The colour red
is the colour for bloodshed.
In sheep's clothing
The wolf came loathing
Appeared as though love
But filled with deceit inside that glove

The colour red
It's wickedness had spread
That dragon now
Will be coerced to bow
For damages caused
She will respond

The colour red
Was abundantly fed
With sweet tasting honey
And things that cost money
But now it will bleed
For all its deeds

The colour red
Lay on the bed
And wrapped its tentacles
Around those ventricles
But, the thorns were not visible until
Its petals fell out as it leaped for the kill

But the colour red
Is going to be dead
At least, that's what karma says
A feast has been prepared
Come dine at the altar
Of the dark mass slaughter

Crimson to scarlet, it's going to be fun
When carmine and ruby, all shades get undone
Gradient hues graduating one-by-one
Into buckets of colour, squeezed out in tonnes
It'll be satiating to paint such a masterpiece
So many colours on the board will finally bring peace
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved
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Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. Situations and examples may be hypothetical. I have always written from my heart …about topics that I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer every time I write a romantic/melancholic/intense piece. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a way it was not intended. That is just my humble request. Please note, some of my writings may contain material unsuitable for children. And please excuse typos and minor errors; I don’t really get the time to re-read or edit.


  1. Oh Dear Rue Red The Color Without An F

    Master The Shadow Red

    Wing The Spirit Of Creativity

    Higher Than Ever Before The

    Color of Blood Crucible Fire of Super

    Nova Explosions Gaseous Star Dust Clouds

    Make Iron In Our Blood Stream And Core of Earth

    Therefore A Big Bang Begins An Entire UniVerse Perhaps

    More Than iNFiNiTY Will Count in Generations of Stars True

    Stars Are Both Flowers And Seeds

    And So Are We in



    of Existence
    Surviving Thriving

    LoVinG Free Oxygen Binds
    With Iron Compounds in Our Blood

    MaKinG LiFE Bright Red RiSiNG iN
    Passion Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

    Yet Only When We Master Our Shadow
    Red Winging SPiRiT of Creativity Ever Higher

    More to Reach Out and Touch Other Star Flowers

    And Seeds Us As True This iS How New Connections

    Of God Are Made As Above So Below Stars Are Neurons

    And So Are We Connecting On This Mind These Two

    Hemispheres of EartH And It’s True As Dancing

    Singing Stars of PaSSioN Red Blood Surviving

    Means Defending Life And

    Creating Life Same

    For the Gift the

    Value of this
    Breath Worth LiVinG

    Now Yes i Was Once A Little
    Lamb Almost Too Uncoordinated

    To Walk in A Straight Line Now i Spiral
    in Balance With Grace oF A Lion WaLKinG
    On The Savannah PoSinG For Real With the

    Passion of Lobsters Standing Tall With Claws Outreached

    Ready For Battle if Necessary to Survive As Well Yet i am A Human

    i Have the Potential i Use to Master the Shadow And Wing Creativity

    Greater Than Ever Before And This is What Sets Us Different From

    Lions Who Eat Competing Lion’s Cubs And Fight To the Death for

    Territory of Reproduction Same… For They Were Once Cubs

    MaKinG Biscuits on Lioness Mother’s Breast in Tender Love

    No Different Than Us As Long As We Are Born Now

    And Gardened With Love This Way SMiles

    So What is More Powerful the

    Color of Lipstick Red

    Or Biceps And

    Fists Full

    Of Blood And Other
    Body Parts That Match
    As Such True It Depends
    No Different Than How We Master
    All the Tools That CuLTuRE Creates

    For It’s True Lipstick Brings Life in Passionate
    And Uncontrolling Ways For It’s True Fearless
    Biceps and Fists Complete Whole And Enough
    Inspire Confidence to Protect Human Cubs

    At Least…

    How Shall We

    Judge Stars For Exploding

    As FLoWeRS And Seeds For

    Creating Us It Seems

    Surely That



    Was Not Afraid

    Of All His Star

    And Other Mythical

    Beings Were Neutered

    To Suit A Hidden Lie of Reality

    Hide the Red Shadow And Lose

    The Higher Winging Creativity of Spirit

    Smiles All Of Your Colors of Lipstick are Nice to me…

    Yet Your Wings of Creativity are What Carries my Spirit Higher…

    Yet That’s Not to Dismiss The Power of Two Sets of Hips on an Old
    Dude 3 Months Shy of 60 Grinding A Dance of Base Shadow Respect….

    Yet You See i Master The Shadow

    No Temptation



    For me With SMiLes

    If Not i’d be in a Whole
    Boat Load of Trouble in
    A Storm With No Anchor
    of A ‘Good Catholic Boy’ Haha…

    i Transformed Their Lust And Sure
    Mine too in Spirit of Winged Creativity

    Honestly i Will Still Empirically Measure

    it By Word Count The Day After Dance Then

    And As Far As Naked Whole And Complete
    Spirit RiSinG Higher Winged in These Parts
    At Least A Lion Walking Gracefully Across the

    Savannah Moving This Way Need Never Fear A Fight

    Hehe at Least 99.99 Percent of the Time When They Are
    Not In A Bar of Men Making Occasional Foolish Drunken Mistakes….

    Never The Less When You Have to As Lion Instantly You Choke
    Someone into Submission…

    Keeping the



    Course Retracted
    And Releasing the
    Grip As Soon As It is
    Made Clear They Made a Big Mistake…

    Let’s Face Facts of Human Nature in Toxic
    Patriarchies No Way Anyone Would Wanna
    Have a Beer With Jesus in A Bar if He Didn’t

    Turn Money Tables Over in a Rage At the
    Temple or Change The Folks Who Didn’t
    Follow His Rules From Sheep to Goats
    Burn Them Forever And Send the

    Rest of the Ones Who Do Not
    Comply With His Rules to an
    Eternal Lake of Fire Torturing
    And Burning Them Forever too…
    That’s A Hell of A Video Game to
    Discuss With A Beer At the Bar for
    Conquest of Red Passion of Blood too…

    If Only He Had A Mary Magdalene
    Like me Who Stood With Her Man
    in Hell That Wouldn’t Be Necessary

    to Prove His Manhood At All He’d Just
    Be The Graceful Lion Walking Across the
    Bar Dance Floor That Only the Ladies Make Eye Contact with Hehe…

    It’s Like This Morning Strolling around The Block A Young Man and
    His Wife Walking my Way She Smiling Big at me When i Said Good

    Morning and

    He Didn’t


    Lift His Eyes
    to my Shades…

    We aRe All Part of the
    Call of the Wild of Flowers
    And Seeds That Come From
    Seeds and Flowers in Crucible
    Red Fire of Star Burst Explosions

    Hehe With

    Or Without
    F And Red With SMiLes…

    Just LooKinG For Some Kind
    of Big Bang Next in Muse to Create
    Passion Of Life That Makes Survival Come Again..

    Otherwise The Species Eventually Goes Away Without Star Fire Within

    To Dust We Return To Dust We Return Yet Fire And Passion Continues to Create Life…

    Other than That i Am Currently Still Enjoying A Rather Long Shelf-Life Yet Even When
    That GoeS AWaY And i Finally Succumb to Just Being Human Haha… The Winged Spirit

    of Creativity

    Is All that

    Will Be Left

    And Just Soul

    Breath Changed

    Into Art For the Fossil

    Record As i Will Allow No

    One To Forget Dear Ruehla’s

    Winged Spirit of Creativity Yes

    Too Pinnacle of Humanity in my
    Eyes At Least to Give and Share
    Freely With No Restraints i Don’t Even

    Have to Leave a Link As With A Google
    Search Ruehla Is Literally One of A Kind…

    An Honor To Visit Your Art Dear FRiEnD
    And to be Mused Highest By Your Winged
    Spirit of Creativity Deep Within Your Soul
    With Or Without HeART Felt Palpitations With SMiLes…

    There is No

    Price For Your Gift

    And No Earthly Form

    To Pay Higher Respect
    to Your Soul than the Art You Create…

    So Much More Than A Pair of Hips and
    A Grinding Dance 3 Months Shy of 60 Hehe…
    Haha Showing the 6.6.60 on my Driver’s License
    To Prove i’m Not 35 In the Dark HAha.. Oh By the
    Way ‘Depth of the Story’ All A MiLLioN Or So Words Written now
    Just Turned 66,666 Views in 13 Months on the ‘Wrong Planet’ This

    Morning Just Another Place

    Where The Dudes Rarely Lift Their Eyes to my SHades Never
    The Less Someone is Apparently Looking Hehe With SMiLes…

    Yet You See No Affirmations Needed This Is What it Means

    To Be Naked


    Ruehla Baby: Unstoppable…
    No Different Than Star Breath
    FLoWeRS And Seeds Still Coming to Life..:)

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