I want to play Badminton

If you’d rather have me recite this poem, here is a YouTube video of me doing exactly that.
I really want to play badminton.
Unlike tennis at Wimbledon.
Of course, that too I wouldn't mind.
But, I don't have the resources and time.
To get to an appropriate place.
And carry my paraphernalia in a case.

I really want to play badminton.
Just outside in the open.
I really want to play badminton.
Not compared to the level of professionals.
Anyone nearby interested? Do let me know.
Is there someone out there, a Jane Doe?

I really want to play badminton.
Anybody interested, who lives close to my location?
I have spare racquets.
And I'm out of practice.
I'm willing to share.
Anybody out there?

I really want to play badminton.
For fun and exercise, that's my intention.
Run around and tone those muscles.
All the while maintaining the hustle.
I really want to have some fun.
Someone nearby, interested anyone?

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  1. Last Time i Saw Someone Play Badminton
    Was my Indian Friend Visiting India

    Unfortunately She’s the one

    In Canada Far away

    From the Southern

    Part of India Anyway
    Tennis What i Did ‘Religiously’
    For A Decade From 12 Years-Old
    Until My Early 20’s Tennis Was my Home
    Away From Home and School At the City Park

    Really A Main Social Activity of My Life then

    Nope No Competition for me i Still Believe

    Competition is Nonsense Real Winners

    Just Enjoy Every Moment of the

    Game Play for Fun that

    Way All there

    Is is Winning

    In Flow Every Moment Now

    of Life Even Just Playing With the
    Backboard As Racquet and Ball and

    Just One Person Playing With Their Self

    All Becomes One Force of Flow Even Blissful This way Now

    Spent Over A Decade on A Bike This way And the Same as A
    Running Man Solo Just for Fun too.. and then there was NO PLAY work

    work work working that’s all i do then and Now there is Dance Dance

    Sing Sing Dance Sleep Eat every once in a While Now when Katrina

    Reminds me to do that too And Repeat Yes Repeat Play Just for Fun
    After Sleep True When i Worked i had No Idea what Play Is therefore No Essence
    of Real Joy or Happy too Like the Words Didn’t even exist at all then Yes Now Do Play Rue..:)

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        1. Haven’t been able to find anyone yet….especially since this month we have an absolute lockdown on weekends and only essential services running through certain times during the day on weekdays. Covid times huh 😦

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