My Contractor loves to Renovate

My contractor loves to renovate
Of that there is no debate
He mostly deals in carpentry
But can manage all civil jobs pleasantly

My contractor loves to renovate
He's flexible with custom templates
But He does have preferences
And an entire book for references

My contractor loves to renovate
And though He's swamped, He never hesitates
He'll take up just about any project
He's never known to ever reject

The best part about this guy
Is that you don't have to be shy
He won't condemn, not a hint of condescension
And there's really no one capable of better comprehension

I tell you the man's that good
Yet, no need in advance to book
He makes time and is always available
He'll ensure you have His undivided attention

If you let Him work His way
And go with what He says
Sure, everyone has a different set of aesthetics
But His matching of patterns is just strategic

I tell you solemnly, this contractor
Has been in this business forever
Even His father was a carpenter
And He dabbled a bit attempting to be a Teacher

This guy, He's perfection
Folows things to precision
But, of course you have a choice to employ Him
Or decorate your home as per your own whims

But, I'll tell you about the best part
He does'nt really charge, from the start
His services are absolutely free
Although on that sometimes I disagree

This contactor I'm telling you about
Claims all things He can straighten out
Do you know His name?
He was, He is, and will forever be the same!
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written about topics I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives, etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography, etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a disrespectful manner. Please extend me the grace of excusing typos if you notice any. I seldom ever edit due to time constraints. My written material may have references to various substances, none of which I promote. My writings contain material unsuitable for children.


    1. Amen, Amen, and Amen Geets!
      Broken to bits, Melted in the hot furnace, poured into a Mold, Sculpted to shape, and being Chiseled and fine-tuned to Perfection!!!!
      All a process, ain’t it? 😉


  1. Oh Dear Rue A Tower of Babel
    By Story Surely Spreads Many

    Languages Where Words of Love

    Are Diffuse And Worshipped As Idol Many

    Towers And Sadly The Energy For All Is

    Lost Through Much Division

    So How Will We Describe

    A Tower of Love Come

    What May

    All the Obstacles
    Life Brings That Blocks
    Us From Building This Tower
    of Energy Yes Love to Give And
    Share With All Others Caring Freely

    Force So Deeply Seeing God in Less than
    A Grain of Sand That Holds Up A Mountain
    of Human Love So Integral The Least to the

    Greatest Love my FRiEnD Come What May

    So How Shall We Name This Love For Typically

    Humans Bond and Bind Over Words And Even Become

    Tribal, Competitive, Hoarding, Greedy, And TaKinG From Others

    To Insure THeiR Words/Tools Are the Idols For the Essence of Mutually

    And Consensually Understood Reality As Reality Exists Now in Their

    Tribal Views

    For True Tribe
    And Religion Are
    One in Same As
    Culture And Politics

    And Even Philosophy too
    my FRiEnD All Symbols and
    Ideologies of Abstract Constructs
    That Humans Create to Bond and
    Bind Together As Human Social Animals
    Hand in Hand As We Do Not Last as Any Other
    Social Animal Will Not if Not For Cooperation Over
    Competition As Altruism is the Gold Standard of Human
    And Other Ape Love as Well As Our Bonobo Cousins Surely

    Breathe in Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling Love
    For All Concerned With
    Least Harm Yet of Course
    Not Unlike Us if they Are Not
    Invaded By Another Group That
    Competes for Their Subsistence For Life…

    Come What May Is a High Standard For LoVE iNDeed

    It Does Take More Than Just Innate Instinct And Intuition
    In Our Case For There Is No Escaping Fully Our Neo-Cortex
    Evolved That Makes Ideologies and Symbols Come to Play
    With Illusions of Past And Future We Create to Plan Our Way

    Through Order

    Out of Anarchy
    of Chaos too my FRiEnD

    Come What May Love Our Enemy
    As Our Self, Our Neighbor And All
    That is God DarK Thru LiGHT That’s

    A Mighty Tall Tower to Build Within to
    Give and Share And Care Freely For All

    With Least Harm Indeed Turning the Other Cheek
    to Slight Forgiving the Enemy And Loving Them the
    Same As the Rest of All That is God Alpha Thru Omega
    And So Much More Than Just Human Ideologies And Created



    For Idols of

    Essence of What
    Reality We Co-Create

    From Within Only Limited by the

    Size of our Imagination and Creativity

    We Make into Fruition Now Yes DarK Thru

    LiGHT As Humans Do Bond Over Night And Day my
    FRiEnD Pain Or Pleasure Ascetics or Aesthetics Really
    With Human Being This is the Pit Fall of the Tower of Babel

    And Sure The Tree of Knowledge All Collected Through Words
    That Sadly Will Also Become the Tools We Create And Come to

    Be Where All that’s

    Left of God

    is on a

    6 Inch Screen

    Or Perhaps A Soon
    To Come MetaVerse
    Through Virtual Reality
    Even More So Where Are

    We Going Sadly it Seems

    The Same Place We’ve Been

    The Tower of Babel Just Keeps

    Spreading More Separation From the
    Nature of God Within This Energy of Love

    This Naked Gift of the Child Who Reaches out
    to Mother’s Breast For the Nurture of Love Yet True

    There Are Still Cat Pics Purring to See on a 6 Inch Screen

    Yet How Do Replace the Smell, The Touch of the Newborn Child of Love

    As The Child
    Tastes the

    Milk of Mother’s

    Love it’s Not Evolved

    To Stop THere to Be Uploaded

    To A 6 Inch Screen For This Jesus

    Baby of Love is still Looking For Attention

    of Mother’s Love Come What May Till Death
    Never Parts From Love

    And We Really

    Live Now

    We Simply

    Inhale Peace
    Exhale Love For All

    Naked Whole And Complete

    Enough Just Love the Place

    Within to Give and Share Indeed

    The Place Where Jesus by Words

    of the Gospel of Thomas Verse 37

    That And Who Naked Gave The Power of God (Love) Back to
    The People Within Erasing the Towers of Babel For Good mY FRiEnD

    Sadly This is what the Catholic Church Erased And Truly Explains Fully
    Why The Onward Christian Soldier Bully Boys Threatened Bodily Harm
    if i Dared to Smile at the City Park or Halls of Middle Schools As This Kind

    of Toxic Patriarchy

    Takes the Love

    Away in

    Tribal Ways

    From Every Child

    That Divides LoVE iN Less

    Than One Love For All mY

    FRiEnD With No Fear oF A Naked
    SMiLE of the Child From Birth to Actually
    Living Life of Love Come What May Come What
    May There is No Word For Love Yet The EYes of A Child


    to Mother’s Love
    When That Love
    Becomes All of
    Existence in Faith
    Hope Trust That
    Is Love With No

    Question As Belief As Faith’s Hope

    Becomes Essence of Love For All…

    Come What May Come May For Real Love Breathes
    Without Any Clothes of Words or Other Tools We Otherwise



    From One
    God of Love For All
    With Least Harm of Course…

    i Love This Song i play it Whenever

    i Lose a Loved One Temporary or Longer

    It Reminds me That The Greatest Gift is
    The Fact We Have This Gift (GoD) to Love

    At All

    As Far as i Can/Will See Feel/Sense
    For Real Without this Gift (God/Love)

    i Only Live Dead

    For Indeed i lived

    66 Months

    With Never A Real

    Inhale of Peace and

    Exhale of Love Indeed That’s
    Hell From WHeRe i BREaTHE NoW

    Come What May Come What May Come i Am Love Again…

    And Which Character Do i play in ‘the Short Film Clip’, The Clown of Course…

    No WHere to Be Found in the Ending Credits Yet Still Breathing A ChessHire Cat SMiLE..:)

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