Earth, Fire, Wind, Water

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water.
I respect you as your daughter.
Of all these elements,
I Am a living testament.

The life they give.
How they always forgive.
All of our atrocities.
When we deserve perpetual hostility.

Mother Nature is beautiful.
With gifts and treasures, bountiful.
In her bosom I relax.
Knowing she never subtracts.

Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
The power and limbs of Mother Nature.
Like a tornado or a whirlpool, I keep spinning.
I move with the knowledge that I'm already winning.

The world outside cannot fathom me.
They assume I'm rotating recklessly.
If only all could see the view from inside.
In serene tranquility and calm I hide.

I have love in my heart.
I cannot rewind, but hit re-start.
Because every moment is a gift.
The sands of time, I do not sift.

The only moment that exists is now.
That is the only reality to which I bow.
Moments become memories all too soon.
While they have their place, I'm not living in that cocoon.

Because grace has been poured out.
Of that I do not have any doubt.
Life in all it's fullness, He's always been saying.
Yet, I never really understood it, in vain.

Everywhere I went, this verse was glaring.
Since two decades those words have been haunting.
He knew exactly what all I'd choose.
Even before I made my moves.

But, all throughout, He kept hints in my path.
I was the one who did'nt comprehend from the start.
He always let me choose.
Like a free bird let loose.

Lovingly left me cues.
But He knew what I'd do.
I'm constantly learning.
With every breath, I'm evolving.

His breath of life within my nostrils.
Creates monuments from damaged fossils.
With every breath, I create.
And choose one of several parallel alternates.

"I Am" empowered.
Not an impotent coward.
I live in Him and He lives in me.
Nothing can ever change that, you see.

The nature of God is love.
That is the supreme power of the dove.
God is love and love is God.
Bitterness and fear is just some fraud.

Let all that you do be done in love.
Yourself and nature first, with grace from above.
Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
These are traces of my mother.

Gravity is within me.
So, I live absolutely carefree.
It always works out for my good.
Each and every piece of my puzzle, like it should.

I Am more than just a conqueror.
I have corrected and aligned my posture.
I Am the stillness in the whirlpool.
I Am the peace in the tornado's school.

The breath of life within me commands the elements.
I Am the present of every development.
Earth, Fire, Wind, Water.
The composition of clay, but I Am the potter.

This is my reality; I Am a co-creator.
It is finished; it is finished by my saviour.
I vacuum the best.
Spitting out the rest.

Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
In the beginning, the Spirit was upon all this matter.
Formless, void, desolate and empty.
And from nothing, suddenly there was plenty.

I Am beyond space and time.
Within me, the Creator's enzyme.
I move; I speak; I create.
Magnetically, goodness gravitates.
Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved


  1. Ruelha, Indian orchid what I could be saying… when you’re writing a post a magical wand around us, power and feelings could be Mother Nature and earth wind fire and the pristine heart from my Indian orchid. Take care Ruelha.


  2. TRuE Rue Key is Becoming
    Essence More than
    Worshipping A Shell…

    SHells Sit Still On Beaches
    Becoming Fossilized

    Yet Love

    Breathes Now for
    Real Best Giving
    Sharing Caring Freely With



    As NiGHT Kisses DaY
    DarK Becomes LiGHT

    iN BaLaNCinG ForcE oF ALL

    “Love is Written in the Stone”
    Key Per Earth, Wind, And Fire Is Be

    More Than Stone…


    Be Water
    Be Air
    Be Free BREaTHE LoVE

    And Of Course, Have A Nice SunDay…
    Hehe, Yet i’ll Surely Never Tell You What You Must Do Now..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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