Dear Mango

Why do you have to go?
My dear sweet mango!
You are my king.
Your praises I'll forever sing.
There is none like you.
I'd be speechless if I were to review.

You're handsome on the out.
Bright yellow, though a little stout.
You're delicious and tasty.
Carefully to be relished, so juicy.
Summers and the scorching heat.
You're the only thing I wait to meet.

I really dislike the harsh summers.
But then, when you begin to appear.
In grocery shops, markets and carts.
You know you'll always have my heart.
I eat all too many fruits when you're not there.
But when you're available, no other can compare.

Summer's gone and monsoons have begun.
And though the weather is so much more fun.
I really miss you.
I'm pretty sure you know that too.
When I see your bright yellow jacket.
I want to devour an entire KG packet.

You look so attractive from every angle.
Sometimes, even more than a gold bangle.
But why do you come and go?
Stay a bit longer, you know.
You're always welcome at my door.
I always want more and more.

My favourite is Mr. Alphonso.
This variety on the Konkan coast grows.
Maharashtra, Goa and certain parts of Karnataka.
Exactly my city, so not at all far.
There's a reason why Alphonsos are the most expensive.
If you're from a different state, you'll probably get defensive.

True, all kinds of mangoes are yummy.
But, there's a reason why Alphonso is the preferred export quality.
So if you haven't tasted an Alphonso.
Put that on your bucket list, you know.
Oh dear mango, why do you have to go?
Why can't you always be available like tomato and potato?

"Darling, if I'm always available at your feet.
You would no longer find me so sweet.
This is how it's always been.
That is why I'm not forever seen.
No one appreciates when there is plenty.
You're appreciated only in scarcity.

So be true to who you are.
Stop trying to be a normal potato in the bazaar.
There is a time and a season.
For these, I tell you there are complicated reasons.
Every purpose under heaven has a time.
Sometimes in youth, sometimes in prime.

For me, you had to wait till March.
Until your throat was all so parched.
Put your trust in hope and faith.
And that will get you through the wait."
Whoever knew Mr. Alphonso was so wise.
I'll just have to wait few seasons and fantasize!
Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved
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  1. i Used to Know A lot About Algebra

    And i’ll Admit i Know Very Little About

    Mangoes Yet i Will Relate to Big
    Rains, Humidity, and Heat

    Oh What i Really

    Appreciate is



    Tags As Detailed

    As “Value-Wise Mangos”

    Oh My God There is Nothing

    You Leave Out of Your Works
    of Science and Art Systemizing
    Coloring Masterpieces Touching

    So Many Colors of Soul Just So Much
    Fun So Inspiring i Wish You Were my Best
    FRiEnD in Kindergarten No Doubt i Would

    Have Become

    An Artist


    Of a Cog in
    A Machine Oh Dear
    Mango Such A Wonderful Fruit
    So Precious Just A Gem Somedays in Empty Space…

    Thanks for
    Out to Play..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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