Echoes in the Rain

If the morning was sleazy,
how could the rest of the day be breezy?
When it rains, it pours.
Can you hear the echoes?

The serpent follows.
Wants you in the gallows.
When it rains, it pours.
Brace for some more.

As if one shock wasn't enough.
Wear that smile and pretend to be tough.
When it rains, it pours.
All come knocking at your door.

Some people adapt easily.
Sing and dance in the rain so freely.
So when it rains and pours.
They grow stronger and roar.

It's not about what you're made of.
You could be a diamond in the rough.
But only when it rains and pours,
discarded seeds sprout and grow.

A diamond commences as coal.
Dusty and ugly on the whole.
But under pressure,
it converts to treasure.

When it rains, it pours.
There's opportunity waiting at your shores.
Bear the pain and learn.
For that, if you thirst and yearn.

Drink up the rain.
Soak it in, all that pain.
But let it teach you.
Something valuable, something new.

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved


  1. Funny You Should Mention it As
    It Down Poured Off The Radar

    Unexpected on 2 Days Ago

    Just A Great Friday

    Night Yet It Was So

    Easy To Forgive

    The Radar,
    The Weather
    Man, And Nature

    Of God Just creating
    Several New Renditions
    Of The Old Song ‘Singing

    In The Rain’ By Frank Sinatra

    And While Katrina And my

    Sister Who Are Super Reserved

    Didn’t Join in Refrain They Did
    Forgive The Rain And Braved It

    With me In A Soaking Dance For

    2 Miles Yet You See

    That Suicide Disease

    That Me and Mr. Kahn

    Share is a Bit


    As i’ll Celebrate

    My Version Of John 14:12

    Hell i Forgave With Ya Again

    Too Enduring 66 Months

    From Wake to Sleep

    As ya May have

    Heard The

    Beginning Part

    Before in The Lent
    Spring of 2008 Where
    The Pain And The Numb
    Of A Life Threatening Synergy

    Of 19 Disorders Was Just too

    Much to Sleep As With

    Dysautonomia my Heart
    Rate Just Refused to
    Autonomically synch
    With My Blood Pressure

    Leaving me Gasping

    For Air every attempt to

    Fall Off To Sleep

    Only Escape

    From All The

    Pain And



    Drug Would
    Touch A Powerful
    Alpha Blocker Slowed
    My Heart Enough So
    Cardboard Shallow Yet
    One Hour Of Sleep The
    First 35 Hours of 40 Days

    Yet None the Last 5 of 40

    Till Each Day


    Numb Burned

    Deeper Burning

    More Each Day i Asked

    God What Had i Done

    Wrong The Answer the

    Burning Pain And

    Numb Grew even

    Colder it’s just

    A Metaphor

    The Burning

    Gets Colder

    In Hell You
    Only Wish

    Someone Will
    Shoot You If They
    Truly Love You Douse

    You With


    And Burn

    You Forever

    It Takes For
    A Second to
    Feel Less Than

    A Thousand Years

    In Hell Well My Mama Said

    Don’t Whine Jesus The Rendition

    Taught From A Book in A Way

    That People Who Were Different
    In Religion Or Sexual Orientation
    Gifted Differently By The God

    Of Nature

    Will Burn

    In Hell Forever

    For Misbehaving

    Yet i Said Wait i Already
    Did it For None of the “Sin”
    You Describe on Earth And

    She Said

    No You
    Didn’t Jesus

    Had it Worse in His
    Hours on The Cross

    Yet i Reminded Her for
    that Day And So Many
    More i Endured A pain

    Beyond Her imagination

    It Didn’t Matter
    She Was Told
    Someone else

    In A Story suffered
    More in Hours Compared
    To what i Endured For 66
    Months With only Sleep
    For Relief when That
    Was possible at All
    Sure i Tried to

    Find A Way

    To End

    The Suicide
    Disease just
    Too weak to do it

    Oh the Heaven of Death

    So my Mother Purchased

    A Book On Crucifixion of

    Jesus unwrapped That

    Book Had me

    Listen to Her

    Through the Pain
    The Dentist Drill
    In my Right Eye
    And Ear No Drug Would

    Touch she Opened To
    A Random Page And in
    Less than a Minute the

    Words that

    Read Out

    Of Her

    Mouth Were

    “Trigeminal Neuralgia
    Is The Only Pain Assessed
    As As Worse Than All The




    During His

    Yet You

    See Most

    Folks Including

    Salman Kahn Only
    Experience it Sporadically
    Not Wake To Sleep For 66 Months
    Very Rarely Does That Happen

    As Folks

    Find Some

    Way to ‘Escape’

    It Was Easy

    For my


    And Katrina

    To Forgive The

    Rain As They Lone Truly

    Stood By Me Through

    Hell My Beloved

    Mother told
    Me It Was Probably
    Punishment perhaps
    For Leaving the Catholic
    Church Reincarnated

    To Go

    To Hell
    As my X-Catholic

    Irish Priest Grandfather

    Anyway Again no



    i Forgave

    The Pain i Forgave

    God it Was A Piece

    Of Cake Just Icing


    My Mother

    For Finding A “Logical

    Reason Why i Should Be

    In Hell” And You Know

    What Even Now

    If Someone


    A Knife

    In My


    It’s only


    As it’s So

    Easy to Forgive

    God You See ‘They’
    Have the REAL Story All





    God In Hell

    That’s All That’s Left to Do…

    And The Only Possible

    Way to Escape



    Get to Heaven
    Within Where i Still
    Stand Tall like A Lion
    And Never Kneel



    On Lies

    Of Lesser

    Fools Than me…

    Happy Palm Sunday

    Dear FRiEnD Rue With




    92 months
    And 9 Days….

    Oh How i Love
    The Rain Pouring


    Soul of Love

    For Giving


    Thanks Giving..🙏😊

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  2. When it rains, it pours. There’s opportunity waiting at your shores. Bear the pain and learn. For that, if you thirst and yearn. Drink up the rain. Soak it in, all that pain. But let it teach you. Something valuable, something new.
    Inspiring lines dear Ru. ❤️❤️ Have to come to you to learn how to rhyme poems? Beautiful you in the pic 😘😘😘

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  3. It is raining here where I live in Pa, and by the end of the week very cold again with some snow showers. Others have said that the rain is the tears of the angels from heaven. When the earth gets watered in time I see my bulbs that I have planted last fall begin to sprout up once again. Beautiful poem Rue and beautiful picture as well.

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  4. This is so true and worded so well, Rue. We must have been on the same wavelength, as I wrote a poem about the rain just recently too. Sometimes the rain is refreshing…. I’m good at fighting against the weather. But you’re so right, we can learn and grow in the rain. Lots of love to you my cyber twin. ❤❤🥰🥰❤❤


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