The book that came to me #8

Because of the image on my last post,
And since I've not yet disclosed,
everyone assumed the book that came,
was the Bible, the most acclaimed.
But that's not the one.
that I'm referring to, everyone.

The book that came to me was tiny and white.
And weighed as much as a feather, so light.
Tinier than the palm of my hand.
So you can imagine the dimensions it spanned.
"You need it more than I do".
With such an intriguing sneak preview.

Anyway, I later realized.
Much to my surprise.
I had another copy of that same book.
A good six years, but I didn't care to look.
My mum had already given me.
One such copy, you see.
Just like she kept giving me a hundred more.
I had a cabinet like a prayer book brochure.

Well, I can stretch this a whole lot longer.
But, I think I'll end this now and tell you sooner.
The book that came to me was a white prayer book.
From JCILM ministries, it rocked my world and shook.
With prayers made only of scriptures.
No fillers and all those imploring mixtures.

I have always been a scripture girl.
My Bible is the backbone of my world.
It's true on paper, I'm Roman Catholic.
But, I follow humanity much more by my own logic.
When I look for counsel.
It's through the pages of my Bible.

I don't trust priests or religious leaders.
No matter how big an evangelist or preacher.
As much as I trust my Bible.
That has always been my principle.
So, I was amazed to be handed over this book.
That aligned with my ideology and shook.

JCILM has been the only ministry I have been associated with.
For half a decade, that long a bit.
Off late there have been some things that I'm questioning.
That I'm attempting to solve with spiritual meditation and cogent reasoning.
But, to this book I was once addicted.
Learned it verbatim as it was scripted.

It did help me detox and cleanse.
See the world through a unique lens.
It changed me as a person.
I'd like to believe for better, not worsen.
It brought me peace within the stormiest storms.
And that became the standard norm.

This is the link where you can download a soft copy.
Trust me, there's nothing in it for me.
It's not a pay-per-click campaign.
I don't get anything from this link or chain.
The preacher's name is Johnson Sequiera.
His teachings are very much from the Biblical era.
So now you know about this book.
And how, me by storm it took.
Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

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