A must-sample when you visit Berlin : Berlina Weisse

Berlin has got to be one of the most amazing places I have ever visited in my life. The place is beautiful and rich with so much history. The people, the culture, the fashion, the quality of products, the infrastructure, the cars, roads, transport systems, restaurants, chocolates and the food, just about everything is simply mind-blowing. One of the things that you get only in Berlin, amongst many other unforgettable amazing things is the Berliner Weiße, pronounced as Berlina Wiser, if I got it right! I do not care too much for hard alcohol or beer. I don’t drink to get high or drunk; I drink to enjoy a liquid dessert. So, I’m more of a cocktail, dessert wine or port wine and liqueur kind of woman. Germany has lovely beers, I hear …and many travel just for the Oktoberfest. But, I had the opportunity to sample a sweet cocktail made using German beer and raspberry syrup. Normally, I don’t care too much for flavoured raspberries either. But this cocktail is so yum. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes beer or sweet alcohol or something that is not too heavy or intense. There are two common variants that are available everywhere. One is green with woodruff and the one that I prefer is a deep pink hued raspberry and weisse one. Beer and Berlina Weisse is available everywhere anytime out there, including coffee shops. Germany and Japan are two places I will forever be fascinated with. Love, love and more love, always.

The pink one is way better, trust me…. sweeter too!

That’s a picture of me sipping on Berlina Weisse while attempting to finish my meal. I love experimenting with food. I tend to pick the most weird thing on the menu for kicks. So, I chose ‘Pork Knuckle’. In my defence, the lady attending to us didn’t warn me. That dish was meant to me mine alone and not a shared meal because the person on the other end chose a lovely Argentinian steak. So, when my meal arrived, I was quite perplexed by the sheer size of the platter and the chunk of meat in there. And of course that 3 pound chunk of meat came with a whole lot of stuff around it. It was ‘Man vs Food’ that day. I attempted with all my might and determination. It’s against my principles to waste food; I cannot get myself to do that. I will stuff and overstuff my mouth and burn it later, but I just cannot get myself to discard edible food. I have too much respect for it. So, I sat there and fought a tough battle …until food won. But I did learn what a pork knuckle is that day. As long as you get to learn something new, it’s still somewhat excusable, what say? And this picture is deceptive. I could swear that plate and the meat in it was a whole lot bigger, just a delusive angle.

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