Your Loss {Tera Ghaata}

This poem is purely literary. It is inspired by this rhythmic Hindi song ‘Tera Ghaata’ which is an awesome post breakup song or if someone has just rejected your proposal. I love the scene at the end where he keeps the ring back in his pocket. Self-respect, man! Please listen to this three year old melody. I’ve embedded the video, and written the lyrics and English translation below for your reference. I highly recommend it. Please read my poem with an open mind and out of respect for the written word. To me, writing is my life. There is nothing I love more. I have a very creative imagination. I have always written from my heart …about topics that I am passionate about – Christianity, makeup, melancholic poetry, food, romance, women’s issues, soulful music, narratives etc. Given the circumstances, my gender, situation, geography etc., I feel the need to put up a disclaimer every time I write a romantic/melancholic piece. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, please don’t interpret this poem in a way it was not intended. That is just my humble request. Please refrain from attempting to draw parallels to my life as much of what I write is fiction. Please note, some of my writings may contain material unsuitable for children.

Your Loss – poem by Ruelha

It's time to get back my self respect. 
I had lost every smidge of it, last I checked.
If I'd given any more, I'd breathe my last. 
I was already paralyzed in an entire body cast. 
I fulfilled my duty. 
Every responsibility. 
You rejected my ring. 
You had plenty of time to think. 
You chose your path. 
Of your memories, I've taken a bath.
You rejected commitment.
And chose abandonment.
I still wish you well. 
But, I need to think about myself. 
It's time to get back my self respect. 
I'm done being sorry for not being your perfect.
Now, it's your loss. 
My every effort you tossed. 
While I laboured to repair. 
you'd only enjoy and stare.
No effort on your part. 
That lone point, you'd keep on harp. 
It's time to get back my self respect. 
I'm going to be my own architect.
Now it's your loss. 
Surely, you weighed the cost.
Of course, I lost time and effort. 
Trusting you, assuming you were a good shepherd.
Dreams and so much more.
But, I'm no longer keeping score.
Because now it'll be your loss. 
Surely you analyzed and weighed your actions considering the cost.
I had dedicated myself to slavery.
Chose to love you unconditionally.
Although I was sunken deep in misery.
But finally, you chose to set me free. 
And from here, when I see,
I really like this new me.
Return my investment, my ring. 
It's time for me to smile and sing.
It's time to get back my self respect. 
You'd think I'd continue attempting to resurrect.
But now it's going to be your loss.
Surely before doing all that, you must have weighed the cost.
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved
Please, please, please listen to this beautiful song. I really love it. The video is awesome too! Highly recommended!

Tera Ghaata Song Lyrics

Kuch soch ke bola hoga tumne
Ye pyaar bhi tola hoga tumne
Ab na hai toh phir na sahi dilbar
Iss dil ko ye samjha liya humne
Isme tera ghata
Mera kuch nahi jata
Zyada pyaar ho jata
Toh main seh nahi pata (x2)
Kuch khaas tha ye jaan leti jo
Meri nazar se dekha hota tumne
Iss baat ka bas gham hua mujhko
Thodi si bhi koshish naa ki tumne
Isme tera ghata
Mera kuch nahi jata
Zyada pyaar ho jata
Toh main seh nahi pata (x2)
Socha nahi tha zindagi mein yun milogi
Milke bhi tum na meri ho sakogi
Par yaad aayegi jab bhi tumhari
Shiqayatein na hongi bas dua rahegi
Ab aur kya kehna hoga humne
Karna tha jo woh kar liya tumne
Shayad rahun ya na rahun dilbar
Badla kabhi ye faisla tumne
Isme tera ghata
Mera kuch nahi jata
Zyada pyaar ho jata
Toh main seh nahi pata (x2)

Tera Ghaata Lyrics Translation by Ruelha {Hindi to English}

You must have considered some things and said what you did. {no}
You must have weighed/measured this {my}love.
If it's a 'no', then a 'no' is fine, my beloved.
I made this heart{of mine} understand it.
In all of this, it's your loss.
Of mine, nothing is going. {lost}
If I had loved any more,
I would not have been able to bear.

In all of this, it's your loss.
Of mine, nothing is going. {lost}
If I had loved any more,
I would not have been able to bear.

There was something special, you could have discovered it.
If you had seen through my view/vision{perspective},
I am just sad/disappointed about that..
You didn't try even a little bit.

In all of this, it's your loss.
Of mine, nothing is going. {lost}
If I had loved any more,
I would not have been able to bear.

In all of this, it's your loss.
Of mine, nothing is going. {lost}
If I had loved any more,
I would not have been able to bear.

I never thought, in life, you would meet me like this.
And then even after encountering you, I wouldn't be able to make you mine.
But whenever I will remember you,
there would be no complaints, only blessings.
Now what more can I say?
You have done what you wanted to do.
I may or may not be there, beloved.
If you ever change this decision.

In all of this, it's your loss.
Of mine, nothing is going. {lost}
If I had loved any more,
I would not have been able to bear.

In all of this, it's your loss.
Of mine, nothing is going. {lost}
If I had loved any more,
I would not have been able to bear.



    1. Lol…. You actually translated it all 🤗🤗😂😂😂😂so adorable Rueeeee❤️ love everything you write and do. Keep going. It’s nice 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sammmmmmmy, I love translating ya! It’s so fun.You have always been super supportive and encouraging, dear sister! Love, love and more love…. xoxo


    2. Aww David, you say the nicest things! It’s so beautiful to interact with people from around the globe. It really expands your horizons and gives you such a refreshing perspective. I really like how blogging encourages that flow of positivity and energy. Take care and be happy, David. 🙂

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  1. “Your Loss” (My Version)

    SMiles Dear Rue How Beautiful

    Metaphors Will Be Used to

    Feel Our Realities Differently

    Like ‘This Break-Up Song’ May

    Be Surely Related to Failed Religion too…

    Oh, How i Forgave them When They Said Single

    Women Were Not Fit to Raise Children As My Divorced

    Mother Surely Did Her best; Oh, How i Forgave them When

    They Drove Closest Relatives to the Barrel of A Gun Over Convincing

    Parents that Their Loving Homosexual Children Were Not Blessed By

    God in the Way they Love; And Even IN the Height of Ignorance, Comparing

    Hurricanes That Spread the Warmth of Oceans So Life; All of Life Will Thrive Globally

    And Not Just Humans Who Are Ignorant Enough to Live Close to Flooding Oceans,

    Rivers, Gulfs, And Bays and the Such; And Devil Yes, Comparing That to Loving

    Ways of Homosexuals And Denigrating People Who Are Born Not Clearly

    of One Gender or the Other; i Mean Hell, the Christian Kids Tried

    to Convince me i Was A Girl, Even though i Felt Like A Boy

    Inside And they Thought i Looked Like A Girl on the

    Outside; And You Know What, i’ve got some

    Links for them (Now Adults) if they

    Are Still Confused

    About My Gender; Honestly

    In “Free Verse Nude Poetry” That Truth is Spread All over

    The Internet Now Wth ‘Zero Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 Shame’;

    True, i Forgave the Church For All of that And Even Lived Through

    Them Comparing Trump, A Real Father oF All Lies As Some Kind of

    God Given Gift oF Lies to All; ‘Him’, Promising ‘He’ would Shoot Folks on 5th

    Avenue And Loyal Sheep of Church Would Still Follow Him As Close to
    600,000 Pandemic Deaths Still Speak by the Ignorance of His Unmasked
    Behavior Modeled in Church As Well; Yes, it was Almost the Last Final

    Straw, When i asked Masked to Be Seated in a Safe Space Masked
    in Church by the So-called ‘Grand Knight, Attempting to Sandwich
    Me Between Two Rows of Unmasked Trump Following Fools, Then

    True i Said it (NO) Loud Enough for the Whole Church to Hear

    And Trust me Even when i Sneeze in Church it Sounds Like a

    Shot-Gun Blast Going Off; Like When the Priest Said

    What Garment of Love to Wear for Jesus Love;

    And Like Lightening that comes

    Before Thunder Faster

    That the Speed oF Love

    i Asserted MASK

    From the Back Pew
    to the Front Pew Magistrate Priest;

    (Everyone Needs A Money Table
    Turning Over Day, Now And Then Again)

    Anyway, i Faced the Priest; ‘Him’ Unmasked

    And Told ‘Him’, If We Are to Respect The Sanctity

    of Life Breathing We Will Require Masks to Save Human

    Souls in All Masses; He Remained Silent As A Trump Sheep;

    At This Point That Matthew Part of the Old New Testament

    of Changing Sheep into Goats And Burning Them Forever

    Crossed my Mind Yet Just as A Joke As Only the

    Worst Psychopathic Ghost Author Could

    Ever Dream up A ‘Silence

    of the Lambs’



    in Human

    Cannibal Torture That Way…

    Even After that i went to the

    One Last Masked Mass With Forgiveness

    And What i Heard was Never Any Rebuke Over

    Trump Inciting A Resurrection to Overthrow Democracy;

    ‘He’ Was Only Praised The Whole Way Through Even by

    Claim That God Told the Priest God Says Vote Trump; Yuck,

    So Yeah, i left; i gave up Church For Lent; Nope, Not Just 40 Days

    Then, Yet 2 Months; And truly the only Reason i Go Back Now is the Old Ladies

    Hehe About My Age now, hAha, tell me i lift them up with the Voice of Angel

    Singing From the Back Row Pew; True Rue, ‘They’ Tend to Look Around When

    i Open my Mouth



    ‘Here i am’

    Probably Shared

    it With You Before

    (Yes, True i Did)

    Yet What the Hell

    And Heaven Might

    As Well Share ‘Here i am’ again…

    It’s True i Forgive and Return no Matter what…

    Not all Do; And God No, i Damn sure Don’t expect
    Everyone to be a ‘Goodie Two Shoes’ Floating A Cloud Like me Hehe..

    Yeah, Like in 2017, When i Came to Church Late on Christmas Day And

    No Usher offered me a Seat to not inconvenience Anyone As i Always Do

    Move to Keep my Legs From Going Numb And It Works, So Yes, i Do it Without Fail….

    Swaying Standing All The Way Back, the Priest Talked About Jesus Standing in Front

    Of A Crowd Taller Than Everyone Else Seated And You Know what; i Said No Thanks

    to myself;

    ‘You; already


    ‘Him’ Once

    And You’d Do it

    Again on Capital Hill;

    Like Y’all Already Do Now;

    The Banners Hanging By A

    Gallows That Said ‘Jesus Saves’

    And ‘Jesus 2020’, While Chanting

    ‘Hang Mike Pence’; if ‘Jesus’ Was

    (Not the Italian Renaissance Leonardo
    DaVinci Painted Last Supper WASP Version;
    the Real Hung Little Middle-Eastern Brown Man)

    Around ‘He’ Would Have ‘Suited’ Them Fine too… AGAiN…

    i Will Never Ever Die For Fools; Way too Clever A Fool For That…

    i Will Always Be Way too ‘Big’ For ‘Them’ to ‘See’; Only Way ‘Jesus’ if Real

    Could Come

    Back too…

    It it is
    A Rather
    Ironic Loss…

    That Always Returns; Just Love Now, NoW, NOW;

    Just Love Now That Is Real And Always Forgives

    Never Fearing Criticism; Love That Just Returns

    NoW WHere Giving, Sharing, Caring, Freely, For ALL,

    Loving All; Yes, With Least

    Harm is The Only Worship


    Faith InDeed
    Thanks Giving For Giving Now…

    ‘Bout the Best Compliment
    i Will Give You Rue is You Deserve You…

    At Best It Will Be The Same For All Others too With Thank You..:)


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