My Grub Habits

Most people don't know what I like
Because I never refuse to take a bite
Whatever is placed before me
I eat without fuss unreluctantly

So nobody really knows what I like
Here's some vain trivia about my life
I am a carnivore and I love all meats
My platter is full of these when I go out to eat
  1. Thai
  2. Mughlai
  3. Indo-Chinese
  4. Sushi
  5. Steak and Fries
  6. Teppanyaki
  7. Coconut Milk based gravies {Keralite/Mangalorean/Goan/ East Indian}
  8. All kinds of unleavened Indian Flatbreads especially the stuffed ones: Kulcha, Paratha, Roomali roti, Neer dosa, Appam
  9. {sauce-drenched}Pastas

Preference: Spicy/Meat-centric dishes

Over hyped food: Pizza {Why: less meat, more bread and cheese}, Bengali sweets {dislike them all, except Gulab Jamuns}, Cookies n Cream {so average!}, most frozen desserts, Aerated beverages {can’t stand the fizz}, Cream cakes{whipped cream, butter-cream or fresh cream especially Black Forest – so horrible}, Blue cheese{Stilton, Danish Blue}- stinky!

Favourite Meats: Chicken, Buff, Tongue

Seafood Preference: Prawn, White Pomfret, Seer/KingFish/Surmai, Anchovies, Squid, Octopus, Bombay Duck, Mussels, Crab, Clams, Cockles, Oysters, Crawfish, Scallops {so just four fish, but all mollusks and crustaceans}

Vegetarian Substitutes: Paneer, Mushroom, Feta, Lentils and Pulses, Cheesy dishes

Dietary Restrictions: None

Weakness: Soft-centred Milk Chocolate

Favourite Chocolates: I prefer milky chocolates so most Swiss brands like Lindt are great. I understand the complexity and artistry that goes into making delectably smooth chocolate, but my taste buds cannot savour overtly smooth Belgian chocolate. I just don’t like them! I love almost all German, Danish and Austrian chocolates from the bottom of my heart although many of them are dark and I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate. Some examples would be Anton Berg {Cherry in Rum/Blueberry in Vodka/Strawberry in Champagne}Niederegger, Mirabell Mozart Kugehln, Schogetten{strawberry yogurt}, Ritter Sport{marzipan}, Merci, Reber, Milka. I love soft-centred mousse/marzipan/yogurt/gel/cream stuffed chocolates. I love fruity chocolates like Whittaker’s Berry and Biscuit. There’s this Japanese brand Royce that makes delicious Nama squares. And closer to home, I find the humble Cadbury Dairy Milk and Fabelle{choco mousse} irrestible too.

Favourite Cakes: Dutch Truffle, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse Cake

Favourite Tea Cakes: Christmas{Rum}cake, Banana Bread, Date and Walnut, Pineapple Upside Down

Favourite Indian Sweets/Mithai: cold Gaajar ka Halwa, cold Gulab Jamuns, all kinds of Barfi, Jalebi

Take on Ice Cream: Dislike them all, except certain fruity or boozey ones. I love Sitaphal, Chickoo, Anjeer and Rum n’ Raisin ice creams though.

Nutritional Preferences: High Protein, High Fat, I inadvertently participate in Intermittent Fasting because I’ve never been a breakfast person since childhood and I eat only when hungry{or pensive} not at any specific scheduled time. I don’t force/time-feed myself ever. I do a bi-annual 3 day Autophagy cleanse because I have been obsessed with Life science, the immune system, hormones and physio-psycho-socio research since decades. I experiment on myself. 😉 I don’t suggest anybody follow my habits though!

Addiction: None. All my life I’ve avoided things that are remotely addictive including sugar and caffeine. Dessert and tea is a an extremely recent development that arose on a need-basis.

Hot Beverage: Very strong and extremely milky tea with sucralose or cold South Indian filter coffee with a 60:40 coffee and chicory ratio preference

Poisons: Seldom ever drink. When I do, I prefer a Sangria, Pina Colada or a Muscato-based Dessert Wine such as Robert Mondavi’s Muscato D’Orro or Italian Voga, a sweet Port Wine such as Cockburns, Irish Cream, a fruity Rosé or a White that isn’t too dry

Favourite non-alcoholic beverage: milk-based Bobas, fruity milkshakes

Favourite Cookie: Amul Chocolate Chip cookies{made with butter, not hydrogenated fats}, McVities Ginger cookies

Take on cheese: Prefer the fresh, soft variants like unpasteurized fresh paneer, fresh soft Feta, fresh mozzarella. I also like hard cheese like processed Cheddar and Gouda and toasted sandwiches stuffed with processed mozzarella.

Traits: Never drink water with food. I rarely ever order a drink at a restaurant.

More Vain Trivia: I can easily eyeball calories because I am accustomed to counting since a decade{although I don’t count anymore, I go by hunger/feeling} I’m mostly disciplined and understand food very well, have always been extremely health conscious up until 5 years ago where I discarded all my habits to concentrate on other things. I prefer whole foods, rarely ever consume any juice. I always eat the whole fruit for fibre. Always plan in advance to convert carbs to Resistance Starch instead. I rarely ever eat packaged or processed food. I consume less sugar and prefer stevia or sucralose-based sweeteners, just not aspartame. I cook with cold pressed sesame oil and ghee, no refined oil unless I’m deep frying, which is very rare. I never consume any antibiotics or medication. I don’t remember the last time I took a paracetamol. I believe in my body’s natural ability to heal itself. I give it a good window of opportunity first.


  1. Hmm… Hehe Rue Still
    Doesn’t Tell me
    Rare Medium

    Or Well Done

    Yet True Rue
    Rarely Makes
    A Mistake in Her Arts

    Most Impressive You’ve
    Actually Tasted All The
    Flavors of The World And

    Felt All The Peoples As A
    Jet Setting Flight Attendant

    For Years Lord Knows As Close
    As i Got Was Epcot Center At

    Disney World in 1995

    Wanted to Go
    Back Pinching
    Pennies i Became

    A Portable Disney
    Wild Mr Toad 🐸 Ride
    Instead Hehe Mickey Mouse
    Indeed With Words Escaping

    Movies too

    With New SMiles

    Everything Else And
    Perhaps TMI You Already

    Know About me

    As Mickey


    Shy No
    More Yet
    Katrina Still iS Hehe 😜


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