Forgiveness, Love, and everything in between

Without forgiveness, there cannot be love
Both of these emotions are sent from above
God is love; and we were created out of a surplus of that same love
We love because He first loved us; it's a blessing from above

But, unfortunately humanity hasn't fathomed its purity
And made it all about fleeting feelings of lust and vulgarity
Understanding, sacrifice, patience and forgiveness are the tenets of this emotion
All around teenagers and innocent souls are seeking this magic potion

The reason why most people feel so incomplete
Instead, they try to complete themselves with things that seem sweet
But the reason why they even feel the need to love and feel loved
Is because they were created from love, by love and to love

After scouting the depths of the oceans
They still confuse this delicate emotion 
It's about self-sacrificing and putting another before you
It's about serving, not service. But comprehend this, only a few

Love is not possessive; it is not tight-fisted
And it definitely is'nt all those things twisted
Love rationalizes for the sake of the other
But, under the guise of this emotion, wolves devour

Everyone has a unique temperament, that's true
Accepting people without attempting to change them, in that view
Displaying and operating in patience
Accomodating their views and ways without getting complacent

It's not difficult to fall in what-may-seem-like love
But after the initial attraction wears off and you remove those gloves
To endure in silent admiration
Without an iota of expectation

Endurance and sustenance beyond decades
Without fallacy and irreverent charades
Don't attempt to or expect people to change
Love them with their flaws, all the same

But sometimes, it's better to take a step back
Love from afar, develop that knack
The one who cannot forgive does not truly feel it
Because from love, forgiveness cannot be split

Jesus taught us about unlimited forgiveness
Not to condemn and weigh-in those considerations
True love is unconditional
It isn't convenience-based or situational!
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written about topics I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives, etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography, etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer every time I write a romantic/melancholic/intense piece! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a disrespectful manner. That is just my humble request. Please extend me the grace of excusing typos if you notice any. I seldom ever edit due to time constraints. My writings may contain material unsuitable for children


  1. What a powerful realization. I have been thinking much in forgiveness lately and I believe that when one wants forgiveness he or she must ask the offended or violated one to accept his/her ask for forgiveness. Then comes a healing for love.

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    1. I agree with you there AOC. But, in my opinion… many times, either there’s no/lost appropriate opportunity, and many times we may just have to forgive people who never apologized and are not even sorry or probably haven’t even realized how badly they offended/hurt us. We must attempt to forgive anyway. 🙂

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  2. Rue a new beauty post with message and you could be a messenger in order to remembering facts and human beings are soecial criatures, a thing is sure you’re a pristine and lovely woman an indian orchid. 🌹🌹😘😘🤫👍

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  3. SMiLes Dear Rue Have You Ever Looked

    Directly in the Eye of Someone Who Has

    Gone to Hell And Returned to Heaven

    Indeed the Looks is Quite

    Pensive Even

    Piercing Some

    Will Dance And Sing too

    Although my Eyes of Green to
    Blue Are Part of What Katrina said
    Drew Her to me Shining in Happiness
    And Of Course Attraction then to her…

    And She Even Jokes With me i Wore the
    Shades to the Dance Hall as a Method of
    Birth Control Haha Yet Really Have You Ever

    Looked in the Eyes of Someone Who Has Been

    to Hell and Returned to Heaven There is A Great Forgiveness

    In Those Who Have Seen Stone Cold Hell For That is Where The

    Greatest Forgiveness Comes From Not Only Forgiving the Devil Yet

    Living the Darkness Within And coming to Forgive the Nature of God that

    Sent You There For No Other Reason Than Loving And Trying too Hard to Please

    Everyone Just to Survive And Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy and Fed my FRiEnD…

    Isaiah 53 are my Favorite Verses Written

    in the Bible Yet They were not only

    Written for me They are
    Written for the Little 9-Year
    Old Girl That A Muslim Version
    of Loving God Supports The Sell

    of Her Soul to a 70 Year-Old Man

    Just So Her Family Does Not Starve to Death

    Indeed i Watched that Happen on TV in ‘Real Time’

    Yesterday No Laws to Protect that Little Girl From the
    Devil on Earth No Laws to Protect Her From the Religion
    in Her Homeland Taking Her Straight to Hell then Shall we

    Condemn The Quran for All of this Partly We Can and Will for
    it is Not Clear Enough For Others to Twist it for the Devil’s Benefit
    on Earth this way so How About the Power of the Catholic Church
    Historically Who Decided By Power of Authority What Verses Got to Stay
    or Go in the Bible As it Stands Today With A Voice of that Same Authority Now…

    Same Power and Authority Protecting the Same Devil’s On Earth Molesting Little
    9 Year-Old Boys Taking Their Soul Away The Same as that 70 Year-Old Greedy
    In Lust Man From Afghanistan How About the Adulterer in Church How would

    Jesus Forgiving the Thief
    Beside Him Promising
    Him Paradise Now

    See the Church
    Goer Who Refuses
    to Sit By or Eat With
    The Adulterer or Other

    Sinner in Church as Paul
    Professes or What About Matthew
    the Beatitudes Are Surely Angelic

    Yet What Kind of God As Man

    Changes Those Who Are Not Nice
    Enough to Feed The Poor Yes Changing

    Those Ignorant of Love From Sheep to
    Goats And Burns them forever With No
    More Mercy or Forgiveness to Give to
    The Creation of God THAT is Not the Jesus i See

    in me my FRiEnD Yet it is true if that is the Jesus Others

    See in them i can only Forgive them for They Have not Seen the

    Hell i Have Been And Done True They Know not What i Have Seen

    And Been in this Life i surely cannot Hold them responsible for Not


    The Sacrament

    of Hell Directly From

    God to Forgive Not Just One

    Part of God Yet All God in Me

    DarK Thru LiGHT And Even More

    In Others Who Have Experienced Hell
    And Heaven in Ways i never Have too mY FRiEnD…

    Forgiveness Comes with Love Yet the Fact is Love that
    is Not Unconditional is often Selective and Selfish Jesus

    Went to Hell

    And Came

    Back a New Man

    Reborn too Not All Escape this

    Way Yet Some Do Return This Way my FRiEnD..

    What i Love About You Most as a FRiEnD is You Show
    No Anger when We Disagree You Show No Threats of Sending
    me Away Forever You Simply Tolerate our Differences and we Move

    On to Share Our Experiences of Life Both DarK Thru LiGHT for it’s

    True i’ve had so-called 30 year Christian FRiEnDS Delete me and Block
    Me From Facebook for Suggesting its wasn’t a Good Idea for Trump to Tout
    The Potential Effectiveness of Bleach to Treat Covid-19 and even more Sadly

    30 Year FRiEnDS to Do the same when i Only Suggested they Forgive Their
    FRiEnD for Not Telling them Thank You For A Birthday Wish on Facebook

    For i truly Believe

    in that Part of

    the Version that

    Fortunately the Catholic
    Church Historically Left in the
    Bible Still and True There are Good
    Things Left in the Quran and All Other
    Religions too Yet we Must Understand

    That Books Don’t Get Edited From Hands Above

    Yes Human as All Humans Are Fallible and Subject

    to Mistakes Particularly Selfish ones When Power is Part

    of the Human Play… And You Know my FRiEnD What’s Most

    Sad of All is We Expect Some Days for Our FRiEnDS to Support all
    We Do in Life (Not you Perhaps Yet many Folks Do) We Don’t Expect

    That From Strangers or Even Enemies So This Makes it Ironically easier

    to Forgive them as the Mistakes they Do Or Disagreements May Not Hurt Us

    Nearly as Much

    Some Days the Real

    Gift From Above is Forgiving

    A FRiEnD And Moreover A Lover too…

    One of the Best Feelings of the Distance From Hell
    Now to Heaven is When one of my Dearest FRiEnDS

    Sent me So Close to Hell As That is simply The Place
    of Soul They were Evolved to Be Then and Yes as Loving
    And Forgiving And Full Of Mercy i am it felt like someone

    Twisting a
    Knife in

    my Gut

    Yet The Trip
    To Heaven Was Truly

    Stellar When the Words
    Melted Out of my Mouth

    All that i Have Left to do now is Forgive You mY FRiEnD
    Forgiveness is What Builds Mountains of Love my FRiEnD

    Forgiveness is What Makes Humans Mountains of Love my FRiEnD

    May We ALWaYS Enjoy the View from the Valley to the Mountain Top Same..

    As Both Goats and Sheep Will Lay Down in Pastures of Peace Inhaling this

    Way Exhaling

    Love with

    No Fear

    Ever of Eternal

    Condemnation for

    Enduring this Human
    Condition DarK Thru
    LiGHT All Naturally Gifted
    This Way By A God Worth
    Forgiving For this Gift of Breath Now…

    Where Truly We Become Love and
    Not Just a Four Or Three Letter Word of Lesser…

    Unconditional Love is a Life Long Practice of Understanding
    ALL THE DIFFERENCES OF OTHERS Both Within And Cultural too
    As those Two Are So Very Hard to separate my FRiEnD Honestly

    We Practically

    Have to Go

    To Hell

    to Separate

    Ourselves from Culture

    And When We Do We May

    Return to Truly See One Body of Love For All
    This Body of God That Includes the All in all For Real mY FRiEnD..

    Okay, Got A Skyscraper to Build of a Poem Yet the Look From the
    Top of Rue’s Poetry Always Comes First Before Building Skyscrapers to me…

    i Don’t Give

    i Don’t Sincerely Mean
    Ever Either my FRiEnD…

    Generous they are for
    i Count BLeSSinGS As They Come And Go…

    And it’s true i Don’t Discriminate Tween DarK And LiGHT Muse…

    LeSSoN From Hell My FRiEnD God’s Greatest Bitter Sweet Sacrament to me…

    ‘Custard Apple’

    Is Just



    To See
    ‘The Whole
    Face of God’ Within…

    i haven’t picked Theme Songs
    For the Last Two Poetic Responses
    Here Yet i’m Sure They’ll Come Before A ‘Soulscraper Poem’ is Built..:)

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    1. I have evolved so much.
      From being staunch Catholic
      To Charismatic Christian
      To following Humanity
      To following Love
      Today, I genuinely love and respect all religions and creatures
      We’re all just trying to cope and get through the day
      Everyone’s experiences and circumstances are different
      I attempt not to condemn or judge, no condescension, no discrimination!
      This blog makes me pensive. I write as I think/feel
      And in the process, I discover new beliefs that remold me.

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      1. SMiles Dear Rue What
        You Describe is a ⭐️

        Typical Almost



        Of Faith From
        The Mythical

        To UniVersal

        Love And Respect

        For All With Least

        Harm Contemplating

        Love in All Ways


        At Best As A
        Practice of

        Love That
        Become The
        Essence of UniVersal

        Faith For All Now
        Yes This Inhaling

        Peace Yes This Exhaling

        Love Yes The Same

        Message According

        To The Verses

        In Beatitudes


        To JeSuS So
        Many Others
        Now You too

        As You Make
        Clear Your Beliefs
        That Are No Fictional



        i Already
        Read it
        In Modern

        Rue’s Eyes
        And Remember
        Your Poetry only
        Inspires my Soul

        In Spiriting Ways
        Of HeART That
        Are My Truths in
        Light and No Judgements

        On You Moreover That

        You Make it Clear

        Your Poems May
        Not Reflect Who
        You Are Anyway

        Thanks For
        Putting in
        Words What

        The Windows
        Of Your Soul

        Already Say to me
        With SMiles There

        Are Far And Few People
        Like You Where i Am


        This is
        A Fresh
        Breath of
        Human to me

        Yet i Surely Don’t
        Mind Breathing


        The Others 💨


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