Recipe : Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Curry

I’ve been experimenting a lot with vegetarian food off late. Normally, I’d make this dish with prawns(shrimp) or a red meat like mutton(lamb). It’s a traditional East Indian dish called ‘lonvas’. It’s somewhat like a Keralite ishtew(stew), but red and spicier. I love coconut milk based gravies a lot. They pair so well with pan-fried flatbreads. Enough said. Let’s begin cooking now.


  • 1 bell pepper, cubed
  • 1/2 bottle gourd, cubed
  • 75 gems french beans, cut into fingers
  • You can use anything else like peas, carrots, cauliflower, drumsticks, radish etc
  • 1″ ginger, smashed
  • 1/2 pod garlic, smashed
  • 2.5 green chilies
  • Seasonings
  • Oil
  • East Indian Bottle masala or any other Curry powder
  • flour
  • 1/2 tsp white vinegar
  • 2 tbsp thick coconut milk
Chop all your veggies into cubes.
This is my beloved mud pot. It’s not dirty or burned. It’s just old. But, trust me things cooked in this taste a whole lot better somehow.
Saute the bell peppers with a little salt and keep aside.
Add the green chilies.
Then the garlic.
Then your spices.
I dry roasted them. But of course more oil and frying is tastier always.
Add some water to make a paste and ensure there are no lumps.
Add the veggies and seasonings.
Adjust consistency.
Boil and cook the vegetables without making them mushy.
Add the vinegar followed by coconut milk.
Add the sautรฉed bell peppers. Mix well. Do not overcook because the protein will separate within the coconut milk and look ghastly. Always reheat on a very gentle flame without the lid.
Serve hot. So yum. It would taste so much better with neer dosas, kal dosais, appams or chittaps. But, of course rice or pav bread is the easiest accompaniment.

I hope you enjoy cooking and eating/serving my dish. Bon Appetit!

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    1. Aashwin, you seem like a very nice human being. I don’t understand a thing. I have no problems with anyone. I am here to blog strictly because I enjoy writing. I would suggest you don’t let people manipulate you or drag you into their tangles. That’s my suggestion but it’s your choice of course.

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      Thank you for your support on my blogs and write ups. I hope I have clarified your doubts. Have a wonderfully blessed day.

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    1. Dear Ruelha,

      I definitely concur with Collin. Thank you for showing us your highly appetizing recipes of “Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Curry” here as well as “Stir Fried Carrots and Bell Peppers” and “French Beans aur Aloo ki Sabzi” in the other two posts respectively. Well done!

      I learnt from your “About” page the following aspects about you:

      I enjoy cooking and savoring a variety of cuisines, making new friends, the typical feminine stuff like fashion and grooming. Although I am not very good at it, I absolutely adore taking pictures of food, makeup, fashion, people, selfies and flowers.

      Indeed, good food can bring people together. Many dishes are so enticing that were it not for my strong will to curb my food desire and sweet tooth, I would have stopped remaining slim and become a big fat pink elephant long ago . . . . .

      I also appreciate the delight that you have experienced from cooking and savouring healthful dishes. All of these photos and writing about food here on your blog are making me very hungry and teasing my appetite! Luckily, I did cook up a big storm yesterday and still have plenty of cooked food to comfort and satisfy my gustatory desires.

      In the spirit of your excellent posts and your culinary skill, I would like to offer you some tempting and mind-bogglingly presented food in one of my posts entitled “SoundEagle in Edible Art, Glorious Food and Festive Season” published at

      Please enjoy and kindly let me know what you think of those dishes by leaving some comment(s) there!


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