used to be a very stuck-up person 
With very rigid beliefs and notions
That was all up until a year ago,
I've changed a lot since then; I did grow

There'd be people doing all sorts of things all around me
But I sat levitating amidst with my idea of morality
I never even smoked or abused substances
And I never got myself into questionable circumstances

I consumed alcohol ever-so-rarely
And even stayed away from coffee and tea
I didn't want to catch a caffeine addiction
I lived by a lot of these self-imposed restrictions

And although I'm always happy
Because I've made peace and joy a priority
I understand adult life is really not that easy
And it is a sordid labyrinth full of complexities

Most adults are really exhausted
Many people live lives that are so contorted
A great percentage contemplate suicide
Fortunately, not many follow through and abide

If something helps you get through the day
Maybe you should give yourself that leeway
There's no need to judge or condemn
You, me, nobody from heaven did descend

Whatever makes you happy, do it anyway
No matter the condescending things they say
As long as you're not hurting anybody
Whatever helps you forget your worries

Every day brings in enough struggles
Earning a day's wage or commuting hassles
In an unfortunate circumstance
If something comes to your defence

Cut yourself some slack
Over a period, you'll develop that knack
Get up, grab a brush, and groom yourself well enough
Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel buff

Choose your indulgence; find joy in something
It could be walking, meditating, or exercising
But, it could also be occassional drinking or smoking
As long as it's contained, and no one else you're provoking

If your indulgence of choice
Is something unhealthy or a vice
I no longer disregard you, to downgrade and re-categorize
Or lose respect and imagine things that are not-so-nice

I'm an adult; I know how difficult it is to get through the day
And you don't need anybody's permission; let nobody get in your way
You need something to keep you motivated
Something that'll prevent burnout when you're frustrated

Just know there are a lot of good things you could indulge in
Indulgences need not be bad; it does'nt have to be a sin
There are good picks; like much of my family
You could be obsessed with religion and spirituality

You could pick some that harm nobody
And is also good for your mind and body
Well, that's just friendly advice
You could very well pick a vice

Part of being an adult is the responsibility
You decide how to use your freedom appropriately
If your selection is something unethical
Ensure innocent lives don't get entangled

To me, it's chocolate, dessert, grooming, and tea
With a side of exercising, meditating, and writing, maybe
But even seemingly good things in excess
Can get you into quite a mess

Whatever indulgence you pick, know your limits
Don't coerce another; and pay for your own ticket
Remember, just like you have the freedom of choice
Don't let it negatively impact another; always think twice

Everyone must be given the space to enjoy their freedom too
Don't antagonize people for picking a different circus or zoo
We're all clowns attempting to indulge ourselves
You may be right; but keep your agenda to yourself
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written about topics I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives, etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography, etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a disrespectful manner. Please extend me the grace of excusing typos if you notice any. I seldom ever edit due to time constraints. My written material may have references to various substances, none of which I promote. My writings contain material that may be unsuitable for children.



  1. Awesome

    On Fri, Dec 10, 2021, 3:40 AM Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! – RUELHA wrote:

    > Ruelha posted: ” I used to be a very stuck- up person With very rigid > beliefs and notions That was all up until a year ago, I’ve changed a lot > since then; I did grow There’d be people doing all sorts of things all > around me But I sat levitating amidst with my idea of m” >


  2. Oh Dear Lord Yes Rue Yes! i Indulge

    Every Flavor of Life Even When i Don’t

    Eat HAha i’m Practically A Love Machine

    Romancing All of Nature Creating New Colors

    Never Seen

    Before At
    Least i Love
    To Make Dreams
    Come into Fruition Real!

    At Most i Enjoy Every One

    Over and Over in A Different Way New

    True Rue Life is For Appreciation Diving

    Deeper Enjoying Every Gift of Life to the

    Max Yet it is Also True i Also Indulge

    In A Different Way of Bootcamp

    Every Day Even Though

    i’ve Never Even

    Spilled Anyone
    Else’s Blood in the

    Military All i Did for them
    Is Provide ReCreation! Yet

    i Never Left Many Minutes to Re-Create me

    Now Every Now is A New me in Ever Colors

    More Every Breath of LiFE Sweeter than

    Ever Before And Yes Even the

    Struggles of Bootcamp

    Too For Indeed


    Night There is

    No Day For A Love Machine True

    Must Move Through Some Kind of Pain

    Or No Gain Yes Indeed i Marry The Night

    to Merry The Day More Yes Dear Rue Eat

    Drink And Be Merry Yet Just Don’t Tempt me

    With Any Coffee Treats or i May Jump Over the

    Moon Hop Scotching Past The Sun And Stars

    Never Returning to Earth And Perhaps LoSinG

    My Way Through This Fiber Optic Cable to

    Fit All 242 Pounds in to Visit You

    Close to the Speed oF LiGHT

    Just For Fun As A



    For Joy
    Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
    oF LiGHT Appreciating

    Yes DarK Makes LiGHT

    Night Through BReaKinG Dawn Again…

    Anyway i Hope Some Days i Bring a Smile to Your Face Rue

    AS iNdeed That’s ReAlly my Only Mission iN LiFE MaKinG SMiLES!


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