What on earth has it come down to?
Maybe wear a burqa for your next interview!
Everywhere people are expecting favours,
But for some, it's a deal breaker.

At first, she did not understand.
What exactly was on their mind.
"You want me to complete some tasks?
Is that what you meant when you asked?

Would I be willing to do some favours?
Can you be more specific, exactly of what nature?"
Oh how and why did she not understand?
Had she only known what it meant beforehand.

"Why do you need my pictures in western outfits?"
This is a big company, but something does not rightly fit.
'Take care of the chairman', what does that even mean?
The job profile, that statement did demean.

The pay did seem a whole lot more.
And by now, why we know.
Willing to travel with the directors.
International, domestic, any other sector.

Apparently people are always willing.
To pay a whole lot more than meagre shillings.
For someone who can handle work with favours.
There's always scope if you chase that endeavour.

It's a recession-free trade.
In it, lots of money can be made.
The biggest, most well-known names.
Business tycoons, such a shame.

Can't really blame only the men.
Many women themselves prefer to bend.
And for women who are in dire need.
Who've got little ones and hungry mouths to feed.

I hope they find another way.
And don't succumb or fall astray.
Into the clutches of despicable nets.
That will drain their souls in regret.

Some conceal these things and spring upon suddenly.
And some others just tell you upfront blatantly.
Sometimes, you have a choice.
And sometimes, you don't really get to decide.

Either way, it's just horrible.
And for my kind, I feel terrible.
Women deserve more respect.
If that ever happened, life would be perfect.

We are not all about our curves.
Our body parts to be objectified and observed.
We are so much more.
I earnestly ask all the men and implore.

Well, this isn't a first hand story.
It happened to a friend of mine, consecutively.
Three times at different interviews.
Until she realized it wasn't her, but their point of view.

The things she narrated are a whole lot more.
But I promised her, too many details I wouldn't echo.
Like I said, women deserve more respect.
If that ever happened, life would be perfect.

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved
Image source and credit:personneltoday.com


  1. “Weight, Height, Complexion, And Caste”

    Shall We Wonder Why Women Are So Objectified

    Where You Live When These are Traditional Objectives

    Set In Advance for Lifelong Marriages Between Humans

    Yet True As Science

    Shows Men Are

    Naturally Attracted

    to Fertile Hips and

    Estrogen Dripping

    Glowing Skin for Successful

    Reproduction So the Species

    Will continue on and of course

    This Does Not Come In Any ‘Objective’

    Manual To Traditionally Arrange Marriages Either

    And My Goodness Most of Indians are Satisfied

    By Arranged Marriages and Divorce Rates Reported

    Somewhere Tween 1 and 4 Percent Surely A Greater

    Batting Average Than the American 40 to 50 Percent

    Rate of Divorces in Unsuccessful Marriage Yet

    Of Courses Satisfaction in life is Relative

    Depending on How We View Life

    The Perspectives Different

    That Unlimited


    in Variances of Cultures Bring

    True Some Women Find Great

    Social Esteem Through Female

    Mutilation to take their Pleasure Away

    The Self-Esteem Means More Yet Wait!

    That’s a Judgement After the Pleasure Organ

    Has Been Mutilated and that Experience of Life Doesn’t Exist…

    It’s Like Romance and True Love if You Never Experience it

    for All practical Intents and Purposes it doesn’t exist in Life

    Except for Perhaps What We See on Big and Little Screens

    And in Facebook Life We Dream of Other Folks that

    Is almost Never Reflective of all the Experiences

    of Life haha unless you PUT IT ALL OUT THERE

    DARK AND LIGHT THE WAY i do with ease

    as i’ve been outcast off this Earth

    From Almost Everyone

    There Just isn’t

    left to lose

    once ya Learn to

    Stand On Two Feet of Love Enough

    When No One Else Seems to be able to Help You Up….

    Yet Here’s a Thing Folks Will Do as You Say What it takes to Survive

    They Will Prostitute Their Mind Spirit Heart And Soul Where in someways

    Flesh is the Least of the Transaction unless We Give the Flesh more Value

    than what breathes within some folks don’t see a great value in conserving

    Their Body Parts For Barter They rather Seek Power And Position in Life

    Than Conserve those Goods of Flesh is that any less Prostitution

    Than Agreeing to an Arranged

    Marriage A Person

    Does Not

    No Of course

    Not For Prostitution

    For Socio-Economic Goods

    To Trade for Love Is No Less Prostitution of Soul

    Or Staying With Golden Hand-Cuffs in a Job that Promises

    Lifelong Benefits After it ends even if it Kills Your Soul and You Lose

    A Greatest Treasure that makes Life worth living at all Yes so many Damned

    Ways to Fall to Prostitution Where the Flesh May Be the Part that hurts the least…
    Oh and For Base Shadow Human Aggression And Lust to Survive as Well While it’s
    True Hormones Play a Part in Male Propensity to Master a Shadow Within this way

    i’ve experienced life as the Ugly Male Duckling and the one in Demand And Have

    Been Groped in Many Ways by Women From Age 21 when i first wore contact lens

    Until Close to 60 That Most Men wouldn’t dare to do to A Woman they’ve

    Never Met for the consequence in Legalities to Pay there is also

    A Double Standard that applies too like A Very Devout Catholic

    Woman Facebook Friend i had who talked about how

    Women Dress as Whores And Sluts And Were

    of the way of Evil While Posting Pictures

    of Firemen in G-Strings on Facebook

    Oh Yeah and when she

    Said Covid-19

    Cautions Were Against

    Her Freedoms And Supported

    Everything the Most Vile Demagogue

    Politician America has Ever had in the Name

    of Her Church i Advised her on the Science of it

    And the Danger For Hundreds of Thousands of Lives

    to Go Away as what happened next and her reward was

    Pressing the Button on Facebook to Erase a Thirty Year

    Friendship from Back in the Dance Hall Days of the 80’s
    When She Drooled Over Every Man Who came Her Way…

    Go Figure Folks Have Shadows Some Folks Master them

    Some Folks Don’t And Some Folks Rue Are Mastered by

    Others they are not

    Even aware of

    This Life is Art

    This Life is Chaos

    And Order That Humans

    Create or Do Not This Life is Art

    This Life is a Life Long Art and i find

    Humans Fascinating to Study Who

    Believe they even Understand themselves….

    i surely Understand my Beast better than

    to Believe i’ll ever completely Master it…

    True i’ve had Folks ‘Tempt’ me

    in Ways to

    Prove me Wrong…

    Seduction is at core oF all Humans
    Do Whether they admit to it or not…

    Yet of course Not all Humans as Some

    Humans Are practically Dead this way within

    Ironically that’s Neither Healthy or Normal as

    if it wasn’t For All Stuff Libido And Seduction We Wouldn’t

    Even Exist There Are too Many Cold Winters to Survive Without

    Lust to keep us

    all going…



    of course

    in this way

    i’m always Dancing

    And Singing to the Choir

    Just Writing in Flow as it

    it is a pleasure that is Longer

    Than 3 Hours or so hehe

    As sure i tend to do

    The best

    i can
    and will
    in all human

    Intelligences that come and go and stay…

    Smiles in the United States ‘They’ Are Attempting

    to ‘Cancel Human Nature’ Let’s See how that works out….
    Oh the Art of Human Ya Just Never know what comes Next…

    For me at least as an Empath i can’t imagine any Pleasure

    For Forcing Someone to Do Something they do not wanna do….
    And Fame, Fortune, Societal Status, And Glamor doesn’t Impress me at all

    Oh yet


    of the Soul Do…

    So Far Beyond the Flesh

    And Temporary Spurts of Pleasure….

    Smiles Dear Rue if Life Were Perfect

    We’d All Be Robots Including God IN Hell

    Just Machines Programmed With No Room For

    Error Just Light With No Dark Where Light Doesn’t exist at all…

    Just A Painting With No Shadows Where Beauty is Dead and Flat….

    just nothing at all…

    So the


    and the Pleasure

    Continues All this

    Heaven All these Flavors

    All This Complaining to Feel Pleasure again..

    And i know


    Yet i Feel

    And Sense it all

    And Am Still Happy to
    Breathe this Present Moment
    the only Gift That Exists Now This

    God Now DarK Thru LiGHT For Real

    When God Becomes Real All Becomes

    Free Wings At Ease



    Same Balancing..

    FRiEnDS With Gravity
    DarK Thru LiGHT God Breathes

    Yet i know Nothing Just Nothing at all…

    Yet i am Now And This is All Enough All

    Complete Now With More to come indeed as River Flows…

    Not HAVING to Work for Money Not HAVING to Find a ‘Mate’

    Lends so much



    for Priestly

    Orders Art Out of Chaos Magic..

    Such a Tiny Sliver for a Potential

    for Heaven Never the less Real Now

    So Many Hot And Cold Rocks In Space

    What Are the Chances for Heaven God Exists now For Real

    for me..

    as Remember

    i am always Dancing

    And Singing For Those Who ‘Don’t Believe’

    You are the Choir Dear Rue There is Nothing to give to You..:)

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  2. Oh dear, this is a dark reality. I am worried women have to go through this phase at some point. Real men are there but there are also some monsters. Life would be perfect if only they knew women are not merely for favours. A well written poem dear Ru. ❤️❤️❤️

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