The book that came to me #7

So anyway, back to Kareena, that grey-eyed lady.
If you haven't been following, or your memory is hazy.
Read the first poem in the series.
And then maybe, we can catch up with ease.

So, as I sat with Kareena and she asked me...
Do you have a Bible, to which I replied 'yes' happily.
But when I brought out my Bible.
She shirked and put me to trial.

"That is not a Bible; this is! "
Opening the full version, to this miss.
Oh no, I too have the full version at home.
This is just a mini one with which I roam.

"I carry this with me everywhere.
It goes with me on the plane, even there.
Yes, in my cabin baggage.
Never the under-belly carriage."

And then she went through.
A lot of scriptures that weren't a few.
The cute little lady made a stern face.
She was just attempting to impart some grace.

In case you're wondering, I don't roam around with a heavy Bible.
But yes, since that day, like a true disciple.
I have been carrying that mobile-sized Bible with me.
Just about everywhere, even when I go to the market for groceries.

It's got the New Testament and the book of Psalms.
Just being in possession of it, keeps me calm.
That's not the one I refer to though.
Unless I'm out travelling with it on the go.
Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

This is a series of poems describing a week in my life that occured four and a half years ago. I encourage you to read it in the correct sequence. I have listed them here for your convenience:

  1. The book that came to me #1
  2. The book that came to me #2
  3. The book that came to me #3
  4. The book that came to me #4
  5. The book that came to me #5
  6. The book that came to me #6


  1. 7 Years, 7 Months, 7 Days Rue Today
    3.25.2021 And 9.1 MiLLioN Words

    What’s A Covenant


    For Breath

    That’s the one i made
    on 8.13.2013 With Nothing

    More Than A Force of Love Within Free

    Smiles One Will Tale A Lot About a Person

    With The Way They Hold A Book Smiles i have

    Innumerable Pics of Katrina Holding A Bigger one too


    Not Mine

    For You See

    Covenants Are

    Personal Like Your

    7th Story About a Book

    Here We All View Life Differently

    One Poem Will Always Have Unlimited Views

    As Different Colors of God’s Eyes Come to See New..:)

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