Words of a textbook

I am a textbook.
Knowledge you will gain if you open and look.
The children of yesterday.
Ignored me to go out and play.
What can I say about today.
These children look at screens all day.

Some people liked holding me.
There was a certain joy in owning me.
Dispayed proudly on some book shelf.
Of their personality and interests, their own selves.
With pride, they'd display as a reflection.
Caressing every page with such affection.

There were some who'd look at me with respect.
Some others would draw lines, add summaries and correct.
Like hand-me-downs, I'd teach the younger ones.
From the elder kids, they'd keep circulating me; it was so fun.
But now I lie in a desolate library.
My binding has fallen apart, will you rescue me?
Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved
Image source and credit:fluentU.com


  1. Are You
    Sure i Was
    A Picture of

    Rue Shocked

    For A Second
    Thought You
    Died Your Hair

    i’m Rather

    Fond Of Trees

    Why i Stored
    16.8 MiLLioN
    Words in Face
    Book Profile


    Areas This Year

    God Yes Instead

    Of Cutting Down

    Trees Hehe Other

    Than That Each
    Sunday i Read A
    Free Book At Barnes
    And Noble Dancing
    Entertaining the


    Bucks Crowd

    Yep Listening To
    Meditative Music

    Too If It’s Free

    And It

    Kills No
    Trees i’M

    Definitely In
    To it All For Joy

    Of Giving Sharing
    Caring Freely Hugging
    Trees of Life With Least




    The Tree

    That Gives
    Its Life up For
    Books For Worship
    Of Books Has Destroyed

    Many A Potential



    Joy too…

    Yet i Do
    Love Books
    Too i Love
    Big Books
    And i Cannot Lie Rue☺️

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  2. I still love textbooks. I’m not fond of the newer ones that try to imitate web pages with extra side boxes and oversize quotes from the text. But the traditional textbook that presents information in a clear, orderly way matters a lot to me; I hope they never disappear. J.

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