You, you are the same one {Tu, Tu Hain Wahi}

I watch a lot of ancient movies with my mum. The song I have derived inspiration from features in the movie ‘Yeh Vaada Raha’ which translates as ‘this promise remains’. It was released in 1982, years before I was born. But, if you watch the movie or even this video, you’ll realize it’s shot so well for a movie of that era. Both the heroines are gorgeousssss. These are the leading actors: Rishi Kapoor, Poonam Dhillon and Tina Munim{you probably know her as Tina Ambani, wife of one of the wealthiest men in India}The make up is so natural and subtle, unlike the heavy, garish paints which was quite the trend back then. I am awestruck by their grace and charm, especially Poonam Dhillon who looks like a delicate porcelain doll in her sky blue salwar kameez. And Rishi Kapoor is such a good match. They definitely compliment each other in the looks category. This was such an iconic song. There have been several remixes through the decades. But, none can match the beauty and grace of the original version. The tone is so romantic because it seems like they are singing their wedding vows just like the title of the movie suggests. The lyrics are unlike the trashy music of the present times. It is innocent and romantic with wonderful metaphorical imagery of two waves in the ocean merging as one, never to be separated.

Let me tell you about the movie plot. It’s very unrealistic and so typically Bollywood! But, I love fantasy movies. Reality sucks anyways. Who wants more of that, eh? So, it all begins in beautiful Kashmir. Rishi Kapoor first falls in love with Poonam Dhillon after a glimpse of her in a temple and her mesmerizing voice. Again, I must add… such a gorgeous-looking, well-matched couple. Being a straight woman, I can’t stop complimenting the beauty of a 59 year old actress! So pretty! Anyway, when the wealthy man introduces his choice to his mother, she disapproves of their match because Sunita{played by Poonam D.} is an orphan from an unknow family. Vikram {played by Rishi K.} decides to disobey his mother and returns to Kashmir to marry his sweetheart. Just before they reach the temple, they have a car accident and are rushed to a hospital. Sunita’s face is grossly disfigured while Vikram is unconscious. Vikram’s mother plays with Sunita’s emotions and convinces her to disappear. Sunita, of course is heart-broken having lost the love of her life. But, an eminent cosmetologist is fascinated by her purity and adopts her. After several operations, he gives her a new face along with his surname and now Sunita’s role is played by Tina M. who is more Western in her dressing with skirts and dresses, unlike the simple girl she used to be. Of course, she’s attractive. But, she still looks completely different so she has no courage to approach Vikram while he is wallowing in depression somewhere. Eventually Vikram gets engaged to another girl, but once she realizes that even after several attempts, she is unable to win his heart, she releases him and they do not marry because Vikram is still pining for Sunita. Eventually Vikram recognizes Sunita by her melodious voice even when she does not intend for such pleasantness due to her lack of courage in approaching him. And the rest is all mushy and chocolatey… This song is played thrice in the move – yes, thrice! And, nobody’s complaining!

You, you are the same one {Tu, tu hain wahi} – poem by Ruelha

Your appearance could have changed.
But, in my heart your image remained.
Your features could now be different.
But to me, those traits are irrelevant.
Your sweet countenance and expressions,
Was not the sole thing that formed a lasting impression.
When I look deep into the corners of your eyes,
I can see what you used to be that had me mesmerized.
No matter how many days,
No matter what your age.
Different be the circumstance.
We didn't meet just by chance.
Despite all the barriers and situations in life,
we were always meant to be husband and wife.
My heart recognizes you.
Only to you, it's been forever true.
I've known you not by name.
To me, you're still just the same.
My heart insists it's still you; it can identify.
It feels some connection and is willing to testify.

To the temple when we'd been.
The face of God in you, I'd seen.
You were my only petition.
All I wanted was you, on any condition.
I had already claimed you as mine.
Through the complexities of time.
Our gold commitment rings,
had become my everything.
But just before we could be joined together,
an apocalypse of our little world, such a disaster.
I am unable to bear such a sentence.
My heart had already become dependent.
Because you are my soulmate.
Of that, there is no debate.
My heart still recognizes you.
Only to you, it's been forever true.
I've known you not by name.
To me, you're still just the same.
True love is beyond all these.
It's like a relentless, incurable disease.

Like two waves in the sea.
We merge as one, you and me.
Can you recognize one from the other?
The water unites them together forever.
Never again to part.
That was the promise from the start.
Like a rare commodity,
you fit right into me.
Now, nobody can steal you from me anymore.
Cause this time, I'm never letting you go.
Hidden in the depths of my heart.
You are my counterpart.
United always.
Like water in the waves.
My heart recognizes you.
Only to you, it's been forever true.
I've known you not by name.
To me, you'll always be the same.

I know your voice.
Even if all around there's noise.
You are the singer, but I am your song.
Without me, your melody is wrong.
My heart insists it's still you; it can identify.
It feels some connection and is willing to testify.
Speak up and tell me, are you the same one?
I know you're not just anyone.
I see a reflection of your soul.
The one that was mine, whose hand I'd hold.
Tell me it's really you.
I don't know how; but I'm certain this is true.
You're the same one whom I had claimed.
Just say so and I don't need a thing explained.
When hardships I encounter,
I want you beside, my fragrant flower.
Because, to me, you belong.
Like the rhythm of a song.
I just know, you are the same.
The one my heart had already claimed.

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I highly recommend this video. Please don’t watch the newer ones. Skip the first 1 minute, maybe.

Tu, tu hain wahi Lyrics and Translation by Ruelha

Tu, tu hai wahi, dil ne jise, apna kaha
You, you are the same one whom the{my} heart said was{claimed as} mine.
tu hai jahan, main hu wahan
Wherever you are, there I am
ab to yeh jeena, tere bin hai saza
Now, this living{life} without you, would be an (unbearable)sentence/punishment.
Mil jaaye is tarah,
Meeting{uniting} like this...
do lehrein jis tarah
...just like two waves{in the waters}.
phir ho na judaa,
never again to separate/part.
haan yeh vaada raha
yes, this promise remains.
main aawaaz hoon to, tu hai geet mera
If I am the voice{melody}, then you are my song.
jahaan se neraala, manmeet mera
Completely exceptional/rare, in this entire world, you are my soulmate.
kisi mod pe bhi na, ye saath toote
Not at any junction/crossroad ever, shall this union{companionship} break.
mere haath se tera, daaman na chhoote
My hand from yours, may it never separate
kabhi khwaab main bhi tu, mujhse na roothe
Within dreams also, may you never be upset/angry with me.
mere pyaar ki koi, khushiyaan na loote
May nobody ever steal the joys of my love.
tujhe main jahan ke naajar se churalu
I shall steal you from the eyes{sight} of the world.
kahin dil ke khwaab-ne mein tujhko chhupaloo
Somewhere in my heart's desires, I shall hide you.
kabhi zindagi mein pade mushkilein toh
If ever in life, any difficulties {I}encounter...
mujhe tu sambha-le, handle{take care} of me.
tujhe main sambha-lu.
{likewise}I will handle{take care} of you.


  1. Thanks for reminding about such good old movies. It brings me nostalgic memories. Rishi kapoor and Poonam are indeed one among the classy actors / actresses in Bollywood cinema.

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