A Prayerful Mood

God please protect my friends and family.
This I ask genuinely of your majesty.
Because of you, I've had a protected life.
You've kept me safe from daggers and knives.
But, today I ask for strength.
So they can walk the length.
All the trials and tribulations, they foresee.
Please give them the final victory.
I can't feel for them or walk their path.
But I know you can accompany them from the start.
I don't ask you to withdraw the cup of sorrow.
But, please be with them in this today and tomorrow.
And if it pleases your pattern and will.
Give them moments of peace and clarity still.
All those who come against be shattered.
And those under your protection only be flattered.
Just another muscle is stretched.
Strengthened, it'll be flexed.
God's protection is upon them all.
They won't be shaken; they'll stand tall.
I speak God's protection upon those few.
Nothing bad will ever get through.
Amen and so it shall be.
I speak in faith and certainty.
Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserve


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