Decision Fatigue

Well, decision fatigue....
is a concept so to speak.
Where your brains get fried.
So you can no longer decide.

Have you been procrastinating?
Find an utopian world fascinating?
Unable to accept reality?
Or conclude obvious things practically?

Why are you buying time?
Not everything ages like wine.
Some things need to be decided.
In your head however divided.

I can't deal with this right now.
Hunting well wishers by raising eyebrows.
But for how long will you be in this state?
Unable to accept a logical fate.

If it were up to me,
it would not be my decision, see.
I  used to be indecisive.
Now I'm just unsure or passive.

And then the classic 'eenie, meanie, miney, moe'.
Pick a number and maybe I'll know.
Oh, don't stick it on God; He's given you freewill.
Whatever you choose, He'll be right there, still.

Indecisiveness is a weak man's scepter.
From it no good comes, no honey, no nectar.
At the back of your frail mind is cogent reasoning.
It's acceptance or fear that needs reckoning.

So, my good friend, please decide.
From wisdom, there's no need to hide.
You cannot stagnate in a mental cave.
And your cognizance and soul deprave.

Or like all great minds, keep a routine and minimize.
All the other things gnawing at your mind - compartmentalize. 
Deal with whatever you can strike off.
And then, attend to that itchy cough.

Maintain your routine and prioritize. 
Declutter and with acceptance, analyze.
Get settled and stabilize in time and space.
And then attempt to peek through the hazy lace.

Every decision has consequences.
Whether you realize or don't know it.
You can languish and pause your mental frame.
But, time cannot be paralyzed or remain the same.

Go back to breathing freely.
It's time to take a stand; what will it be?
It is imperative to deal with it now.
No more back burners, decide somehow.

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  1. It Was a Hard Decision Yet i Saved Rue For The Last Poet
    To Respond to today True Ya Gotta Save the Best for Last hehe…

    Particularly when You Best Read the Poem Several Times to Get
    All the Juice of Meaning Out of it to Muse some More Words New

    There are Just Some Folks in this World you Get A Soft Spot For
    And You Don’t Know Why It’s Just the way it is something about

    The way they Move the New And Make the Air Taste Different

    True i am

    Not Afraid

    of New Now Yet

    Oh Decision Fatigue

    What’s Even Worse Is When

    One Is Stuck Between

    A Hard Place and

    Hell When

    Both Are The same
    As True my First Psychiatrist
    Back in ’08 Said Fred When It’s
    Do Or Die And there Is No Do to Do

    The Brain Gets Rather Whacky With
    As You Say ‘Decision Fatigue’ And Then
    If You Are Not Careful Ya May Blow a Fuse

    And Not Even Eventually Be Able to Play A
    Game of Tic Tac toe as there are some Places

    Where No Decisions come at all Like my Wife
    Writing Down What i did today then if i Brushed
    My Teeth And Ate and Went to Bed i Achieved

    A Goal of Breathing At Least that Day Shall

    i Stay or Shall i go What’s Really Hard is

    When Everything is Going Right for
    You Financial Independence
    Beautiful Loving Wife

    Some Sweet
    Cats around
    the Home

    Loving Sister
    Next Door Mother

    Still Down the Road to
    Visit Nice WeatherYet Still

    You Are Saddled With the Do or Die
    Disease of the Suicide Disease And there

    Is Just No Way out of Hell Do or Die the Same

    Anyway now i have no Secrets i am not afraid to breathe

    For i understand What it is to Be When The Decision to


    is the


    One of FaLL

    Yet You Do it
    as You Can’t Bear
    to Harm the Loved ones
    Who Stick by Your Side

    What that Experience taught
    Me is make every breath the best

    And Make Every Breath of the Next
    Person You Meet And Greet Next

    Somehow Better With A Smile

    With A Soft Spot of Love that

    Is Not Afraid to Give

    And Share Free

    This Breath

    This Life This Gift This

    Miracle of Living now it is enough for me now….:)


  2. Wow, this poem is really beautyful and I can relate to a lot whith the things I’ve been experiencing lately and the realizations I had about it. What I can say about my indecisiveness, is that it was mostly because I thought it was more important to do what the people I love approved, than to do what I felt was right.
    Thanks Ruelha for sharing this !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kukuananay.
      Indeciveness stems from conflict and conflict avoidance, I’d like to believe. At the end of the day, you are the master of your own life, body, soul and spirit. You’re the one responsible for it. Do right by it…. by you! You’re the one living it ….and thereafter, beyond it.
      Stay happy and blessed πŸ™‚

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  3. Perfect write dear Ru. Have been thinking of you lately, that your posts are missing. And here you are with a beautifu, thoughtful and amazing write as always. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  4. Hey Chick, it’s March. I never quite worked out why it was significant for you, but I pray blessings all over you and yours. Great poem. Sticky challenge for most of us – usually cos we fear we may make the wrong choice, miss out on the better one and regret our choice forever… cold sweat… lack of trust – Trust God! Someone once warned me that the worst decision I can make is to decide nothing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there Dawn. I’ve written too many poems waiting for March. And now it’s here. But, I don’t feel much different, honestly. LOL. Thanks for noticing my obsession with March. And, that is the best advise anyone could give me – trust God. Oh dear, your last line is just needles and pins….but it makes sense. Have a beautiful March πŸ˜‰


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