Happy Easter 2021

Happy Easter everyone.
In this year of two thousand twenty one.
Cracked open the eggshell.
Now come out, mademoiselle.
Look around, light has come.
And darkness to fade away, has begun.
Easter brings hope.
Post Covid, there's scope.

Wishing you new beginnings.
Let your heart be filled with joy and singing.
Good Friday had to pass.
Remember all bad things never last.
If you focus on the resurrection.
Easter is here for you in anticipation.
Forget the mourning and the past.
The dawn of new life is coming fast.

It is Easter.
An absolutely new semester.
A clean slate you've been given.
Think about what you wish to scribble.
May the Lord Jesus be with you.
And may your decisions please Him too.
Remember love, joy, peace.
He's set you free to find these.

Easter is the shining light.
That encompasses and makes bright.
Those twisted curves and U-pin bends.
All the Lord, has made amends.
You are set free by the Son.
Freedom from bondage for you He has won.
Don't ignore or take it lightly.
He put on you a crown and gave you priority.

Easter has come.
It's time to have fun.
Turn that frown.
Upside down.
Salvation is yours to claim.
Discard the crutches declaring you lame.
If God is for you, who can be against?
He conquered it all and is now seated in heaven.

Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.
Image source and credit:happy-easter.net


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