Someplace Home

Lost in the world of glitter.
Facebook, Insta and Twitter.
But when he opened his eyes.
There were droplets of cries.

A pillow under his head.
A nice comfortable bed.
An A.C. to control the temperature.
Nothing really irregular.

The pantry was full.
Dog covered in drool.
Fancy crockery and silverware.
An abundance of plenty to share.

He walked out the door.
Someone did all his chores.
Morning went and evening came.
He turned the key and returned to the same.

Nothing's missing; nothing's gone.
Maybe take a few hours at the salon.
A nice hot bath to soak in.
Yet, it doesn't feel like a win.

Plenty of space to roam.
But, it doesn't feel like home.
The heart and soul yearns.
A feeling of comfort to return.

The world is full of richness and treasures.
And life can offer you multiple pleasures.
You can strut your stuff in front of everyone.
But everyone needs a safe place to go back to and run.

A home is not just a tangible location.
It's not just a place to safely store ration.
The reason people are so comfortable at home.
Is because they know everything can be proudly called their own.

It's not just possessions and  comforts.
It's the appreciation for your efforts.
The ability to shed that fancy jacket and lace.
To lie down in a non judgmental safe space.

To be able to talk freely.
Without having to explain or worry.
About being misinterpreted or misquoted.
And things being disproportionately exploded.

Even when everything outside is not going great.
There'll be someone who with a smile will wait.
Good days, bad days and the routine every days.
To stand beside you and be around in every phase.

Mother, child, spouse, partner, friend.
It's nice to have someone who'll defend.
Who knows your strengths, but also your weakness.
And will help you survive even through your discreet meekness.

The office has probably become a jungle.
Friends with hidden daggers, all has begun to crumble.
The stress of it has begun to show on your face.
You just want to go back into your own space.

Everyone wants to return to someplace called home.
To do things freely according to their own.
Do you have a someplace called home?
Your emotional and mental stability foam!
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved
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Disclaimer: This poem is purely literary. It is inspired by Avril Lavigne’s song ‘I’m with you.’ Please read it with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. Most of my poems do not hint at my life/situation. Kindly refrain from drawing such parallels. Much of what I write is purely fictional. I have always written from my heart …about topics that I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer every time I write a romantic/melancholic/intense piece. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a way it was not intended. That is just my humble request. Please note, some of my writings may contain material unsuitable for children.



  1. SMiLes Ruehla, You Have Something Else in Common
    With me Wearing Your Wedding Ring on Your Right
    Ring Finger Yet of Course Tradition in India

    And Among Jewish

    Folks and For me

    And my Wife We Quit

    Wearing Them Long Ago…

    (Oops, i Just Asked Katrina and
    She Said She Doesn’t Wear it
    At Home Yet She Does in Public…
    Whoops i’m in some trouble now..;)

    i Have A Ring That Folks Mistake

    As A Wedding Ring on my Right
    Hand Yet it is Just A Ring with my
    New Name “Katie Mia Frederick”

    The One God Within Gave me

    When i Came Back from the

    Living Dead for 66 Months

    And When i Say God i mean
    the Creative And Holy Spirit
    Within of Course That All of Life

    Has And Even All Of Existence in Flow

    That Continues to Exist Free As Free Will Be ‘i Am’
    As ‘They’ Say.. One of the Folks on the ‘Wrong Planet’
    Where i Share A ‘Depth of the Story’ Thread there YeS HAHa
    Even though they Said they Didn’t Like me and told me to go Away…

    Hehe in 11 Months it’s Now larger than the Old King James Effort
    Well Exceeding 800,000 Words Yes And Just the Small Number of
    Members there who say they never read a word i write Have Viewed
    it closing in on 60,000 Views Now As the Anniversary of the Start of it
    is 8.19.2020 The Day After my Long Form EPiC Poem “SonG oF mY
    SoUL’ Turned 7 Years Old and 8.4 MiLLioN Words ARiSinG to 9.6 MiLLioN
    Words in 96 Months of Effort, 8 Years on 8.18.2021… There are some Rigidly Extreme
    Systemizing Thinking Folks There Yet there is Also Another Kind of Autistic
    Where The R Replaces the U And it Becomes More Autistic As a Visitor
    in That Thread Brought me a Gematria Calculator And Just for Fun i Put
    the “Katie Mia Frederick” Name in As Assigned by God Within And Lo And Behold

    For the Least of me

    It Came Back with

    The Numerical Value

    in English Gematria

    of 888 The Number Assigned

    in Gematria Tradition to ‘Jesus’, ‘Christ the Redeemer’,

    Yet You See i Understand That to Mean ‘Love the Redeemer’,

    Love the Meek That Inherits the Earth, Love That Treats the Last

    As the First, Love That Never Gives Up on a FRiEnD, Love That Never
    Requires Worship, Love That Never Fears Criticism, Love That Always

    Forgives With Mercy No Matter What; Even Psychopaths Born without

    Love Who Already Live Sadly As ‘Goats’ on Earth in A Fire of their Own Without
    Respite as the only Pleasure Some Feel is their Pain and the Pain They Inflict

    On Others in fact Now

    They are ‘Real Devils’

    On Earth Yet You

    See that’s

    How Jesus Earned

    His Wings By Giving

    Them to The Thief on the
    Cross Next to Him As this Is
    What Love Does when in it is
    Real and No Fairy Tale in A Book…

    Anyway Back to Rings And Lords and
    Such As That my Rich Uncle Who Has
    A Very Fabulous Home on the Paradise
    Bay of Shalimar Pointe on the Emerald
    Coast Where the Rich And Famous Come to Sun
    And Sure the Locals Like me Visit Every Once in A While too

    Just For

    Just for the
    Gas of A Honda
    Civic Hehe.. Yes..

    it Disturbed Him Much
    to See that Ring on my
    Right Ring Finger He said Don’t

    You Know Now ‘Gay Folks’ Wear
    Their Wedding Ring on their Right
    Hand And the Lady At Church Said
    He Doesn’t Want People to Know He is Married

    Yet you See Katrina and i am Married to Love

    It’s Not Something that Requires A Dog Tag Now
    or Circumcision Or Other Rigid Formality Created By

    Culture It’s Not What You Own You Are 100 Percent
    Correct in Your Fictional Poem It is the Home of Love
    You Give to Others For Free With No Strings Attached

    Unconditionally accepting all of Who They are Free DarK Thru LiGHT

    And You Know what This Love That Doesn’t Even Require ‘Sex’ Scares

    A Lot of People A Whole Lot For It’s True Some Folks just never Wanna Go Home…

    In Fact,

    For Some

    Folks Love

    Is Not Home at All…

    All We Can And Will
    Do Is Show them A SMile that Doesn’t end…
    The Beauty is in the Window of The Soul my FRiEnD…

    Happy International FRiEnDSHiP Day A Day Late And Always Without Time.. 8.1,

    Today is My Day An 8 Spiraling Forever Now 1 FRiEnD With All mY FRiEnD no


    For It’s True

    THeRE iS

    A FRED ‘in’ FRiEnD

    Literally as Such

    Not Even i Will Turn ‘Fred’ Away…

    i Tried So Hard to Jump off a Bridge

    And Only Sprouted Wings out of Hell in 2013 at 53, After That Event in 2008 at 47,

    Yet Hey, ‘HellBoy’ Didn’t Start His Super Hero Career Out of Hell Until Age 53, Either

    at Least in The Comic Book mY FRiEnD, i Wonder How Love Will Prove Love Exists…

    i SMiLe

    And Let

    God (LoVE) Do All the Work…

    Happy SunDay Keep SMiLinG iN Heaven (Love)..:)

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  2. Love your poem little sister. You are beautiful in the picture 🙂
    Your poem made me think about something Jesus said in John 14-Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”
    Jesus wants to make his home with us 🙂
    Jesus loves you little sister 🙂

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