I Don’t Do Love Anymore

This poem is divided into two parts. The first one I dedicate to someone very special. The second is inspired by this song from Four More Shots Please which is like the desi version of Sex and the city. I’ve not yet watched it. But it seems like a fun show. It’s definitely on my list especially since it’s highly recommended by this one {MMB}! It’s about four friends, two of whom are in their 20s and the other two are in their 30s. One’s bisexual, another’s a divorced mum. And I’m unsure about the deal with the other two. If you notice, the setup is pretty much Bombay. For such a layout, it could also be Delhi, Pune or even Bangalore. But, there’s no way this is remotely possible elsewhere in India. I am very intrigued and really want to watch this series.

Like all my music-inspired poems, I suggest playing the song in the background as you read; it elevates the experience!

I Don’t Do Love Anymore – poem by Ruelha

When you've barely shared a few chuckles
Had immense respect for each other, but been subtle
Then one fine day, out of the blue
You decide to take a trip, just the two
Before we hit the road, my first stayover
After a dozen years that seemed like forever
You know your'e in good company
When driving few hours feels like minutes only
You know you've found your twin
When throughout it feels like your own playlist it's been
If 75% of your songs match
This one's quite the catch
And about that remaining twenty five
You keep adding to your list through the drive
Tell me, what are the odds? You'll both like wine
And with the same things to dine
You know this friendship is gonna last forever
Because we're birds of the same feather!

This is the song I borrowed
From Four More Shots Please, an episode
And from my playlist
'Tera Ghaata' was my return gift!
Now this song is stuck in my head
Even replaced my last ringtone instead
And almost each and every song that played in the car
I had already written a poem about, we're that similar
Sure, we do have a few differences
But even our choice of colours and other preferences
They're all a perfect match
This one's quite the catch!
I just know
There's so much more fun in store
This is just the beginning 
Of a beautiful friendship that's blossoming
You know this friendship is gonna last forever
Because we're birds of the same feather!
I know this place so well
Within these fantasy walls I did dwell
I've definitely been here before
I wish I could use more candour
But, now I've got rules
And you may think it's cruel
Even still, I don't do love anymore
I ain't going back to that candy store

You're really hard to ignore
And it's tempting me to encore
But I've stood right here before
And everything withing me, it tore
Now I've made these rules
I know love is just for fools
So I don't do love anymore
And I don't expect a forevermore

I've been right here before
And back then, I firmly swore
Just like a feather, I'll land
Never rooted in the sand
I should have already walked out the door
I've got one foot outside, but one's still here
But, I've still got my rules
You're only meant to be a tool

Love is just for fools
I ain't breaking my rules
Living alone makes me happy
I can do anything and live carefree
So I don't do love anymore
Can't have my heart stomped on the floor
No, I don't do love anymore
I just can't do love anymore

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written about topics I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives, etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography, etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer every time I write a romantic/melancholic/intense piece! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a disrespectful manner. That is just my humble request. Please extend me the grace of excusing typos if you notice any. I seldom ever edit due to time constraints. My writings may contain material unsuitable for children.

Please Please Please listen to this song. It’s amazinggggggggg

Lyrics of I Don’t Do Love Anymore by Medha Sahi and Mickey McCleary

I've been here before
And my heart was left upon the floor
I made my rules
Love is just for fools
I don't do love anymore
You're hard to ignore
I really should be walking out the door
I made my rules
Love is just for fools
I don't do love anymore
I made my rules
Love is just for fools
I don't do love anymore
The winding road
Leads me all alone
This feather's gonna land
Whereever the wind has blown
And I know you are the best that
I have known
But I don't do love anymore
I've been here before
And my heart was left upon the floor
I made my rules
Love is just for fools
I don't do love anymore
I made my rules
Love is just for fools
I don't do love anymore



  1. Wow What A Refreshing Road Trip

    Rue You Look So Peaceful There

    Looking Over Your Indian

    River Bridge True

    With A Very Pensive
    Look Indeed Distant

    Yet Close Within Deep
    to Who You And Just Who You Are…

    Oh Lord The Video Was So Sad it Reminds
    Me of What Some of my FRiEnDS Are going through

    Love is So Very Hard to Find These Days When It’s All

    About Images and Swiping Left and Right Where Life Really
    Does Become a Meet Market At the Meat Market Well Anyway

    The Film You Shared Was a Bit Funny as the Lady Doing Ballet

    Looks Just As Hilarious as i Did When i First Started Dancing in

    Public Arms Flailing All Around With No Reason Hehe Little Rhythm
    And Certainly No Rhyme
    At First Yet i’ve

    Surely Advanced

    Hehe As the Customer
    Service Representative
    At the Local Super Walmart
    Asked What Studio Do You
    Two Do Ballroom Dance at
    (Assuming Katrina Dances
    As She Surely Has the Form
    For Dancing With The Stars And

    i Do Not
    Physically in
    Form Yet the
    Essence is Finally
    Graceful NoW in Balance
    Truly My Whole Aim Essence Indeed)

    And True Rue Most Sadly These Days Men
    Do Not Really Understand How to Be Romantic
    As It’s More About the Game Score Than The Hot Chocolate

    Holding Hands Shared Under Warm Blankets at Home Coming Games This way

    Anyway Yes During The Entire Video Strangely Another Tune Was playing Going

    To the Comments Section That Was the First Comment Someone Else made too

    That So Ironically

    “Can’t Help Falling

    In Love” So Much

    Mirrors the Music

    of “I Don’t Do Love Anymore”
    As Sadly Quite Frankly (Fredly) The Overall

    Status of the Genders is War Against Each Other

    Yet of Course There is Karma to Pay When Humans Live
    Out of Balance And Rape And Pillage And Yes Kill 1 Out of
    8 Species of Animals And Plants in the Coming Decades Indeed

    The ‘Sins of the Fathers’ Fall On the Loves of the Sons And Daughters

    Where True Rue “i Can’t Stop Falling In Love” Is Replaced By “I don’t Do Love



    Yes it

    ‘Elvis’ is Really Dead…

    Yet Wait! Alas A Lad
    THere is Poetry to

    BRinG Love Back

    And Humanity too
    From the Brink of
    Extinction Too Never

    Doubt the Power of the
    Word When Words Become Soul

    And Dance And Song Becomes Breath
    Yes off Course Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Again

    And This Go Around RiSinG iN LoVE FoR Real Now

    As ‘The Good Stuff’ Finally Returns for Real For All to Breathe…

    Yawn… God Yes…

    Resurrecting ‘Elvis’

    Just Another ‘Day in
    The Life’ of RiSinG Stone
    Statue Busts out of Burial
    Grounds of the Cover of “Sgt.
    Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

    (By The Beatles Such A Famous Album Cover)

    For Those Now Who Breathe Art Do Get To Stay…
    Stone Bust Statue Long Head SoaKinG Up All ‘The Band Members’…

    Trivia Note: My Cousin, Son of my Father’s Identical Twin Brother Plays
    Elvis In Beach Bars on the Emerald Gulf Coast For Decades Now Yes Elvis Lives…

    And ‘Kilroy
    Was Here” With

    “Mr. Roboto” too By ‘Styx’
    As the Last Straw Man Is When
    Human’s Automate Love to Die Living Young…

    i Feel Pretty (VERY) Lucky to Have a ‘Flesh and Blood’ Wife…:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Fred,
      I couldn’t agree more! Elvis is literally dead! Romance and true intimacy are dead. Companionship and reciprocating is dead. This song really does remind everyone of his ‘ Can’t help falling in love’. Yet it is so contradictory! Times change; the world changes. People change and …just like you said, everyone’s just keeping score! Btw, I really liked your analysis of my pic. I believe that is my usual frame of mind. 🙂 And yes, you are one lucky ducky ….to have an awesome wife in flesh and blood. With the swiping and chatting generation, it’s a thing of the past! Have a lovely week…

      Very Pensive
      Indeed Distant
      Yet Close Within Deep
      to Who You And Just Who You Are…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Rue i’m
        Often Pensive too

        Guess That
        Comes With
        my Really Big
        Forehead too…

        Say A Prayer For
        Wonder Woman
        Wife She is Dealing
        With Some Unremitting
        Shoulder Pain With

        For That And
        Lord Knows Gonna
        Have to Get A Crown
        From Halloween

        Chomping Down
        And Chipping

        A Molar


        Guess i
        Should Feel
        Royal By Now
        Got A Crown From
        A Birthday Dinner This

        Year Chomping
        On A Fried Oyster
        Shell too Yep

        Fall Apart”

        Yet As Long
        As We Have Love

        We Keep The

        Gift Indeed

        Year Round my FRiEnD

        True Royals Indeed 👑 🕊


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