I believe the number seven is very special.
For some reason it sets the threshold and the maximum.
Somehow I feel, no matter how sociable,
it comes down to five or a max stretch of seven.

Of course, you can have many family members and friends.
Many of whose functions and invitations, you'll never care to attend.
And within the subset you keep in touch with.
There is a preferred lot, an elite bit.

And from amongst the ones you care about so much,
there are a few, you know a lot about and really clutch.
I believe that innermost circle cannot extend beyond five or seven.
You're kidding yourself if you've counted eleven.

That number gets trimmed down each decade or every few years.
Some people shuffle up and down the priority list while some others reappear.
That list is never stagnant; it is continuously being evaluated.
Unlike a performance appraisal, it lacks structure and is unregulated.

It's not even necessary that everybody has five or seven.
For some folks, even to have one trustworthy companion would feel like heaven.
Most of us are familiar with terms such as acquaintance, casual friend, close friend, intimate inner circle.
It's like having a complex chart with circles and subsets in our subconscious mind, but accessible.

And then some people occupy an entire category of their own.
Like the most dialed number on a teenager's telephone.
Or the one whose DP change you notice before anyone else.
The ones for whom your hardened heart just melts.

It does not have to be romantic, 
a mother's heart is always frantic.
My mum dislikes reading,
but not a single post, known to be skipping.

Each and every one of them.
Yes, at a later time again to view new comments.
Because I fall in that category.
Of one that can never be erased from memory.

Some categories can never be erased.
No matter what happens, some people can never be replaced.
Etched in life's incidents and memories.
They tag along irrespective of the bends and journeys.

If your child no longer wants to stay in touch,
it may give you palpitations and breathlessness, that much.
But, you'll probably eventually respect their decision.
With a few diversions, you'll learn to give them freedom.

But a category in itself can never be dissolved.
Unless you dilute your senses in too much alcohol.
That's the thing about those lone residents of an entire category.
Irrespective of the paths of life, they'll live forever in your treasuries.

Be very careful when you create such a folder or category.
At least with friends you can choose, unlike family.
A person who falls into a lone category.
Will always be your weakness and liability.

The sole owner of an entire category,
has the power to control you and create misery.
There are irrational things and boundaries you'll cross.
Be happily willing to push yourself despite the loss.

Besides, there is only so much time in a day.
And only a few you can give your attention and pray.
Everyone is busy with their own life.
But, somehow time is made for the categories you prioritize.

If you fall into an irreplaceable or exclusive category,
don't abuse your powers; stay in there gracefully.
If you are considering creating such a category,
welcome to your time on earth in purgatory!
Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.


            1. Hahahahhahaa……
              People tend to see what they ‘want’ to see.
              Nothing is laboriously hidden here.
              Most see a reflection of their frame of mind or a conviction of my mood….. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I too love the number 7! But my scene is completely different from yours, I don’t mind making friends if they are good people. I like the number 7 because of ideological similarities and some other reasons.

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    1. Statistically, seven seems to be a favourite of many people. For many Christians, it is the number that appears just about everywhere in the Bible. Everything somehow revolves around the number seven.
      Care to share your reasons…or are they too personal? πŸ™‚

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      1. I will try to find them than… I just started reading the Bible few days ago… did you know that they too have versions! Is there a difference? I mean every Bible will get me closer to Mother Mary and Jesus only n?

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        1. Oh, that’s nice. YEs, I’m aware of the many versions. That happened because of the multiple translations. They are more or less the same interpretation. But, some Bibles have lesser books and some have additional ones.
          And of course, there are some books that are contradictory to the teachings of Christianity. But, I doubt you’re reading one of those sprouts. I hope your version gets you closer to ‘Humanity’, Love, Faith and Peace. Shalom!

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  2. I could relate with this throughout!!!! 😍😍 You’re kidding yourself if you’ve counted eleven πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ funny but true!!! Perfect rhyming from the beginning to end. Great work dear Ru πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  3. SMiLes Dear Rue Considering You Are Millennial And Research
    Shows 22 Percent Have No Friends And My Goodness 27 Percent
    Have Not Even Any Acquaintances You Are Surely In Good Company

    Of Having

    To Whittle

    Your Number

    of Friends Down

    To Meet Demand Haha

    Hey You Said Your Weren’t
    Popular With SMiLes Yet True in

    Science The ‘Dunbar’ Number as studied
    Is 5 For Close Friends That One may Spend
    40 Percent of Available Social Time With About
    10 For the Other 20 Percent of Time Available

    And Science Suggests in Group Settings Interactions

    Social Comfortable are Limited to About 150 in Ancestral

    Village Size of Max For Balance too As My Goodness 5,000

    Friends on Facebook And 10 MiLLioN Folks in a City is Just Way too

    Much Even When i Went to the Dance Hall And Literally Gained

    Thousands Upon Thousands of Acquaintances As So-Called Public

    Dance Legend for 6 Years of Doing That Every Where and Particularly

    in the Largest Metro Dance Hall Before Covid-19 Yes i Do Have a Stellar Memory

    And Am Extremely Extroverted Yet Out of Over 2000 Selfie Photos i took

    With These Folks Not Always in the Best Lighting Conditions
    i Felt A Bit Sad When Folks Came Back Around And Said

    Do You Remember me Back

    ‘There And When’

    Yet True i Interacted Regularly
    With Over 100 Folks A Day Managing
    And Working At A Military Bowling Center
    For Close to Two Decades And My God More

    People Than i Can Possibly Count online on Fingers

    And Toes i Bet i’ve Interacted With Numbers Reaching Over

    Several Hundred Thousand if Not More Through Life And That Doesn’t

    Count the Vicarious Ones We Meet On TV And the Such Life Long too

    And My Goodness All the Science And Arts We Are Exposed too online

    Now too Where Does the Time Go For me at least 130 Words or so

    Typing in Focus A Minute And Reading 20 times Faster than the Average

    Human Being Does Create What my Wife Says As Far As Categories

    Of Humans Go

    And Do


    Do Yes She

    Says You Are

    Something Alright

    Something But i’m Not Sure What
    Haha i’m Sure Many More Folks Feel
    The Same Way And Are Nice Enough Not to Tell me…

    It what it is

    We aRe aLL

    Alike And Different in
    Someways i rather Enjoy
    The Number 6 of Course
    As That Refers Again to my Birth Date of 6.6.60

    Wonder How Many FRiEnDS A Devil Might Really Make in Life…

    i have one Friend who only is in contact with me A Month or So Between

    Each Contact Yet She Says knowing i am Her Friend Makes Her Happy on Her Lonely

    Days Yet When She Is Lonely She Doesn’t Connect It’s Not always A Verbal Relationship i guess…

    i don’t


    Out of Giving

    i Feel Very Blessed

    This Way As There Were

    Surely 66 Months Where There

    Was No Feeling to Drive the Give Yet i Persevered in Pain and
    Numb and Did Just Because That’s What my Mama Taught me to Do…
    And Sure it Was Something to Keep my Mind Busy With ‘The Suicide Disease’ too…

    i Don’t Judge

    People For

    How They Treat
    me Seen too many
    Dark Places in Hell to Do that…

    When i Was Working Behind A
    Computer At Work For Five Years
    in 4 Job Changes At the End of my
    Career A Computer Screen Was Just

    About IT And All i had Left After Stress to
    Interact With At All i had to Dream That Katrina
    Even Existed in the Home She Shared with me
    Always There And It’s True i Almost Will Guarantee

    That is A Similar Reason Why So Many Millennial’s

    Are Friendless Or Without Acquaintances Eyes Without

    A Face Got No Human Race All That’s Left Avatar And Machine…

    In Those 66 Months i Found A Way to put my Words in Soul if not for

    the Pain and Numb And 66 Months it’s Highly unlikely i would Have ever

    Written a word online as i was the Person Who Went in the Next Room instead

    of writing

    The E-mail
    At Work i couldn’t
    Imagine why folks

    Wanted to Interact With
    Machines When Flesh and
    Blood is So Warmly Connecting

    Come to Find Out Not All Have That Warmth…

    Not Likely i would have ever figured it out and less
    i lost my Sauna With SMiLes.. Hehe This Is Just A
    Crutch that Once Saved my Life And Turns into a Life LONG Hobby..

    As Really

    Words Do

    Really Become Flesh

    This Way Some Folks like

    my FRiEnD Astha have (had) the Ability
    to Bring them to Life More Than Life itself in some cases..
    Beyond Distance, Space, Time, or Matter A Place With
    No Sun or Moons Beyond All Labels Where Angel Wings Touch….




    Prophecy in that

    Old Bible Come True Now…
    For Those Who Don’t Mind Change..

    Like Soul Transforming in Words Dancing
    Singing Alive As SPiRiT Rings HeART Speed oF Light in Fiber Optic Cables…

    True The Old Numbers Don’t Apply to This Place With No Sun or Moon As

    Whether i am

    Alive or not

    i Exist No Different
    Here Now as Soul Breath
    Again Beyond Distance,
    Space, Time, And Matter

    How Ancestors Would Call this Witchcraft indeed hehe
    Or Monkey Business Gone Bananas Perhaps too in Style

    Just in Case

    ‘God’ Doesn’t Come back…
    Reference A Song by The ‘Fall-Out Boys’..;)


  4. Yes… relationships are complicated. But sets of seven somehow seem to flow, even in collections of people. Television shows, for example: the original Star Trek moved around Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scottie, Uhuru, Sulu, and Chekov. There were also seven on Gilligan’s Island. And, while people came and went, it seemed like MASH generally worked around seven of the doctors and other staff. Biblically, seven is often used to express completeness in a poetic fashion, from the original seven days of creation, to the seven churches of Revelation (which represent the entire Church on earth). J.

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