The best Scrubs and Exfoliators

Okay, so you’re well versed with the process of exfoliation and have tried a dozen already but are most likely unhappy with the results. Been there, done that, sister! And then, the holy grail – I finally stumbled upon something so divine about 15 years ago, that I never felt the need to switch ever since. Of course, the crazy in me has tried other exfoliators in these 15years. But, I tell you solemnly, none of them matched the standards of my eternal favourite. Now, you want to know, eh?

Aren’t you a lucky ducky? I’m going to be honest and give you the truth. My favourite exfoliator is an inexpensive, easily available, ayurvedic concoction that will fix you up unlike any other. I like Himalaya Papaya Scrub and have been using this product for at least 15 years. It hasn’t changed in texture, colour, consistency or quality. The only thing that ever changed is the packaging. It is a scrub that actually works. After use, you will actually feel the smoothness and silkiness of fresh, resilient, bouncy skin. I have tried some really expensive brands and potions. But, despite their fancy claims and ingredients, none of them match up to this one. So, I suggest you save your pennies and get this one instead of looking around. Just take my word for it. You know, I wouldn’t advise you wrongly. But, those of you with sensitive skin, tread cautiously please. This is an ayurvedic product and contains active ingredients that may cause a slight burning sensation. Please do a patch test before committing to a routine.

And if you’re big on natural products, trust me an orange peel is just so amazing. I buy a lot of oranges here. I almost never discard the peels because they have so so so many uses. One of the ways to effectively use the peels is scrubbing away dead skin cells. It gives you an extra boost of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. And, do I really need to mention, the essential oils in an orange peel smell so divine. I have tried many ways – using gelatin to make a peel off, dehydrating the rinds, mincing the rind. Well, if you can think of it, trust me – I’ve attempted it. And, my humble verdict is: just use the peel as it is. Moisten it with water and scrub away. Sometimes, I just throw some peels in my bath water. It makes the bathroom and almost the entire house smell refreshingly citrusy.

  • Of course, there are a variety of chemical exfoliators, peels, dermabrasion, rollers and lasers available at a dermatologist’s clinic. I haven’t got one of those, so I would not be able to comment about them.
Stay Beautiful, Inside Out,

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          1. ❀ ❀ ❀ I was going to show my absolute favorite of all your pictures…but it won't transfer from my media files. It's the one you sent me directly–what a smile and your eyes are smiling, too! ❀


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    1. HAhahhahahah Fred, my friend.
      You really want me to pet a monkey, don’t you! LOL
      I’m pretty certain most readers don’t realize it’s quite literal. Truth be told, I’ve never really petted a monkey in the last 2 decades. He belonged to my mum’s friend and she had a huge farmhouse with pet eagles and all kinds of little creatures. Before that, yes….but not in a veryyyyyyy long time.

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